Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If The Creator is All Knowing, Why Do We Need To Learn Soul Lessons...What Is The Creator Wanting To Learn From Us?

QUESTION: The more I try to learn these concepts the more I get confused.. please help me find an answer as to WHY do we need to learn these lessons? For what purpose? Where are they gonna be used... when God, the supreme being, the creator of this all, must be knowing all this already, so what does HE want to learn thru us??!
ANSWER: The Creator doesn't need to learn anything, as the Creator is All Knowing, although the Creator enjoys experiencing all the many diversified extensions of itself that have incarnated into physicality. We are divine extensions of the Creator who each chose, according to our own free will, to break away from the pure energy of Source/Unconditional love so we could experience the contrast of being a spiritual being with a variety of emotions and creative potentials that can only be experienced when we are in the physical realm. When we were whole and complete... basking in the energy of unconditional love we all decided it would be more interesting and more creative if we actually left the pure energy of Source "ONENESS" and incarnated into a physical body so we could fully experience the wonderful attributes of physicality where we perceive each other as separate beings. When we are in physicality we have a range of emotions, feelings and sensations such as taste, smell, touch, hearing etc......when we are in the pure energy of Source it is beautiful and loving, but everything is the same.....there isn't much creation going on, everything just IS. So we left the world of Spirit so we could actually be more creative....with the power to create through our thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and beliefs. The goal is to remember that we are powerful co-creators and to begin creating from a place of love and not fear so we can actually create what it is our soul truly wants, which is to learn and EVOLVE within the physical dimension so it can one day completely return back to the ONENESS of Source where it then will have the free will choice to reincarnate back into a physical being or not. The Creator experiences itself through every single one of us.....whatever we are creating the Creator experiences. So the big question is.......Is your life what you want The Creator Of All That Is to experience? Is it what you want to experience? If not, you have the power and the free will choice to change are the Creator of your own life experience. Everything you have ever thought, said, believed or done has created this NOW moment. If you want to change your future....begin to take steps to change your NOW. Anything that is not working in your life NOW will not work in the future either unless you heal it, or release it from your being. You have the free will, the responsibility and the power to create the change you desire to see in your life. ~Sabrina

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