Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tips On Balancing Masculine Feminine Energies

QUESTIONS: Do you have any recommendations for the balancing of the masculine/feminine energies? I think this is my problem, or perhaps I am just supposed to wait until later this year when I have heard there will be some kind of shifting of masculine/feminine energies within us?

ANSWER: If you wait for someone or something outside of your self to balance your masculine/feminine energies it will never occur. It is true we are in very powerful, transformational times and we have tremendous support from the heightened spiritual energies that are being sent to this planet. However,  we need to be proactive in our awakening process. We  need to put energy towards our en-lighten-ment which requires us to balance our masculine/feminine energies, as well as, activate our chakra system and the dormant spiritual glands and DNA within our being. 
There are many things you can do to help you with this process. 

1. Meditation combined with heart felt prayer. Sincere 
desire to “Know Yourself As God/Goddess" and dedication to bring your self into balance.

2. Shifting your thoughts into positive creation/   
manifestation through being CONSCIOUS and aware
of your emotional and mental states.

3. Expanding the heart chakra so you can radiate the LOVE vibration by being less judgmental, opinionated, controlling, critical, competitive and fear filled.

4. Transcending ego and shadow consciousness through the implementation of NEW more divinely aligned behavioral patterns. Releasing knee-jerk, reactive, egoic behavioral patterns.

5. Unblocking and Balancing the chakras so they can be expanded and infused with the loving spiritual energies from your higher selves through meditation and visualization. Energy healing through modalities such as Pranic Healing, Reiki, DNA Theta, Cranial Sacral, Crystal Healing, Vibrational Healing through music or LIGHT LANGUAGE activations, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, are all very helpful at helping us to remove stubborn energetic blocks which are our karma or off pitched vibrations within our energy fields.

6. Visiting Sacred Sites on Earth.....but be aware, just visiting them will not activate you. Holding sacred ceremony, meditating, making offerings through sacred sound such as toning/oming, making offerings through physical objects like small crystals or sacred plants (tobacco or cocoa leaves) and really aligning yourself from your heart to the crystalline energies that are present will help you tap into the healing vibrations in these high vibrational places. In addition, the level of your light quotient will also respond to the level of your healing that you receive. Meditation before you visit these places, as well as, your heart felt intention will open you up to receive more.

7. Holding Sacred Ceremony, Asking/Praying for Divine Assistance, Spending time with people who are actively working on their vibration and tapping into heightened spiritual energies as well. The power of group energy is strong! When two or more are gathered "I Am" there! (Jesus)

8. The “Raise Your Vibration” book is a tool book that guides you through the process of releasing ego and shadow consciousness, chakra balancing, taking dominion over your thoughts and balancing the masculine/feminine energies within yourself so you can return your self to a state of unification and wholeness. Soul ascension is a requires effort, dedication and does not happen overnight. All are chosen, but not all will choose to take responsibility for their lives and bring themselves into a state of authenticity, balance and harmony. No one outside of your SELF will be able to accomplish this for you. There are many people who can be of great assistance, but please do not give your power away to others thinking they will do all the work for you."YOU," combined with the power of your higher selves, are your true saviors. There are many teachers, healers, spiritual beings, energies and even plant medicines who can accelerate your process of soul purification, but is you who is in control of the level of SOUL ALCHEMY that you are willing to undergo. 
If you are ready to become an active participant in the alchemy of your soul so you can bring yourself into balance, you may be interested in purchasing the "Raise Your Vibration" Book. Click Here:


The Eye Of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was usually depicted as a falcon. His right eye was associated with the sun RA. RA was the ancient Egyptian sun God. In later Egyptian dynastic times Horus and Ra merged ~ they became ONE, and ruled in all parts of the created world: The Sky, The Earth and The Underworld.

The Egyptians worshipped the Sun. It represented light, warmth and growth ~ the sun was seen as the ruler of all of creation. RA is always shown with a sacred sun disk on his head which represents enlightenment and connection to Divine Intelligence.

The Eye of Horus/Ra is symbolic of the mythologies and mysteries of the "ALL SEEING EYE", which is even depicted on the American Dollar bill. What is the significance of the "All Seeing Eye"? The "All Seeing Eye"  is the observer of reality ~ once awakened, the veils of illusion are lifted and we are able to "SEE CLEARLY".

