Friday, December 30, 2011

Should We Ignore The Injustice Done To Us?

QUESTION: I am just curious to know..should we ignore the injustice done to us and focus on ascension? Where and how do we differentiate between our ego and doing the right thing?
ANSWER: First of all, you are not a victim....the first step of ascending into higher consciousness is recognizing that you are a Creator God/Goddess, and all things are drawn to you for a variety of reasons. Whatever is happening could be from past life karma, your thoughts and beliefs could be negative ~ and therefore could draw certain experiences to you OR you may have even drawn a particular experience to you to learn from so you could advance your soul. Perhaps one of your biggest lessons is learning to love and value yourself enough so you can stand in your  own power ~ no longer allowing people to be injust to you. 

This is the toughest part for people to understand and also to accept~  our ego's will get darn right upset about accepting this truth. The ego will not accept responsibility! It loves to blame and project all of it's negativity onto other people and say "THEY" are the ones who are injust. If we are "really" honest with ourselves, and self-introspective, we will discover the inner workings and lessons that continue to repeat themselves in our lives. 
It is "your" consciousness that creates "your" reality.....your consciousness is the totality of your being ~ conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious.....they all work together to create your current life experience. So no, we can not ignore the injustices that have been done to us. In order to ascend in consciousness we must first accept responsibility for part of their creation ~ as BOTH people are choosing to learn lessons from these kind of negative interactions, and we also must learn how to transcend these negative behavioral patterns and thoughts that continue to draw negative experiences to us to learn from. 

We do not have to grow and learn through negative experiences....we can learn through loving interactions but for the most part....not many of us have gotten to a place of pure positive creation just yet. Whenever you jump right into blame, judgment, criticism and an increase of negative mind chatter about a particular event.....recognize you have fallen out of alignment with your higher wisdom and have fallen into the traps of the ego. If you want to advance your soul and align yourself with truth.....catch yourself and say to the ego....I see you, and I command the God within me to come forward. Accept responsibility for this creation, and ask yourself do I feel, why have I drawn this lesson to me, what am I suppose to learn, where has the focus of my energy been lately ~ has it been positive. The ego projects everything outside of itself and focuses on the other person....what they should and should not do. The soul wants us to look within our very own being to see what needs to be addressed and healed within us. The inner path (soul) leads to salvation, the outer path of projection (ego) leads to more chaos, drama, pain and illusion.

BIG QUESTION ~ If you don't accept responsibility for your life.......then who is going to? We must learn to accept responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. If we are not happy with our current situations then it is only "the self" that can create the change. In order to change our future we will have to change our now ~ so if there are people, habits, thoughts, distorted beliefs, behavioral patterns, activities, jobs, living circumstances etc.....that we feel are injust, then we have the power and the responsibility to make changes for ourselves that will create the life we truly want to experience.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ascension Symptoms ~ Irrationality ~ Rapid Changes

QUESTION: Hypothetically, can one claim ascension symptoms are due to one's irrationality with how they deal with life? I have experienced most of what you have written about in your "Raise Your Vibration" book about the symptoms we may go through. Some would claim "so and so is going insane, they are having an identity crisis!!" It seems, most people subconsciously believe if you do not handle life in the most effective manner (their way) then it is doomed. What is an identity crisis? Why is it a crisis? Isn't it ascension at it's prime? Letting the old out to let the new in.
ANSWER: Ascension will be ongoing for quite some time. The planet will be fully activated by 2012, but the Earth and humanity will need time to fully integrate the new incoming energies......and that is why many of us are experiencing "ascension symptoms" because our energy fields like a snake are shedding the old, and we are having to recreate new more divinely aligned energy shields that protect us. This is exhausting requires a lot of energy and yes, you could say some of it is our irrationality with how we handle things because not only are we transmuting our energy, but we also still have to maintain sanity in a very insane, unconscious, unstable world where many of our soul mates are resisting the upshift in their consciousness. Not to mention we are being shown the issues within our being that need to be refined. Ascension is about the unveiling of our old shadow and egoic consciousness. Once we unveil within us what we have hidden for so many lifetimes we can heal it, but if it remains hidden lurking in the back ground of our subconscious (energy fields) our shadow and dark filled behaviors will remain. Ascension requires us to heal the ego and shadow so we can receive more light and this can create an identity crisis for us, as well as, for our loved ones because our old identity....the way we use to behave and respond starts to change....even our activities and things we use to enjoy doing fall away and this may upset our friends and family when we suddenly decide their way of being and living no longer resonates with us.....and many people, out of lack of awareness, will try to keep us from healing and changing because that means in order for us to still have a relationship that resonates they too will need to heal and change and that can be too much for many to accept. So my best advice to you is to stay committed to your ascension path no matter what others say to you ~ ascension is a personal choice ~ you actually may be a light house for others to follow in the future after you move through all the mucky waters of the shadow and ego consciousness, and come through with a greater sense of love, peace, spiritual abundance and joy. Everyone around you will start to ask what you did, and they will want your new found LIGHT and expansion of consciousness as well. We are all learning how to BE the LIGHT we have awakened ourselves to BE and that may mean that we make a few mistakes along the observant of your self and always be willing to constantly refine your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors. The soul is always ascending.......we just happen to be in a time period where it is happening with rapid speed. It is the time of EN-LIGHT-EN-MENT but first all the things that aren't LIGHT within our being need to be released. Blessings on your journey. ~ Sabrina

