Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Triggers, Relationships, Soul lessons, Soul Strength and Self Love

Question about “triggers”....when we should stay in a relationship because we are learning through being triggered and when we may need to leave the relationship because it is no longer for our highest good.
I get confused about whether a person should be in my life or not. Obviously it is a personal choice, but... what's the difference between being trigged through a relationship where I am learning about self, and getting a trigger where I feel it is time to get the heck out of here?

You must learn how to be discerning with all things you do. We are on a planet filled with choices, and we have the free will to choose what feels LIGHT for us. Discernment is a very important aspect of soul growth. We must learn discernment. Yes, unconditional love and forgiveness are requirements for soul ascension, but that does not mean we give people a free ticket to walk all over us....that is not loving to the self, and when we don’t have self love we tend to give our power away. We must learn how to balance Self Love with Universal Love for our brothers and sisters....we have to learn how to not only give of our energy, but also to receive it. We must bring ourselves in balance ~ Love combined with Strength....this is divine Love. The Creator is Unconditionally loving, but the Creator is not weak. I can’t tell you how many people have gotten on the spiritual path.....which is the healing path, and they became so loving and ungrounded.... they threw all discernment out the window and became weak and imbalanced. When we tap into self love we become more discerning with our energy because we are no longer "attached" to the relationships we previously use to base our self- worth on. Everyone needs to understand that it is o.k. to let relationships go.......the only constant in the Universe is change, and if you are rising in vibration and shifting your energetic frequency you will naturally want to surround yourself around like minded frequencies...that is how energy works. Like attracts like. Having said that, there are many, many tests we will pass through during our soul's ascension and these are spiritual "setups" with others that will show us our negative thoughts, emotions, distorted beliefs and repetitive behavioral patterns that need to be healed....these "set ups" help us gauge our progress.....some will reflect back to us our growth while others will show us what we still need to work on. And trust me....the universe has many, many ways to reflect back to us our egoic behavioral patterns and distortions that need to be refined. The dog escaping from the back yard, kids throwing temper tantrums, the grocery store clerk who is talking on the phone while she rings your groceries up slowly, and then proceeds to squash your loaf of bread because she puts canned goods on top of it, the car driver who cuts you off and then shoots you a bird....these are all opportunities for you to "see" and "hear" your SELF. Of course the "other" people have things they need to work on as well, but we loose our power when we focus on "them" and what they did "wrong". When we bring our attention back to the self we are empowered to OBSERVE our SELF.....what are the feelings these events bring up....does your mind chatter, impatience, perfectionism, judgments, intolerance, anger etc.... increase? The Universe lovingly sets us up with people who "play the part" to show us our imbalances. And those imbalances we refuse to accept about ourselves will be repetitively re-created with loved ones, friends, strangers, pets and even through inconveniences with our car, computer, house etc....until we finally accept the imbalanced thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs that need to be healed. The more we allow ourselves to FEEL the negative emotion that has been activated within our being the more we will be able to figure out the lesson. The more lessons we learn ~ the more loving interactions and experiences we will attract to ourselves because we will have removed a lot of the imbalances within us that were not based on LOVE.... remember like attracts like. If we have a lot of fearful vibrations within our being we will continue to attract fearful situations to us for us to learn from....and all negative emotions are of the fear vibration. As far as which relationships you should keep, and which ones you should let go of is...that is something each individual will have to figure out for themselves using their own inner discernment and guidance....and this is the key ~ follow YOUR guidance not someone else's.... because for the most part society bases their decisions on fear based "attachments". Remember, you have free will ~ if someone is constantly fragmenting the energy of your soul, then perhaps your lesson is to love your self enough to stand up for yourself and say no more...."I value myself and my energy, and I am not interested in participating in this kind of energetic exchange anymore." I have had relationships that were very painful and abusive that I needed to withdraw myself from so I could begin the process of healing, finding myself, stepping into my power, discovering my truth (not their truth) and when the timing was right....I was able to return to these people with a greater sense of awareness, compassion and forgiveness.  If the relationship is meant to be, it will return to you. Remember.....people who do not love themselves do not know how to love others. Wounded souls wound others......we can learn a tremendous amount of lessons through difficult interactions, but there is no need for any of us to have to remain in dark, unloving, abusive situations. If you feel it is time to release a relationship then learn the lessons involved and move on with love and forgiveness for your self and all involved.


  1. Someone I loved and trusted just hurt me deeply with words and actions. He has no remorse and has moved on. I run into him in town and we do not speak..his request. I get physically ill and do not know how to deal with my pain..and sad to say, anger. Anger for someone I love who used to be so kind. My feelings were not expressed in our final conversation..I hung up the phone in shock at his cruelty. I've been in a constant state of prayer and asking for guidance but I cannot seem to get beyond this and return to my old happyhappy high energy self.

  2. Uma, feel whatever feelings arise....even if they are negative. When we allow ourselves to feel our pain we will release it from the energy field. If we resist the pain it gets stored in our energy field in a deal with later folder and it will continue to draw hurtful situations to you until you heal it. Perhaps you could get all of your feelings out by writing him a letter and then burn it, don't send it. Just know that it will take time for you to heal.....allow yourself the time and space to feel whatever arises. You could also go to an energy healer...reiki, dna theta get energetic cords cut or do the Archangel Michael cord cutting exercise on this blog. If you can't stop thinking about him, you are corded.

  3. Cord Cutting Exercise

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