The "All Seeing Eye" is the third eye or the spiritual eye. It is a gland located within the center of the human brain called the PINEAL GLAND. This gland is oftentimes referred to as "the seat of the soul", and will remain dormant until the soul reaches a certain vibrational/spiritual level. Once this is attained, the gland is activated by the LIGHT of the higher self, signaling the divine energies from the kundalini (root chakra) to rise, activating the human chakra system. The physical being and the spiritual being become ONE ~ attaining a state of en-lighten-ment where the soul is able to perceive the higher dimensions. The Caduceus ~ the medical sign for health and well being ~ actually depicts the pineal gland as the round disc on the top of the staff with the kundalini energies spiraling up the spine (rod) activating each chakra.

Through the continued spiritual practice of meditation the light from the pineal gland will continue to expand the light in the pituitary gland, as well as, the hypothalamus. DNA is activated and we return to our truth as God realized beings.

The Egyptian EYE OF RA/HORUS depicts the "secret" areas of the human brain that hold the potential for each human to attain their birthright of spiritual unification with their Higher/God Self. This is oftentimes called "The Mystical Marriage" where Spirit and matter become ONE. In order for this union to occur both the masculine and feminine energies within our beings must be balanced. Our truth does not lie in the duality of the 3D world where we are separated into either male or female. Our TRUTH is actually androgynous where both of our right brain and left brain energies have been merged and brought into a state of synchronization. The pituitary gland holds the masculine positive charge while our pineal gland holds the feminine negative charge ~ once they are brought into unification the multidimensional forces of spiritual light merge with the matter of our third dimensional brain. This is our true potential to BE in a place of Spiritual Protection, "LOVE" Based Power and Radiant Health and to TRULY know ourselves as UNIFIED DIVINE BEINGS OF LIGHT!

Since the Earth has moved into the 5th dimension, now more than ever, the energies are here to support you in your transformational process. Meditation, active participation in the dissolvement of your discordant beliefs, ego and shadow consciousness, negative behavioral patterns, and sincere desire to release fear and expand more LOVE into your being will assist you towards the awakening of your true potential and your EN-LIGHTEN-MENT. ~ Sabrina

Click Here To Purchase The "RAISE YOUR VIBRATION" book:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thought Is The Only Reality ~ Everything Is Pure Thought.

Thought is the only reality. When we realize ~ to a certain level ~ we have control over the keyboard to our computer, we can then give it instructions....because we are thinking. We instruct our DNA, and our reality, because our super conscious is ALWAYS manifesting what we think about ourselves. This is all done through the power of our thought. We are gigantic thought machines.
All beings are thoughts! Thought is the only reality. It is the only thing that is eternal ~ we will always have thought! Absolutely everything is a form made from thought ~ a thought form. The only one who can take away a thought is the self who decides, I will not think this thought anymore.....I will not energize it anymore, and “poof” it is gone. We energize and bring the energy of thought to ourselves. Everything is self created through the power of our thoughts, and we are either magnetizing the dark or light matrix to us. It is up to us to create a reality of love and light or fear and darkness....everything is pure thought. 

~Gerald O’Donnell
Excerpt from an interview. 
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Art By: Mike Pare "THOUGHT FORMS"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Expand LOVE/LIGHT So It Includes All Of Creation. We Are Living In Special Times.

A message from Archangel Michael 
Channeled by Ronna Herman
Wednesday January 11th 2012

