Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Question About Relationships And Spiritual Growth

QUESTION: Do you have any tips or advice etc on the best way to stay focused, positive and keep moving forward when the person you love and have a child with isn't there and can sometimes be negative and angry? I understand we are at all different stages of our growth but can 2 people be together happily if one is desperate to accelerate and the other is scared and maybe not ready? I have been trying to just keep going with my journey and send him lots of love and light.
ANSWER: Yes, it is very possible for you to stay together IF the relationship is based on LOVE and TRUST and not attachment and control. This is a very common dilemma for many people. One person will begin the spiritual path and the other may not be ready or may be full of fear and distorted beliefs. Remember the spiritual path is the healing path so in order to advance spiritually we have to face the inner distortions ~ mainly the unprocessed emotions and feelings, negative beliefs, egoic behavioral patterns and karma (unbalanced energy) ~ within our energy fields. Although your soul may be ready to bring your self into balance, for many people, the comforts of denial will keep them from healing. The thought of actually having to take responsibility for their inner workings may be to much for them to handle and they will refuse to participate in any kind of spiritual practice because when we finally decide to FACE GOD we have to face OUR SELVES. The important thing is for you to stay committed to your healing journey no matter what ~ and you will be tested in your commitment. Oftentimes, when we begin to heal and transcend the negative behavioral patterns within us one of two things will occur ~ you will become an example for them...a beacon of light where they decide they too want to create more love, joy and happiness for themselves OR they may get scared that you are changing to rapidly and they may be fearful of loosing you (the old you) so they will try to stop your growth and keep you exactly the way you are.....because if they keep you the same, then they don’t have to change either. Having said that....I think it is important to look at your relationship in the past tense....has it been a loving relationship? Is this person possessive and controlling or will they be able to allow you to follow your heart? Your past will show you a lot about the future of your relationship. In addition, you will need to be very careful yourself about not pushing the other person onto the spiritual path. The best way for us to teach is by example. Honor and respect their right to choose. By you simply aligning yourself with Spirit, you will shift your vibration and you will effect everyone you come in contact with....especially the family members in your household. When you raise your frequency, you raise the vibration of the house and it is impossible for them to not be affected by your positive energy. Oftentimes, simply through vibrational resonance, they will begin to shift...especially if you are sleeping next to the person at night. You can also ask your guides and angels to please work with your partners spiritual team in raising their vibration for THEIR highest and best good....remember you DO NOT know what is for their highest and best good, but their spiritual teams and Spirit do ~ ask for their help. Also don’t be attached to the relationship and their spiritual growth....stay focused on yours. Also, be aware that as you climb the mountain of self, raising your vibrations you will be put in situations to prove that you can hold your light and that you are willing to release the old behaviors that no longer serve you. Usually, these interactions will occur within our families....especially through our kids and partners. We are learning how to master ourselves. You are with your partner for a reason. As long as the relationship is loving (not perfect), and the other person honors your free will right to choose ~ and you honor their free will right to choose ~ then it is very possible this relationship can be a catalyst for tremendous soul growth and advancement for both of you. It may be a little rocky in the beginning as you begin to re-birth your self, but it is totally doable. If the relationship begins to exhaust your energy, becomes abusive, domineering or begins to halt your growth then you may need to make some adjustments. You may even need to learn how to stand up for your self in a balanced loving manner, learn how to speak your truth with words of love, learn how to express your feelings and also learn how to make sure your needs are met. Only you can choose to do what is best for you and your family. Just make sure you keep your self on the upward spiral of soul ascension....face your problems, fears, distortions, attachments and distorted beliefs. If the relationship is meant to be then it will remain...if it needs to be released ~ you will know. Ask for guidance from Spirit in all things that you do, and then be still and “listen”. Many Blessings, Sabrina

Art By: Autumn Skye Morrison "BELOVED"

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