Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thought Is The Only Reality ~ Everything Is Pure Thought.

Thought is the only reality. When we realize ~ to a certain level ~ we have control over the keyboard to our computer, we can then give it instructions....because we are thinking. We instruct our DNA, and our reality, because our super conscious is ALWAYS manifesting what we think about ourselves. This is all done through the power of our thought. We are gigantic thought machines.
All beings are thoughts! Thought is the only reality. It is the only thing that is eternal ~ we will always have thought! Absolutely everything is a form made from thought ~ a thought form. The only one who can take away a thought is the self who decides, I will not think this thought anymore.....I will not energize it anymore, and “poof” it is gone. We energize and bring the energy of thought to ourselves. Everything is self created through the power of our thoughts, and we are either magnetizing the dark or light matrix to us. It is up to us to create a reality of love and light or fear and darkness....everything is pure thought. 

~Gerald O’Donnell
Excerpt from an interview. 
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Art By: Mike Pare "THOUGHT FORMS"


  1. sabrina, i've been having a great strugle lately with unwanted thoughts, i came out of a great and long relationship about 6 months ago, until today i can't stop remembering and thinking and feeling things, all the time, when i caught me self in that place i get angry and try to think of something esle, i always interrupt the thought, but it always comes back, its really giving me a hard time, i'm suffering and i don't know what else to do, any advice?

    1. allmandri,

      I've been struggling to reign in negative thoughts of late myself (specifically yesterday). A process I use is as follows.

      When the negative thought enters my thinking I center myself with deep breathing and become mindful. I acknowledge the thought; drop down out of my head into my body where said thought is manifesting as a feeling.

      Secondly, I accept the feeling (as a bodily sensation, not an emotion) and take ownership of it as my creation. I do have the choice ultimately as to whether to indulge the thought after all.

      Next I ask myself if I want to keep the feeling or release it. If I decide to release it, I breathe into the bodily sensation, being totally present with it without judging it as good or bad.

      Lastly I offer it to Spirit, letting it go on the out breath with the phrase ‘I release that which no longer serves my highest good.’ Sometimes if I’m especially weary I’ll phrase it ‘please assist me to release that which no longer serves my highest good, Amen’.

      Depending on how emotionally charged the issue is, I may have to repeat the process multiple times breathing into the feeling, releasing judgment, letting go.

      I did this with an on-going issue I was experiencing yesterday and woke up this morning to it having resolved itself–at least for today. Blessed be!

    2. thank you very much rob, i'll try it right away!!


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