Beloved masters, you must expand your capacity for Love/Light so that it includes all Creation: Love of nature, Love of animals, Love for humanity, Love for your perceived enemies and, most important, Love of Self. For in Essence, all of Creation is a part of you and you are a facet of the Supreme Creator. The expansion of God-Consciousness results in an expansion of your auric field–your Light Radiance. Over time, more and more of you will develop a radiance so powerful and expansive that it will begin to have a positive effect on those around you – and eventually on the Earth and all humanity. Quite a large number of the more advanced Souls have already gained this ability. However, you must remember, you cannot convey that which you have not claimed as your own.Also, remember this: an important part of your mission on Earth is to intensify the Light of the lower dimensions. Expansion of Soul-consciousness results in an expansion of the auric field, both in intensity and scope of influence.
An aspirant on the Path must focus on both outer and inner world training. You must strive to become a conscious observer of what is taking place around you. Training yourself to become fully engaged with focused awareness of the physical events in everyday life is vitally important, as well as learning to process the harmonious and the discordant frequency patterns to which you are subjected. You must then take the appropriate action. Practicing emotional and mental discipline is also very important as you seek to become a master of Self. You must not turn your back on the world and life’s experiences, but face them head-on. However, it is vital that you learn to view life from a higher vantage point. Endeavor to see the bigger picture and not get entangled in the small story dramas.
Logic is a function of the physical mental body and your mind. Remember, the knowledge or theories you accept as your own truth must be experienced in order to gain the wisdom from the disclosed information. Inspiration is supplied by the Higher Self and your Sacred Mind. You must learn to pay attention to the impulses of your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart or to the input of the prevailing facet of your Higher Self, for that is how you will gradually learn to communicate with the Beings of the higher realms and gain cosmic wisdom. 
In the beginning, there was communication with and amongst specialized, group spiritual guides and guardians; however, over time this gift or ability was lost. As humanity sank deeper into material consciousness, they became submerged in the sensations of the five senses, and they gradually stopped turning inward for the sense of connection with the higher realms of consciousness. The lower third and fourth dimensions are not bright and clear. There is a misty or foggy overlay. Those Souls existing in this environment do not realize this, for it is the state of awareness they are accustomed to.The reality of the lower third/fourth dimensions could be likened to existing within a murky labyrinth where you are forever seeking the path that will lead you back into the pure Light of awareness. This fog gradually begins to dissipate as you move into the mid-sub-levels of the fourth dimension, and your world becomes lighter and brighter as you traverse each higher sub-level. In order to receive the lessons of Light, you must lift your consciousness to attune to at least the fifth sub-level of the fourth dimension. In this Sub-Universal experience, there are seven sub-levels to each dimension, with the first sub-level being the lowest/densest and the seventh sub-level the highest and most refined. The masters and your guides are willing to meet you halfway; however, only on very rare occasions will they lower their frequencies into the density of extreme duality, for it is too uncomfortable for them. 
The ego is a facet of the physical self; it was designed to assist you in developing a sense of identity and individuality over time. An outward-focused mind is guided by the ego. The misdirected ego-self was instrumental in creating the illusional belief system of the material plane, a reality based on separation, fear, selfishness and scarcity. As you expand your mental horizons, you begin to break down the barriers of self-limiting perception. Mind-expansion includes activating dormant cells of the upper dimensional levels of the brain and tapping into the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Blind obedience is not a requisite for en-Lighten-ment, for you are striving to become a Master of Self and to live your personal truths as they have been revealed to you and validated by your heart monitor.
Humanity is in the midst of a Soul and cellular awakening. As you move into the vibrational patterns of the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensions, your cells, etheric body and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process. This process will facilitate and ultimately result in the downloading of the many facets of your Higher Self and the gradual reclamation of your Body of Light. Be mindful and aware every moment so that your focus becomes one-pointed and clear. You will gradually develop a sense of self-assurance and security, a knowing that all is well and that it will remain so.
The Soul is a refracted extension of your God Self or I AM Presence. The Soul uses the right brain consciousness of intuition, which is connected to the higher Sacred Mind and Spiritual Will. An inner-focused mind is guided by the Soul Self. Humanity is in the process of developing the subtle, refined senses which have become dulled from misuse. You must move past the basic, often distorted physical senses, while diligently endeavoring to develop the higher mental senses of intuition and Divine wisdom. It is of vital importance that you learn to control your emotional nature and to hold your thoughts steadily on the Light.
Your God Self or I AM Presence is your original Core Intelligence, your first individualized identity within a Universal or Sub-Universal experience. Within this Sub-Universal experience, your I AM PRESENCE created your first twelve Soul fragments or Soul extensions. Since that time, your God Essence has refracted and separated innumerable times. You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple facets of your Divine Self within this Sub-Universe so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Divine Self. To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God-Consciousness for this Sub-Universal experience. They were designed so that you would always have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY for this Sub-Universal experience.Your task is to activate these Rays, to incorporate the God qualities and attributes they contain, and then to use these qualities and attributes for the greatest good. There is still much confusion as to what the Soul is, how it functions and where it resides. It is vital that you understand the intricate process of reconnecting with the many facets of your Higher Self. It is also important that you gain clarity about the more in-depth teachings we have given you regarding the multiple Higher Self Fragments (you have many, not just one) and the process for incorporating these multiple facets of Self. Therefore, we feel it is time for an advanced explanation of this most important process for the EVOLUTION OF THE SOUL:
You carry within your Diamond Core God Cell a crystalline, Memory Seed Atom of full Self-realization from your point of origin. It contains a very brief overview of the highlights of every life you have ever lived, the major lessons you have learned and the talents you have perfected as you journeyed throughout this universe.

