Thursday, January 12, 2012

How Do You Tell The Difference Between Ego/False guidance and Higher Self/True Guidance?

QUESTION:  I have difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego? The voice inside your head ~ how do you know when its your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)??How can you see and find the line between these two?? Is there a difference between the higher self and intuition??

How can you tell if your feelings and emotions are ego based or if they come from your higher conscious self ~ especially if they give a sense of need! For example ~ the need to feel appreciated, touched, that looking for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled? As we become more enlightened don't we become more expanded and elevated from our human level/human needs?


There are many questions here so I am going to break them down into sections so I can address each one. 

Q: How do you know when it's your higher self (perhaps your intuition) or your lower self (ego)? I am having difficulty telling the difference between my intuition and my ego? 

A: First of all, I think it is important to understand that the ego is a fragmented, fear ~ filled distortion of our soul's energy. This fragmented part of our soul (the ego) has separated itself from the LIGHT of our higher awareness/higher self.  The ego was created when we decided as a group consciousness to accept the "idea" of perceived separation from God, so we could learn through the use of our FREE WILL. This perceived separation from God/Goddess created fear, and a part of our divine energy broke away from the center/truth of our being. Every thing that has ever happened to us, from the beginning of our soul's existence ~ both good and bad ~ has stemmed from the use of our FREE WILL and these memories are stored within our souls....including wounds and fears from the sometimes traumatic evolution of our experiences with FREE WILL. These life experiences have created belief systems, subconscious programs (feelings, thoughts and emotions held over a long period of time), stored traumatic pain and veils (karma) within our being that literally block us/create barriers within our energy field that hinders us from KNOWING and having a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with our DIVINE ESSENCE ~ which is our true connection to SPIRIT/GOD/GODDESS. 

It is our ego that makes us think we are better than or less than what we truly are. The ego builds us up......and then loves to tears us down. Our ego is constantly responding to our life experiences, and ALL life experiences are created through the FREE WILL use of our energy ~ mainly our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. "WE" are the ones ~ through our very own FREE WILL~ creating a hell of a life.....or the life of our dreams, and the ego is constantly responding to our creations. And this is the biggest reason why we need to understand the difference between ego and soul/higher self guidance ~ because the ego keeps us in a wheel of repetitive, low vibrational re-creations.... while the aspect of our soul that is connected to the higher self is desperately trying to get us to evolve and transcend the distortions/illusions of the ego so the soul can be brought back into unification with it's higher self so it can create and manifest a reality that is for the highest good of all involved.

Every human being experiences difficulty telling the difference between intuition ~ from the aspect of their soul that is connected to the LIGHT of their higher self ~ and the distorted guidance/illusions from their ego. Simply being aware that we have two internal guide systems working within that is based on fear/control/resistance/illusion, and one that is based on love/highest good/expansion/truth is half the battle. One way to always tell which part of us is speaking is to tune into how LOUD the guidance is. 

~ Soul/Higher Self wisdom is direct, subtle and quite ~ it is based on "feelings" that are in the NOW moment. Feelings, are the language of the soul.....they are core sensations in the body ~ they are not created by the mind. Our body is a field of divine intelligence ~ any discomfort....whether it be emotional, mental or physical is a sign from our soul/higher self that we have stepped out of alignment with our highest guidance. In order to receive clear guidance from our higher aspects we will need to know how to "FEEL". When we shut down our feelings we also shut down our intuitive guidance which comes from the Soul/Higher Self/Spirit that communicates to us through our FEELINGS.....this is how we tap into our intuition and our truth ~ by tapping into the heart felt feelings of the divine aspect of the soul. Without feelings we have no internal guide.

~ The Ego is loud, repetitive and very emotional. It is always working from the illusions of the past or the is NEVER in the NOW moment. We experience feelings, yet we generate emotions.  Feelings are somewhat passive, while e-motions are re-active. Feelings are not created from the mind ~ they are core sensations in the body ~ while emotions are feelings with many THOUGHTS attached to them. Egoic guidance is full of "reactive mind chatter" and if we are not careful our egoic emotions create KARMA. 

It is best to "feel" our feelings (soul/higher self), but transcend our emotions and reactive behaviors (ego). When we allow ourselves to pause at our feelings, and actually FEEL them we can retrieve information and guidance, that will help us respond from our heart not from the ego's past wounds or the ego's future concerns. In order to follow the highest wisdom for the aspect of our soul that is connected to the LIGHT of our higher self we will need to FEEL our way through the process not think our way through it.


~ Present / NOW Moment / Grounded / Calm
~ Silences The Mind And Tunes Into The Heart
~ "Fully Feeling" The Core Sensations In The Body ~ Intuitive 
     Nudges....Ideas Or Visual Images
~ Observing / Discerning What Feels LIGHT 
~ Addresses Situations From A Grounded, Heart Felt, Honest 
~ Conscious And Respectful
~ Expansive
~ Guidance Is Always Loving, Solves Problems, Suggestive & 
~ Guidance Is Clear/Short/Precise....Not Full Of What 
    If's......There Is A Sense Of Knowingness.

