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Earth Keeper Power Dates Leading Up To The 12th Wave Of Ascension From James Tyberonn

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Although the energy will begin to accelerate over the next 4 weeks, it is an excellent time for inward travel. It is an extraordinarily potent  time to examine self. Who you are, where you are heading. It is a time to prepare for the 12th Wave of the Ascension .... for 2012. The 12th wave of the Ascension begins on the New moon of January 23rd, 2012. We are entering the completion of 2011 and the preparation for the heralded Ascension.
  It is of importance to note that the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins on Jan 23rd and extends to December 12, 2012. In truth, per Metatron, the final Triple Date Portal (TDP) , the 12-12-12 is as important as 12-21-12. The 12-12-12 TDP is the final assimilation of the Crystalline energetic network and the completion of the Crystalline Grid and Sun Discs. At midnight on the 12-12-12, a rebooting process begins, that allows for all to flow in unison on the 12-21-12.
November 2011
*** Mercury Goes Into Retrograde- Nov 24
*** New Moon - November 25, 06:10
*** November 25 - Partial Solar Eclipse. This partial eclipse will only be visible over Antarctica and parts of South Africa and Tasmania.

 *** New Moon Solar Eclipse - November 25
 *** Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse - December 10
 *** Solstice -December 21

December 2011
*** Full Moon - December 10, Full Moon -Total Lunar Eclipse
*** Total Lunar Eclipse. December 10 - The eclipse will be visible throughout most of Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the North America.
*** Uranus Completes retrograde and Goes Direct - Dec 10
*** Geminids Meteor Shower. December 13, 14
*** Dec 14 - Mercury Goes Direct
*** Solstice December 21 - occurs in the northern hemisphere at 05:30 UT.
*** New Moon - December 24, 18:06
*** Dec 25- Jupiter Goes Direct

Power Dates & Activation Phases of 2012

There are certain key frequencies occurring on specific dates in 2012. The equinoxes, solstices, and eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting final codings to the Ascension.

That which is termed the 12th Wave of the Ascension begins in late January ( New Moon of January 23, 2012 ) and continues through the 12-12-12.

Key dates of 2012 are as follows:

January  23 - Initiation of the 12th Wave of the Ascension.

Feb 3 - Neptune in Pisces- Great Inner Vision is enhanced within the 12th Wave.
Feb 8 - Chiron in Pisces - A great opportunity for individual release and global healing
March 20 - Equinox - The 4th and final wave of the Cosmic Trigger, downloading and initializing the Crystalline Codes.
May 20- Solar Eclipse - Humanity macro-integration - Divine Masculine balance.
June 4 - Lunar Eclipse- Humanity micro- integration- Divine Feminine Balance.
June 6 - Venus Transit - Integration with the Sirian and Pleiadean Alliance, the full return of the Golden Dolphin energies, the initial integration of Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine.
June 20 - Summer Solstice - Extremely powerful, completing a quartet of dates with the Solar eclipse of May 20th and Lunar Eclipse ofJune 4th and Venus Transit of June 6. This will be an extremely intense energy that incorporates a final inflow of energetic codes and allows for obstructing releases.
September 22 - Autumn Equinox - Initial networking formation of all 12 Primary Sun Disc into Crystalline format
November 13 - Total Solar Eclipse - Activation of the 144 Satellite Sun Discsto the 12 Primary Discs.Final Grid Integration of the Divine Masculine in balance..
November 28 - Lunar Eclipse - Penumbral - Final Grid completion and integration of the Divine Feminine.
12 December - (12-12-12) Triple date portal. The final culmination and completion of the Crystal-Grid. Activation of the final Atlantean Temple Crystals into the new code,and unification with the Pyramidal structures and Sun Discs. Combination of balance of masculine and feminine energies into Divine Oneness. Final coding of Max in the Crystal Vortex.
December 21 - Winter Solstice - Rebooting of the Ascension Grid and networking of the Crystalline Quantum-Field. Expansion into greater access to 12 dimensions. The 'Finger of God' formation of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

The Reboot of 12-12-12
On the 12-12-12 all of the systems become fully coded. Activation of the Fire Crystal of Bimini correlated into the Crystal Vortex and Crysto Sun Disc of Arkansas. Then a brief rebooting occurs and all will reactivate in full functionality of all Crystalline Field Systems on the 12-21-12, December 21, 2012.

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