Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Going With The Flow

QUESTION: Sometimes I am not sure if I am receiving a soul lessons or do I just go with the flow and don't react to the situation...what I'm trying to ask is how do I know when to speak up for myself and when to surrender?

HTRYV ANSWER: To go with the flow means to be in the flow of YOUR higher wisdom.....it does not mean to simply flow and allow everything that comes into your life to happen to you....especially, if you have an internal reaction that feels out of alignment for you. Your internal voice will speak....there will be a reaction....an uneasy feeling in your being and you will know when you need to speak up. But for the most part....many of us are afraid of speaking up for ourselves, so then we will say to ourselves....oh I should simply accept this and surrender to it. However, I work from the path of speak up, ask for what you want, put energy into your ideal situation and if it doesn't work out THEN I will accept the situation and surrender to the plan knowing that there must be a higher purpose. We have nothing to loose when we speak up.....ask in order to receive. ♥

Flow: To be in the flow of our inner wisdom. This requires us to practice stillness and to listen to the messages and sensations our body is giving us. The soul speaks through the language of the heart, not the mental mind of the belief systems we have created or that have been projected onto us by others. To be in the flow does not mean to sit back letting the world happen to you, it means to be in the flow of your creative abilities creating the life you would like to experience. To be in the flow means to be aligned with your power to create change for yourself and the planet.

Acceptance: Means to accept that we are all learning and growing our soul's through both negative and positive experiences. Every interaction we have is a soul lesson for BOTH people. Acceptance means no judgment. We can accept the situation as an opportunity to evolve ourselves through the gift of our very own free will. By observing the situation and listening to our higher wisdom we can make discerning decisions for ourselves that we feel are for our highest and best good. Part of our mastery is learning how to properly use our discernment....discernment is attained when we choose to no longer blind ourselves, it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirt we receive when our spiritual eye is awakened. "Once I was blind but now I see"....it is part of clear seeing so we can create our lives aligned with what is best for OUR soul.

Surrender: Means to surrender and live our lives to the wisdom of our higher being. By surrendering to this wisdom, we act in a way that is aligned with our highest good knowing that when we put energy towards our heart felt desires the Universe will fully support us when it is in alignment with the energy we are projecting, when it is consistent with the life blueprint we created for this lifetime, and when it is for our highest and best good. After we have put energy towards what we truly want, and we don't receive it, we Surrender to the bigger plan knowing that we did all we could, and therefore, we will receive it in perfect divine timing or the Universe will assist us in creating something that will be better for us in the future.

Flow, surrender and acceptance are very important attributes of soul evolution however, many people are confused on exactly what those are. For some reason we throw all discernment out the window and expect the universe to create for us.....but that is not the way it works. The universal energies are here to support us....they are not here to create for us. That is our job. We have the gift of free will and it is our free will that will determine if we evolve or devolve. Listen to your inner wisdom and make choices that are LIGHT filled for you ~ step into your power as a co-creator and stop expecting something or someone outside of yourself to create the life of your dreams. Only YOU can do that. ~ Sabrina

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