The Soul is an extension of your God Self or I AM Presence. The Soul is neither Spirit nor matter. It is a crystalline, Sacred Fire, Memory Seed Atom, a fragment of pure Light Essence that is programmed to record your journey throughout this Sub-Universal experience. It is the link between you and our Father/Mother God and, ultimately, to the Supreme Creator.

Your personal Soul Self, for this lifetime, resides within your Sacred Heart as a facet of your Diamond Core God Cell. Each higher frequency facet of your Soul has Its own Memory Seed Atoms. When a given facet takes up residency within your Soul Star as your OverSoul, it will gradually relay Its personal vibrational pattern memories to the Memory Seed Atom within your Diamond Core God Cell and also to your embodied Soul Self. First, it will activate the appropriate Memory Seed Crystals within your Sacred Mind. As your frequencies expand to accommodate them, the Memory Seed Crystals held in reserve within your Diamond Core God Cell will be activated. In this way, as you incorporate all of your Soul Fragments, you will eventually gain the ability to access all of the wisdom, talents, positive memories and experiences of your I AM Presence for this Sub-Universe. This process repeats itself over and over again as you traverse the multidimensional levels of God-Consciousness and incorporate more and more facets of your Divine Self.

You were programmed to forever seek the Sacred Heart of your Essence, your Diamond Core God Cell, and your Crystalline Seed Atom of Creator Essence.
At specially timed intervals there have always been small groups of special, unique Beings who incarnated into the different races and sub-races, and who brought forth fresh ideas, instilled new qualities and attributes. These advanced Beings interjected their wisdom, higher consciousness and special talents by example, and they also merged physically with select members of the human species in order to advance the DNA encodings of humanity. YOU ARE LIVING IN ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL TIMES.
The fourth dimension could be called a “transitional reality,” for this is where you begin to let go of all the preconditioning of the past. The fourth-dimensional realm is more emotional in nature, and therefore, the heart and feeling nature are the major focus. The ancients called the fourth dimension the realm of Maya or illusion. The collective mass consciousness of humanity fills the lower three levels of the fourth dimension, and this is where most of humanity exists mentally until they gradually begin to turn inward and listen to the nudgings of their Soul-Self. The ego desire-body is the master manipulator of this realm, and it constantly urges one to seek more satisfaction and happiness via sensation and external means of gratification. 
You begin to tap into your Inner Power Potential as you move into the higher sub-levels of the fourth dimension. Matter becomes more fluid, and therefore, it becomes easier to manifest what you desire. That is why you must learn to be decisive and to focus your thoughts with clear intention. A disciplined mind links the chains of thought together in proper order. It is vitally important for you to understand that scattered thoughts are detrimental to your progress. Living in the present moment–in the NOW moment–is a critical component in attaining Self-Mastery. Mental effort is required in order to successfully traverse the path of illumination. Gradually, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain / mind into the realm of the higher mind. Important traits of a Self-master are focused observational abilities and harmlessness in thought, word, and deed. As an aspirant on the Path, greater and greater cosmic truths will be revealed to you. However, you should be aware that the lesser principles of ageless wisdom will constantly be expanded to incorporate the unique rules, laws and truths of the next level of existence in the never-ending cycle of ascension in consciousness.
You must keep the channel of communication open between the Soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at the back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head. The Sacred Mind resonates to the highest fourth-dimensional sub-levels as well as all of the fifth- and the sixth-dimensional levels, with a small portion of seventh-dimensional frequencies/data, which are reserved for future use when you gain the ability to traverse the highest levels possible for humanity in this Sub-Universal experience. However, you must gradually increase your own vibrational patterns in order to tap into this storehouse of cosmic wisdom.
The Sacred Mind and the Sacred Heart are not made of material world matter; they consist of gossamer, ethereal Light substance that cannot be detected via scientific means. However, they are more real than any part of your physical body. For once you reestablish the connection between your Sacred Mind, your Sacred Heart and your Diamond Core God Cell, there will be a constant flow of Adamantine Particles, as well as pertinent, advanced information coming from within your Memory Seed Atoms and also from your OverSoul/Higher Self. That is why it is so critical that you reconnect the Triad of God Consciousness: the Sacred Mind, the Sacred Heart and all the facets of your Diamond Core God Cell. 
As you move into the vibrational patterns of the fifth dimension, your cells, etheric body and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process. Tranquility begins in the lowest level of the fifth dimension and strengthens exponentially. Gaining godly power and wisdom requires that you move beyond the massive belief patterns of the collective consciousness of humanity into attunement with your cosmic consciousness via the many facets of your Higher Self. Emotional stability and mental effort are required in order to successfully traverse the path of illumination. There is a law of EQUILIBRIUM that applies to the fifth dimension and above.
Briefly, the sixth dimension is the dimension of immortality and a greatly expanded Soul consciousness as you reconnect with the highest levels of your Soul potential within this Sub-universe. The seventh dimension is the final evolutionary boundary for humanity within this Sub-universal experience. The first sub-level (the lowest in frequency) of the eighth dimension is the INFINITY GATEWAY, which you will be able to tap into as you gain the ability to integrate more and more of the higher frequencies. A trickle-down effect is initiated as you gain the ability to access each higher frequency level, whereby minuscule amounts of more refined God Light begin to flow into your personal column of Light, thus adding Light to your auric field and the vibrancy of your Soul Song. 
REMEMBER, MY BRAVE ONES, YOU ARE LIVING IN THE MIDST OF ETERNITY. The wisdom messages we bring you are not to set more rules or create new dogma. Our intention is to set your hearts afire with love and to give you a glimpse of the glorious future before you. I will guide, direct, inspire and protect you, and I radiate the eternal love of our Father/Mother God to each of you. 
I AM Archangel Michael
Ronna Herman :

