Friday, November 18, 2011

Images of Angels and Spirit Guides

These were some images I was able to capture on my cell phone during the 11-11-11 Earth Keepers ceremonial gathering in Little Rock Arkansas. I personally ascended in consciousness, and stepped into multi-dimensionality in 2006, and I have been very aware of my guides and angels through my visual sight..... but I have never been able to capture them on film to show to others.

For whatever reason, on the 11-11-11 they were dancing around my room wanting me to take pictures of them.  ....I believe it is because I can share these images with YOU, so you too will know that you also are divinely loved and cared for. Although you may not be able to see your guides, I promise you they are there. They understand everything you are going through, and they are here for your highest and best good.

Ask them to help you!!! State what you need....they can not intervene in your life unless you ask for help ~ they must honor your free will: " I ask for my highest WHITE LIGHT GUIDES to please assist me with _______________.

Sometimes we may not get what we want because there is a lesson to be learned....however, you can certainly ask for guidance and assistance. They will not tell you "what to do"....because you have free will ~ but they will guide you and give you hints as to what would be for your highest and best outcome. Oftentimes, our guidance will come through our THOUGHTS or through visions and sometimes feelings....divine guidance is subtle, soft, sweet, positive....egoic guidance is loud, aggressive, repetitive and negative.

The more you are open to your guides and angels, the more they will be open to you. They will not show themselves to you if you are afraid. As your spiritual eye opens through continued spiritual practice, know that they will take on different shapes and forms. For example, when I first started seeing my guides I would see sparkles, flashes of light, orbs etc.....and the more I developed myself, I began to see my guides and angels as human like "LINE DRAWING" forms that were in white light. They were not solid but you could make their form out based on the line drawings and their eyes were filled with LIGHT. They oftentimes held rods and symbolic instruments while they were adorned with long flowing robes.

Please do not be attached to "images" as everything will be shown to you in a manner that your consciousness can understand.  For example....the images I photographed above display my guides and angels in their sacred geometry forms, but when they were dancing around the room I was able to "see" them as the beautiful long flowing robed bright light beings that I have been able to see for years. They just wanted to show up for all of you today as images of sacred geometry. Just know that you are fully loved and supported and you have never,  ever been left alone. You have divine support ~ always!

Love and Blessings ~ Sabrina



  1. Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! Reading your page continuously helps me quiet the ego/disbelief and move further into belief/Love/truth. THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. WOW!!! These photo's are AMAZING, I ℒℴѵℯ (((❤)))

    I have seen white flashes and and sparkles before, it's very comforting to know I am NEVER alone and so very much ℒℴѵℯd ❤

    Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and wisdom, you are my favourite teacher!! xx

  3. I would like to know more about what you mean when you say that you ascended in consciousness in 2006. What is the difference between you and an ascended master? Did your physical being change when this happened, or just your consciousness?

  4. Emily, I merged with my spiritual self, which is my twin flame (the masculine part of me) and stepped into multidimensionality. We are all ascended masters who are in the process of re-membering who we are which means to bring our fragmented parts along with our masculine and feminine aspects of self into union ~ reaching oneness with our higher selves. Soul ascension is an ongoing process but each persons primary goal on Earth is to attain oneness with their divine feminine and masculine aspects so they can be in alignment with their higher consciousness which is androgynous to be in service fulfilling their soul contract to help with the healing of the mass consciousness of the planet.

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information♥♥♥


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