Friday, December 23, 2011

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011



1/2 CUP UNPASTEURIZED APPLE JUICE (juice your own or purchase from a health food store)
1 TABLESPOON LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL *UNFLAVORED* (purchase from a health food store)

*****If you don't have unpasteurized apple juice, you can use regular from any store. *****

Liquid Chlorophyll is miraculous. It is also a wonderful supplement to assist the body in its ascension process. It helps detoxify the blood ~ as well as ~ the organs and cells and it also helps us increase more light and life force within our being. Here are a few links with information on the benefits of drinking chlorophyll:

Friday, December 9, 2011

How Do You Overcome Being Disappointed With Your Faith?

ArtBy: Ken Wong "Mistaken Identity"

QUESTION: How do you over come being disappointed with your faith? I'm committed now more than ever to raising my vibrations, and while i feel my spiritual body growing and evolving ~ life for my physical body and my worldly needs are being more and more difficult to meet. I feel like my guardian angel must be on a permanent lunch break or something because I feel like I’m wandering blindly down this life path.
ANSWER: Once we begin to awaken, and our consciousness expands to greater truths, it is natural for us to go through a period of disappointment, frustration and even anger. As a whole, humanity has been taught to look outside of themselves for something to “fix” them. If we could only find the right partner, then we would experience what love feels like....the right doctor/pill will heal us, church on Sunday with our best “Sunday” attitude will save us, winning the lottery and getting rich will bring us happiness etc......we have put our faith in things externally of ourselves in hopes that they will create the healing, peace, joy, love, abundance and serenity we so desperately want to create for ourselves. In order to truly receive these things we will need to realign our faith with our SELF......mainly we will need to honor, love and respect our selves ~ reestablishing a relationship with our inner being so we can trust that our inner wisdom will guide us in the highest and best way. 
Unfortunately, many of us have shut down our ability to “feel” and spend more time “thinking” about our issues and problems rather than connecting with our true feelings about a situation. Our feelings contain valuable information and connect us to our intuition and truth. Feelings are the language of the soul. When we suppress our feelings, we suppress our connection to our soul. We create filters and barriers between our physical being and our inner being, which interferes with our own inner source of divine intelligence that guides us to manifest the best possible outcome in our lives. When we disengage ourselves from our feelings, we disconnect ourselves from our internal guide and give our power away to others to make decisions for us. 
We expect the Creator, our guides and angels to fix our life. They won’t. We are in embodiment to learn how to create and manifest our energy constructively ~ the Creator gifted us with FREE WILL. It is our thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, beliefs and past karma that create our current circumstances. So even if you have worked on your self in the past 5 years, yet still aren’t manifesting what you want in your life.... your current reality is a manifestation from your past. We all have guides and angels here to help us, but they will not do the work for us......they keep us on track with our soul plan, project LIGHT and healing energies into our energetic system, provide spiritual protection and are a wonderful source of guidance and inspiration. They will even open doors for us, and help us to create what we want but we have to walk through the doors they have opened, and we also have to continue to put positive energy towards what we truly want.
So the best way to re-establish your to step back into your power. Accept full responsibility for the conditions in your life and spend time re-connecting with your inner being through meditation. Ask your “SELF” questions and take the time to LISTEN and FEEL. For the most part, we all receive guidance and inspiration ~ but we are unwilling to make the changes in our life that will create whatever it is that we so desperately want to create. We want instant gratification and when things don’t happen exactly the way we want them to we start to loose faith. In addition, I highly suggest people spend time becoming aware of the subconscious BELIEFS running through their consciousness. Distorted beliefs will create havoc in our lives, and many of us have dual beliefs. Here are a common few:
  1. God is Unconditionally Loving yet passes judgment.
  2. I want to be healed, but if I am healed, I will not receive as much love and attention from my family.
  3. I love my family yet sometimes I hate my family.
  4. I want to be powerful, yet I am afraid of my power.
  5. I want to be financially abundant, but I am not willing to do the work that creates financial abundance.
  6. I want to release my extra weight, but the extra weight makes me feel safe.
  7. I am love but I don’t like to be around people.
We all have distorted beliefs within our subconscious. If you are not manifesting the life you want I highly suggest you find a Master DNA Theta healer who can help you discover the hidden beliefs that are creating problems for you. They can pull the distorted belief from your consciousness and send it to the Creator’s light and the Creator will tell them what belief you need ~ specific to you ~ that needs to be inserted. Belief work is very, very powerful and will really help you have greater faith in your self, humanity and the Creator Of All That Is. ~ Sabrina