ART BY: Malcolm Horton

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Do You Tell The Difference Between Ego/False guidance and Higher Self/True Guidance?

QUESTION:  I have difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego? The voice inside your head ~ how do you know when its your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)??How can you see and find the line between these two?? Is there a difference between the higher self and intuition??

How can you tell if your feelings and emotions are ego based or if they come from your higher conscious self ~ especially if they give a sense of need! For example ~ the need to feel appreciated, touched, that looking for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled? As we become more enlightened don't we become more expanded and elevated from our human level/human needs?


There are many questions here so I am going to break them down into sections so I can address each one. 

Q: How do you know when it's your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)? I am having difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego? 

A: First of all, I think it is important to understand that the ego is a fragmented, fear ~ filled distortion of our soul's energy. This fragmented part of our soul (the ego) has separated itself from the LIGHT of our higher awareness/higher self.  The ego was created when we decided as a group consciousness to accept the "idea" of perceived separation from God, so we could learn through the use of our FREE WILL. This perceived separation from God/Goddess created fear, and a part of our divine energy broke away from the center/truth of our being. Every thing that has ever happened to us, from the beginning of our soul's existence ~ both good and bad ~ has stemmed from the use of our FREE WILL and these memories are stored within our souls....including wounds and fears from the sometimes traumatic evolution of our experiences with FREE WILL. These life experiences have created belief systems, subconscious programs (feelings, thoughts and emotions held over a long period of time), stored traumatic pain and veils (karma) within our being that literally block us/create barriers within our energy field that hinders us from KNOWING and having a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with our DIVINE ESSENCE ~ which is our true connection to SPIRIT/GOD/GODDESS. 

It is our ego that makes us think we are better than or less than what we truly are. The ego builds us up......and then loves to tears us down. Our ego is constantly responding to our life experiences, and ALL life experiences are created through the FREE WILL use of our energy ~ mainly our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. "WE" are the ones ~ through our very own FREE WILL~ creating a hell of a life.....or the life of our dreams, and the ego is constantly responding to our creations. And this is the biggest reason why we need to understand the difference between ego and soul/higher self guidance ~ because the ego keeps us in a wheel of repetitive, low vibrational re-creations.... while the aspect of our soul that is connected to the higher self is desperately trying to get us to evolve and transcend the distortions/illusions of the ego so the soul can be brought back into unification with it's higher self so it can create and manifest a reality that is for the highest good of all involved.

Every human being experiences difficulty telling the difference between intuition ~ from the aspect of their soul that is connected to the LIGHT of their higher self ~ and the distorted guidance/illusions from their ego. Simply being aware that we have two internal guide systems working within that is based on fear/control/resistance/illusion, and one that is based on love/highest good/expansion/truth is half the battle. One way to always tell which part of us is speaking is to tune into how LOUD the guidance is. 

~ Soul/Higher Self wisdom is direct, subtle and quite ~ it is based on "feelings" that are in the NOW moment. Feelings, are the language of the soul.....they are core sensations in the body ~ they are not created by the mind. Our body is a field of divine intelligence ~ any discomfort....whether it be emotional, mental or physical is a sign from our soul/higher self that we have stepped out of alignment with our highest guidance. In order to receive clear guidance from our higher aspects we will need to know how to "FEEL". When we shut down our feelings we also shut down our intuitive guidance which comes from the Soul/Higher Self/Spirit that communicates to us through our FEELINGS.....this is how we tap into our intuition and our truth ~ by tapping into the heart felt feelings of the divine aspect of the soul. Without feelings we have no internal guide.