~ Fearful / Projects Itself Into The Past Or The Future....Not 
~ Intense Mind Chatter
~ Ungrounded / Reactive / Explosive
~ Scattered Energy....Mostly Stuck In The Mental And Emotional 
~ Unconscious / Disrespectful / Negative
~ Contracted Energy /Restrictive/Fearful
~ Guidance Is Always A Projection Of Judgment, Blame, & 
   Criticism Towards Self And Others

In order to get the clearest guidance possible, it is helpful to clean out the energy field and chakra system of all the blocks and barriers that the ego has put in place due to lifetimes of the ego being in control of soul. The blocks and barriers (veils) create a clogged up and foggy energy field that distorts clear guidance, blocking the free flowing, loving energy of our higher self from being able to flow through us unadulterated. The more tubes and channels we clean out, the greater sense of intuitive KNOWINGNESS we will experience. My book "Raise Your Vibration" goes over many techniques that will help you clean out your system, and align you with your higher self. BUY RAISE YOUR VIBRATION BOOK HERE

* Guidance from the soul/higher self oftentimes comes when we are not attached to receiving an answer. Pay attention to these times:
1. Immediately when you wake up in the morning.
2. Right before you fall asleep.
3. When you are in the bath or shower.
4. When you are driving.
5. When you are ironing, doing the dishes, cooking, walking, 
     golfing, painting, or any other kind of activity where external 
     stimuli is reduced.    
6. During Meditation

* Do not listen to guidance if you are in the emotional or mental body. Your guidance will always come from the distortions of your FEARS (ego). If your mind chatter is increased, and there is an intensity to the is from the ego.

The next part of the question:

Q: How can you tell if your feelings and emotions are ego based or if they come from your higher conscious self ~ especially if they give a sense of need! For example ~ the need to feel appreciated, touched, that looking for something outside of yourself to make you happy and fulfilled? As we become more enlightened don't we become more expanded and elevated from our human level/human needs?

A: Once again, feelings are from the higher part of our Soul. E-motions are energy in motion and they are not necessarily bad ~ they must be processed through ~ however, if we are not careful, the ego will step in, and become reactive and explosive with our emotions, which oftentimes can create karma. When it comes to a true soul "need"........ that is a very valid request! The human body and the soul do have needs ~ especially love, human touch, communion with other souls and positive relationships ~ as well as ~ food, shelter, clothing, health care etc. Humans do have needs, and we have the responsibility and the power to learn how to use our energy in a constructive, loving, positive, creative way to manifest our hearts desire. 

The problem with a large part of humanity, is our ego's are out of balance, which has created an insatiable desire for more and more things that are not necessarily needed for our soul's growth. The ego is excessive, greedy and competitive and passes judgment on others based on "things." These "things" become distractions that fill a temporary void.....however the void remains, because what the soul truly wants is to be filled by the loving abundance of Spirit, and that abundance can only occur when our tubes and channels within our energetic system ~ that lead to the higher self ~ are cleaned out enough for Spirit to flow through our being. Once this occurs and we merge with our higher self we receive agape love ~ spiritual love....and to be honest with you, that is truly what ALL souls seek.

There is nothing wrong with material things ~ material things can be fun and they certainly make our lives easier...however, we need to be careful with any kind of excess. Materialism must be kept in balance. Likewise, there is nothing wrong with having needs and desires that we receive from others. The soul craves relationship, community and well-being through interaction with other humans. If there is something you are lacking within a specific relationship ~ it is your responsibility to to address it, and ask for what you need in a loving, balanced, constructive way. (not demanding) Everything needs to be kept in balance, so make sure ~ you too ~ are open to supporting other people's needs as well. We are here to learn how to love and support one another. We need each other, and when we truly learn how to love and respect the SELF, it is easy to do the same for others.

So when it comes to material or human relationship needs here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. What do I need?
2. Will this "need" serve my soul's growth?
3. Does this "need" serve a purpose?
4. Do I really "need" this OR is this the trick of the ego and it's perceived distortions that are based on the illusion of lack?
5. Will this be for the highest good of all involved?

The more enlightened we become ~ the less we "need" ~ because we are aligned, and fulfilled by Spirit. However, as long as we are in physical body....we will always have needs. When we are aligned with Spirit, our needs are balanced and serve the purpose of assisting us and others on our soul's journey through the physical dimension.
 ~ Sabrina


  1. Sabrina,
    I like this post. I have a question: How does egoic mid chatter create karma? What is karma anyway?


  2. Karma is energetic distortions held within the energy field. Karma could be from previous or current life times. Negative "Mental Mind Chatter", if not redirected in a positive direction, is creative and we will create circumstances in our life that perpetuate more energetic distortions because our thoughts actually turn into beliefs, emotions and behavioral patterns. Our thoughts are HIGHLY creative.....if your negative mind chatter is directed at a specific person, it travels over to them and effects them ~ it can even make a very sensitive person sick. Everything we send out, will be returned to us two fold......even our thoughts!

  3. This is wonderful very enlightening and true. How do you turn off the mind chatter and retrain your thought pattern allowing oneself to embrace feelings and not be afraid of them.

  4. okay, but there is a very important aspect you are missing here, there is a good ego as well, ego is not all fear and distortion, there is the good side of ego that needs attention as well, there are many good aspects of ego, ego has a light and dark side in itself, the good side of ego can and will and does enhance the souls knowing

  5. The ego is a tool that is to be lovingly nurtured but still put into it's place. It is a good slave but a bad master, and the journey is to overthrow it as the master but enjoy it as a slave :)


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