Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mirrors ~ Projections ~ Denial

QUESTION: I really didnt like how I was behaving with a certain person, so now they are no longer around me. I am fine but this person is still behaving badly towards friends and strangers alike, I'm a bit confused about where the lesson and mirror with them is, as they seem to be getting away with their bad behaviour to others.

ANSWER: Our goal is to not project anything outside of us. It doesn't matter if the other person changed or received their lesson. What matters is you were willing to "SEE" yourself through the other persons poor behaviors and make the necessary changes within your SELF. They may continue to blind themselves, and create more karma for themselves, but YOU can take back your power and make the changes within your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavioral patterns so you can evolve YOUR soul. It is hard to accept a mirror.....none of us like to do it, and the ego keeps us blinded by the things we need to heal so it can remain in control. Stay on the inner path of salvation not the outer path of projection, blame and illusion. Whenever you start to focus on someone else and what they are doing wrong....realize that you have stepped out of alignment with your power to transcend your SELF and have stepped into the tricks of the ego....which is denial and blame. Never underestimate the tricks of the ego. Stay focused on SELF and what is going on within you.....don't worry about anyone else's behavioral are only responsible for yours. If someone else is hurtful to you....use your discernment ....accept the  mirror/lesson ~ but you have free will to choose whether this relationship is one you want to continue to invest your time and energy into. And always one is an EXACT mirror. Understanding mirrors requires self reflection and introspection......a mirror could be reflecting your negative thoughts, beliefs or perhaps a stored feeling that needs to be released. I have just gotten to the point where I accept everything shown to me......any resistance at all ~ simply is not helpful. If I see it in another....I label it and say OK......this is how I "use to be" and I choose not be like this anymore....and the universe is showing me a mirror as a reminder to keep me in alignment OR this is something I am doing NOW that needs to be healed. Name it, claim, it heal it....and give thanks for the opportunity to SEE yourself so you can evolve your soul. "As above in consciousness, so below in reality." ~ Sabrina

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  1. Hi Sabrina-
    I have a question. First- I love your facebook and blog page and all that you offer us in understanding all of this for us.

    My question is this: Why does it seem that there are some people that everything seems to go their way with very little effort in their own lives, and even by their own self admission. I have someone in my life like this, and she readily admits that yes- she has had a very, very lucky and blessed life with very little that has gone wrong. She tries to understand others that have things happen to them but says she can only try to understand because she has never had things happen like that. And then there are others, like me, where everything wrong seems to have happened in my life since birth. I am adopted, was neglected and abandoned at age 3, and placed into foster care homes, was adopted at age 5, almost 6 into a very, very abusive home, and though I have spent my life trying to do better, become better, teach myself better on my own, I still have things happen to me. Right now after finally getting some of my life together, going to get my degree (I am the only one in my family to do this) got a career, and against all odds from a horrible/toxic work environment, (I couldn't quit as I had spent a year searching for that job in the firs place and am a single mother, so I really needed the job)- I worked my way up to the right hand "man" position- only to get terribly ill, and ended up not being able to walk and have been bedridden for a year and a half. Found a surgeon on my own to help fix part of the problem and had my coccyx removed (which came out in pieces) but it has only been part of the problem. I lost everything when I got ill. I have lost everything many, many times in my life. My life has been spent rebuilding it. And when I say lose everything, I mean- everything. I have just recently become aware of the law of attraction, raising your vibrations, affirmations, daily gratitudes etc. All of which I have been working on implementing into my life daily. But things still are happening. For instance a relationship I was in for 5 years, who wanted to marry me the whole time I was with him, even when I got sick. I finally married and he abandoned me and my 2 daughters 7 months after I finally trusted enough to marry him. (after my first marriage I was very gun shy about marriage and it took me a long time to trust. I finally did completely and he did that.) Do I have bad Karma? Do I have a chance at all at having a good life if I DO have bad Karma?? I am currently going to be 46 this coming March. I have attracted many spiritual masters, leaders, people, etc into my life of late. I have manifested good things. I know that I am on the right path. I am trying to learn all that I can. I just thought that perhaps my friend that has things go right in her life, perhaps it's about Karma. She has good Karma, and I don't. How do I fix it if that is the case. Making mine good??

    Thank you sincerely-


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