~ The Ego is loud, repetitive and very emotional. It is always working from the illusions of the past or the is NEVER in the NOW moment. We experience feelings, yet we generate emotions.  Feelings are somewhat passive, while e-motions are re-active. Feelings are not created from the mind ~ they are core sensations in the body ~ while emotions are feelings with many THOUGHTS attached to them. Egoic guidance is full of "reactive mind chatter" and if we are not careful our egoic emotions create KARMA. 

It is best to "feel" our feelings (soul/higher self), but transcend our emotions and reactive behaviors (ego). When we allow ourselves to pause at our feelings, and actually FEEL them we can retrieve information and guidance, that will help us respond from our heart not from the ego's past wounds or the ego's future concerns. In order to follow the highest wisdom for the aspect of our soul that is connected to the LIGHT of our higher self we will need to FEEL our way through the process not think our way through it.


~ Present / NOW Moment / Grounded / Calm
~ Silences The Mind And Tunes Into The Heart
~ "Fully Feeling" The Core Sensations In The Body ~ Intuitive 
     Nudges....Ideas Or Visual Images
~ Observing / Discerning What Feels LIGHT 
~ Addresses Situations From A Grounded, Heart Felt, Honest 
~ Conscious And Respectful
~ Expansive
~ Guidance Is Always Loving, Solves Problems, Suggestive & 
~ Guidance Is Clear/Short/Precise....Not Full Of What 
    If's......There Is A Sense Of Knowingness.

~ Fearful / Projects Itself Into The Past Or The Future....Not 
~ Intense Mind Chatter
~ Ungrounded / Reactive / Explosive
~ Scattered Energy....Mostly Stuck In The Mental And Emotional 
~ Unconscious / Disrespectful / Negative
~ Contracted Energy /Restrictive/Fearful
~ Guidance Is Always A Projection Of Judgment, Blame, & 
   Criticism Towards Self And Others

In order to get the clearest guidance possible, it is helpful to clean out the energy field and chakra system of all the blocks and barriers that the ego has put in place due to lifetimes of the ego being in control of soul. The blocks and barriers (veils) create a clogged up and foggy energy field that distorts clear guidance, blocking the free flowing, loving energy of our higher self from being able to flow through us unadulterated. The more tubes and channels we clean out, the greater sense of intuitive KNOWINGNESS we will experience. My book "Raise Your Vibration" goes over many techniques that will help you clean out your system, and align you with your higher self. BUY RAISE YOUR VIBRATION BOOK HERE

* Guidance from the soul/higher self oftentimes comes when we are not attached to receiving an answer. Pay attention to these times:
1. Immediately when you wake up in the morning.
2. Right before you fall asleep.
3. When you are in the bath or shower.
4. When you are driving.
5. When you are ironing, doing the dishes, cooking, walking, 
     golfing, painting, or any other kind of activity where external 
     stimuli is reduced.    
6. During Meditation

* Do not listen to guidance if you are in the emotional or mental body. Your guidance will always come from the distortions of your FEARS (ego). If your mind chatter is increased, and there is an intensity to the is from the ego.

The next part of the question:

Q: How can you tell if your feelings and emotions are ego based or if they come from your higher conscious self ~ especially if they give a sense of need! For example ~ the need to feel appreciated, touched, that looking for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled? As we become more enlightened don't we become more expanded and elevated from our human level/human needs?

A: Once again, feelings are from the higher part of our Soul. E-motions are energy in motion and they are not necessarily bad ~ they must be processed through ~ however, if we are not careful, the ego will step in, and become reactive and explosive with our emotions, which oftentimes can create karma. When it comes to a true soul "need"........ that is a very valid request! The human body and the soul do have needs ~ especially love, human touch, communion with other souls and positive relationships ~ as well as ~ food, shelter, clothing, health care etc. Humans do have needs, and we have the responsibility and the power to learn how to use our energy in a constructive, loving, positive, creative way to manifest our hearts desire. 

