Monday, February 28, 2011

1st Chapter Of "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" Book "Why We Need To Raise Our Vibration" By: Sabrina Reber

1st Chapter Of "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" Book 
"Why We Need To Raise Our Vibration" By: Sabrina Reber

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. There are many names for this time period. Some call it: The Great Awakening, The Rebirth, The New Earth, The Second Coming, The Golden Age, The End Times, The New Millennium, The Age of Aquarius, The Return of Christ, The Rapture, The Apocalypse, Armageddon, The Quickening or Planetary Ascension. Regardless of what you call it, it is happening and it is happening now. We are entering the most intensified purification process the Earth and humanity has ever experienced. Our world has the potential for radical transformation. 

According to many legends, writings and prophecies - 2012 was a year of extraordinary importance. It is believed that the Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012 with the Earth aligned in the center, or galactic heart, of the Milky Way. This is a cyclic event that occurs every 26,000 years as the Earth completes a full revolution around the sun. In 13,000-year cycles the Earth spends 11,000 years - in the darkness of separation and duality- outside the light of the photon band. The photon band is a band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the great central sun. Currently, the Earth is moving into a 2000-year period of transformational energies moving inside the photon band where humanity’s next level of advancement is offered. While we are in the photon band, encodings activating our memory and DNA are sent through the rays of the sun encouraging us to spiritually evolve going beyond our current state of consciousness to a more enlightened state of being. For the past 11,000 years we have been outside the photon belt in the dark ages immersed in the negativity of polarity and duality. Currently, we are in the photon belt, entering a 2,000- year cycle of en-lighten-ment receiving the transformational and transmutational energies of the Christ. 

The return of Christ is the return of our Christ Consciousness, which is activated by the photon belt. The photon belt is the radiation and eminence of the Christ energy, which assists in the awakening of humanity and ushers in the era of peace if human kind will utilize this energy to transform themselves. This is the time of separating the wheat from the chaff. Humanity at this time has a choice to remain just as they are refusing to grow and expand their current level of being or we can choose to actively participate in our soul’s transformational process fully accepting and integrating the incoming energies of the Christ Consciousness. This is a personal choice where we choose through our own free will to no longer experience the negativity of 3rd dimensional darkness and choose to transform the density of our being into a light being where we put on our garments of light ascending into the higher vibrations of full consciousness, unity consciousness, unconditional love, peace, joy, harmony, spiritual abundance, health and healing.                                                                                        
The divine plan is unfolding and the Earth and all beings, who choose, are rising in vibration and accepting the transformational energies of the Christ. This process has nothing to do with religion! It has everything to do with the level of our frequency or vibration and our desire to transform our current level of beings into more light filled ones. The Christed energies of the photon belt will dismantle the existing 3rd dimensional structures and organizations residing in the lower vibrations of fear, control, separation and the human ego creating space for something new and more divinely aligned to be created. Humans are part of the Earth and because the Earth is moving into the very high vibrational light of the photon belt, we also must rise in vibration and begin our own process of cleansing, releasing and healing. Your soul and spiritual self are urging you to shake off your old distorted beliefs and lack of knowledge from the dark ages. It is time to step into the light of knowledge seeking en-lighten-ment removing the layers of illusion based on fear and separation releasing everything that no longer serves your highest good. It is time for you to AWAKEN and to remember who you are and why you are here allowing yourself to fully embody the power of your very own Christ Consciousness. Each of us are divinely guided by a higher intelligence, if you are reading this blog your God self has led you here. It is time for you to awaken and to break the chains that have held you down. It is time for you to raise your vibration and become an active conscious participant in the creation of your solar bodies so you can eventually reside within the beauty of the New Earth. 

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