Monday, November 7, 2011

Distorted Programs In Our Consciousness Need To Be Re-Written or Deleted

It is our consciousness that creates our reality.

Our consciousness is our complete energetic bio-computer system that holds every thought, action, deed, feeling, emotion, belief and every word we have ever spoken throughout our entire soul's journey.

Whatever has happened to us in the past ~ or is happening to us now ~ is happening because our consciousness is running through all the old programs we have created within it, controlling the game that we currently call our life.

If we are not happy with our life, and the programs that are currently running, we will need to spend some time with our computer system, and begin to delete the programs that no longer work for us ~ so we can create new programs that are more aligned with what we truly want.

One of the best ways to do this is to "look at the patterns" of creation that continue to recreate themselves over and over again in our lives. "What are the patterns....what do I continue to draw into my life that keeps happening over and over?"

Once the pattern is recognized we can then ask ourselves: "How does this same re-curring event make me "FEEL"?" The FEELING will help us recognize what it is within us that needs to be addressed so we can release it, learn our lesson, and retrieve the gift of soul transcendence.

In addition, the patterns and feelings also create once the patterns and feelings are addressed and released ~ the distorted beliefs will leave as well.

3 things to be observant of in our lives.....PATTERNS, FEELINGS and BELIEFS. These are three things running the majority of the programs in our energetic bio-computer system. Whatever does not serve us, at this point on our journey, needs to be DELETED from the soul's energy. The only way to delete a program is to first recognize, discover and acknowledge that it is there so it can be re-programmed with the LIGHT of our higher wisdom. ~ Sabrina

Consciousness: Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being. It comprises of all of our energy, including the chakra system and the physical body. It is the totality of our being ~ both conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves.

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