The problem with a large part of humanity, is our ego's are out of balance, which has created an insatiable desire for more and more things that are not necessarily needed for our soul's growth. The ego is excessive, greedy and competitive and passes judgment on others based on "things." These "things" become distractions that fill a temporary void.....however the void remains, because what the soul truly wants is to be filled by the loving abundance of Spirit, and that abundance can only occur when our tubes and channels within our energetic system ~ that lead to the higher self ~ are cleaned out enough for Spirit to flow through our being. Once this occurs and we merge with our higher self we receive agape love ~ spiritual love....and to be honest with you, that is truly what ALL souls seek.

There is nothing wrong with material things ~ material things can be fun and they certainly make our lives easier...however, we need to be careful with any kind of excess. Materialism must be kept in balance. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with having needs and desires that we receive from others. The soul craves relationship, community and well-being through interaction with other humans. If there is something you are lacking within a specific relationship ~ it is your responsibility to to address it, and ask for what you need in a loving, balanced, constructive way. (not demanding) Everything needs to be kept in balance, so make sure ~ you too ~ are open to supporting other people's needs as well. We are here to learn how to love and support one another. We need each other, and when we truly learn how to love and respect the SELF, it is easy to do the same for others.

So when it comes to material or human relationship needs here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. What do I need?
2. Will this "need" serve my soul's growth?
3. Does this "need" serve a purpose?
4. Do I really "need" this OR is this the trick of the ego and it's perceived distortions that are based on the illusion of lack?
5. Will this be for the highest good of all involved?

The more enlightened we become ~ the less we "need" ~ because we are aligned, and fulfilled by Spirit. However, as long as we are in physical body....we will always have needs. When we are aligned with Spirit, our needs are balanced and serve the purpose of assisting us and others on our soul's journey through the physical dimension.
 ~ Sabrina

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mirrors ~ Projections ~ Denial

QUESTION: I really didnt like how I was behaving with a certain person, so now they are no longer around me. I am fine but this person is still behaving badly towards friends and strangers alike, I'm a bit confused about where the lesson and mirror with them is, as they seem to be getting away with their bad behaviour to others.

ANSWER: Our goal is to not project anything outside of us. It doesn't matter if the other person changed or received their lesson. What matters is you were willing to "SEE" yourself through the other persons poor behaviors and make the necessary changes within your SELF. They may continue to blind themselves, and create more karma for themselves, but YOU can take back your power and make the changes within your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavioral patterns so you can evolve YOUR soul. It is hard to accept a mirror.....none of us like to do it, and the ego keeps us blinded by the things we need to heal so it can remain in control. Stay on the inner path of salvation not the outer path of projection, blame and illusion. Whenever you start to focus on someone else and what they are doing wrong....realize that you have stepped out of alignment with your power to transcend your SELF and have stepped into the tricks of the ego....which is denial and blame. Never underestimate the tricks of the ego. Stay focused on SELF and what is going on within you.....don't worry about anyone else's behavioral are only responsible for yours. If someone else is hurtful to you....use your discernment ....accept the  mirror/lesson ~ but you have free will to choose whether this relationship is one you want to continue to invest your time and energy into. And always one is an EXACT mirror. Understanding mirrors requires self reflection and introspection......a mirror could be reflecting your negative thoughts, beliefs or perhaps a stored feeling that needs to be released. I have just gotten to the point where I accept everything shown to me......any resistance at all ~ simply is not helpful. If I see it in another....I label it and say OK......this is how I "use to be" and I choose not be like this anymore....and the universe is showing me a mirror as a reminder to keep me in alignment OR this is something I am doing NOW that needs to be healed. Name it, claim, it heal it....and give thanks for the opportunity to SEE yourself so you can evolve your soul. "As above in consciousness, so below in reality." ~ Sabrina

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Purifying The Main Seven Chakras So You Can Activate Your 5 Spiritual Chakras

