Thursday, January 5, 2012


You are responsible for your vibration. No one else can interfere with the level of your vibration unless you allow them to.
When we allow ourselves to get absorbed in other people's dysfunction~ mainly "their" opinions, beliefs, criticisms and judgments of us ~ we fall out of alignment with our truth and fall into the world of distorted projections and illusions.
Likewise, it would behoove us to be aware of our own projections and distortions we see in everyone else ~ but refuse to see within ourselves.
The universe is a holographic mirror.....although the reflection is not "EXACT"....the universe IS reflecting "something" back to us that we need to learn, accept, transcend and heal within our very own being.
If we see something within someone else and we get NO emotional reaction from it; then don't over analyze.....just take note and move on. Understand that they are reflecting a lesson to you that they are moving through....perhaps it is a lesson you have already learned, and therefore there is not an emotional charge. 
However ~ if you see something in someone else and your mind chatter increases, you start to blame and criticize ~ realize you are resisting the universal mirror that is trying to show you something about yourself that needs to be brought into your conscious awareness. Once you become aware of the mirror "lesson", and accept it as part of your creation, you will have the power (knowledge) to make the changes within yourself so you don't have to repeat the same scenarios over and over again.
Being truly honest with ourselves is difficult. It is something we must always be vigilant about. Our ego and shadow consciousness is tricky, and manipulative ~ blinding us from our truth and freedom. Our shadow and ego consciousness consist of all the “masks” we wear, and they are the very things we have to accept and remove from our being before we can clean out our divine tubes and channels that lead us to our Higher Selves. ~ Sabrina

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