Thursday, January 5, 2012


QUESTION: What happens to the people who are working on raising their vibration and have partially done so then they pass over before they have completed the process? Do they have to come back to 3D earth and start all over again?
ANSWER: The soul is continuously evolving, so any knowledge gained in one life remains in the energy field and can be accessed in the one really starts all over again ~ whatever soul knowledge is gained remains. That is why it is so important for us to raise our vibrations ~ which means to expand our consciousness so we can access more of the truth (LIGHT) from our higher self. Once we transition out of the physical body, wherever our vibrational frequency resides, is the specific level of the spiritual dimension that we will be placed in. However, when we are in Spirit, we are not bound by one specific location, we can travel and visit others simply through the direction of our thoughts/energy. Like energy attracts like energy...where we are placed in the spiritual dimension is not a better than/less than scenario....our location is simply based on our current level of vibrational resonance.  
When we incarnate into physical form in the physical dimension ~ we have a soul contract with a specific timeline for birth and death, as well as, many opportunities during that contract to exit the physical body and move into the world of Spirit. Many of the people who are passing now have fulfilled their soul contracts. Some of these people are highly evolved souls who came to fulfill a specific mission to assist with the Earth’s ascension, and when they have fulfilled that mission, they leave and return  where they came from. Oftentimes, these individuals have already ascended ~ they chose to incarnate into a physical body during this most auspicious time on Earth for a variety of reasons.....perhaps they came in to expand humanity’s consciousness, to alter genetic codes within a specific family lineage, they could have come in bringing ascension codes for the masses, they may be healers, they could be placed in governments for reform.....the reasons are endless. So just because someone has crossed over does not mean they missed out on ascension.....they may have already ascended and they came here to complete an assignment. Once their mission is complete, they release the physical body and return to their ascended state.
For those souls who were diligently working on raising their vibrations and transitioned into the spiritual dimension before their ascension process was complete will not loose their gained LIGHT/expansion of consciousness. Everything remains recorded in each individual soul’s energy field ~ both the negative and positive energies we experience. If the soul has generated karma on the Earth plane.....yes, the soul will get to return to “one” of the Earth’s MANY dimensions to balance the misqualified energy it created. However,  the soul has free will and is a Creator being, so the soul ultimately gets to choose (with spiritual guidance) when and where it wants to take on a physical embodiment to continue its learning experience ~ helping it to grow closer and closer to the Creator Of All That Is. 
~ Sabrina


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