Your relationship with "The Creator Of All That Is" is based on your level of consciousness. Each chakra is a doorway or portal to higher consciousness. Chakra work is important! We are being asked to transcend our fears and open ourselves to LOVE. If your root chakra is will fear Your Self, The Creator, and everyone and everything around you. 
Through daily invocation, meditation and visualization you can place your attention on each chakra with the intention for it to open and expand for your highest and best good.
If you are a beginner ~ it is best to stay focused on the seven main physical chakras. These are known as the “SEVEN SEALS OF GOD CONSCIOUSNESS" and the “RAINBOW BRIDGE” that connects us to our heaven and earth energies. The process of clearing, harmonizing and balancing the seven major chakras of the physical body results in an important initiation process where we are able to put on our GARMENTS OF LIGHT or THE COAT OF MANY COLORS.
Our densest chakra is the root chakra Once it is opened, an energy vortex is created that projects energy upward into the next chakra and so on. Adamantine particles of Creator Light are released from each chakra and move upward from the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat and spiritual eye until the crown chakra is activated. Once this occurs the crown chakra begins to spin at such an accelerated rate that the spinal column is turned into a vibrant shaft of LIGHT. Once the 7 chakra system and central light column are purified, activated and prepared the upper 5 chakras of your Spiritual Self/God Self will pour down through your column of LIGHT and infuse all of your chakras with the luminescence of your Divine I Am Presence. 
A wonderful way to purify and activate your seven main chakras is to simply breathe in white light from above your head moving down to the root chakra and when you exhale visualize the white light being blown out of the front and back of the root chakra. Repeat this process with the sacral, then the solar plexus and so on all the way up to the spiritual eye chakra. Once you get to the crown chakra visualize and breathe in white light coming into your head, entering the spine and moving all the way down to the root. Blow the white light out of the root chakra into the Earth. Now simply focus your attention on each chakra with the designated vibrant color that it emanates for as long as you would like.
Orange: SACRAL
Green: HEART (or pink)
Violet: Crown (or gold)
The upper 5 chakras and the I AM Presence are activated and descend in DIVINE PERFECT TIMING into the physical body when the lower 7 chakras are purified enough to withstand the very high vibrational energy of your TRUE SELF. 
We are on an accelerated path of initiation and transformation. The discomfort and distortion many of us are experiencing right now on the planet is symptomatic of our ascension into greater more expansive states of consciousness. What took us thousands of years to create is being transmuted with rapid speed. Stay dedicated to your spiritual transformation and and be kind to your self and others as we all undergo the transformation of our carbon based being into the truth of our 12 dimensional crystalline being.
Before you begin your meditation or chakra clearing exercise it is also helpful to state out loud your intention: 
“I ask and intend for the Creator Of All That Is, my highest light guides and angels to help me purify, balance and activate my entire chakra system with ease and grace and for my highest and best good. Thank you. It is done. 
~ Sabrina

Thursday, January 5, 2012


QUESTION: What happens to the people who are working on raising their vibration and have partially done so then they pass over before they have completed the process? Do they have to come back to 3D earth and start all over again?
ANSWER: The soul is continuously evolving, so any knowledge gained in one life remains in the energy field and can be accessed in the one really starts all over again ~ whatever soul knowledge is gained remains. That is why it is so important for us to raise our vibrations ~ which means to expand our consciousness so we can access more of the truth (LIGHT) from our higher self. Once we transition out of the physical body, wherever our vibrational frequency resides, is the specific level of the spiritual dimension that we will be placed in. However, when we are in Spirit, we are not bound by one specific location, we can travel and visit others simply through the direction of our thoughts/energy. Like energy attracts like energy...where we are placed in the spiritual dimension is not a better than/less than scenario....our location is simply based on our current level of vibrational resonance.  
When we incarnate into physical form in the physical dimension ~ we have a soul contract with a specific timeline for birth and death, as well as, many opportunities during that contract to exit the physical body and move into the world of Spirit. Many of the people who are passing now have fulfilled their soul contracts. Some of these people are highly evolved souls who came to fulfill a specific mission to assist with the Earth’s ascension, and when they have fulfilled that mission, they leave and return  where they came from. Oftentimes, these individuals have already ascended ~ they chose to incarnate into a physical body during this most auspicious time on Earth for a variety of reasons.....perhaps they came in to expand humanity’s consciousness, to alter genetic codes within a specific family lineage, they could have come in bringing ascension codes for the masses, they may be healers, they could be placed in governments for reform.....the reasons are endless. So just because someone has crossed over does not mean they missed out on ascension.....they may have already ascended and they came here to complete an assignment. Once their mission is complete, they release the physical body and return to their ascended state.
For those souls who were diligently working on raising their vibrations and transitioned into the spiritual dimension before their ascension process was complete will not loose their gained LIGHT/expansion of consciousness. Everything remains recorded in each individual soul’s energy field ~ both the negative and positive energies we experience. If the soul has generated karma on the Earth plane.....yes, the soul will get to return to “one” of the Earth’s MANY dimensions to balance the misqualified energy it created. However,  the soul has free will and is a Creator being, so the soul ultimately gets to choose (with spiritual guidance) when and where it wants to take on a physical embodiment to continue its learning experience ~ helping it to grow closer and closer to the Creator Of All That Is. 
~ Sabrina