Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Your Divine Spark

You are created in the image and likeness of God. You are created from source energy and have the same energy within you that is also within the Creator. Underneath all of the pain, sadness, masks, shields of protection, denials, distorted beliefs and limitations is a perfect eternal divine spark that can NEVER be extinguished. This is your God spark, your perfection, the part of you that is a divine extension of God. You have within you God power that can heal and create the change you desire to see in your life. Jesus says, “The power that is within you is greater than the power that is in this world."  You have God essence, God power within your being ~  You are a magnificent co-creator with God! 

How To Clear Blocks In The Energy Field By: Sabrina Reber

Everyone on Earth has blocks in their energy fields. Our souls carry an energetic imprint of everything that has ever occurred during our entire soul's evolution. We are at a time in our evolution where these blocks are being released so we can free ourselves of our karmic distortions and imbalances that no longer serve our highest good. As the Earth continues to move further and further into the photon belt of the transformational Christ Light Energies it will be important for us to actively particiapte in our own energetic clearing.

Every soul is a cell on the Earth's body and part of our soul's mission is to heal ourselves. When we clear out our energetic blocks ~ raising our vibrations ~ we assist the Earth and All of Humanity paving the way for a smooth, easy transition into the VERY high vibrational energies of the New Earth. Ascension into the New Earth is not a free ride. We must do our part. We must Raise Our Vibrations so our bodies will be able to withstand the amount of light that will be lovingly dispersed upon our planet. It is being dispersed now ~ in small and sometimes large increments. This is shaking our foundations and forcing us to resolve the denseness within our being. Below are several suggestions for helping you to clear out the blocks in your energy fields.

~ Ask and you will receive. Pray for your blocks to be released with EASE AND GRACE and for your highest and best good. 

~ Meditate after you have prayed and set your intention for release. Meditation aligns you with your soul and higher aspects of yourself. Meditation releases ego control and the grips of the subconscious so you can release these blocks. When we enter into a place of stillness a deeper level of healing can occur. 

~ Allow whatever emotions and feelings that need to be felt, be felt. A lot of the negativity that is rising up within our being is not even from this lifetime. You may be wondering why you feel so terrible. Feel it, surrender to it, allow it to be released. As new emotions and feelings arise from current day interactions feel those too. When we resist our pain, it contracts our energy field creating all kinds of blocks and barriers and energetic distortions within our being.

~ Visualization is a very powerful tool. Ask the Creator for assistance, pray for what you want, meditate and then ask to be shown where the blocks are. Command for them to be released and visualize them leaving your space going up to the Creators light to be transmuted. Whatever you visualize is perfect for you, there is no wrong or right way when working with the Creator..... the Creator knows what to do.

~ Persistant Inner Work! Continue to be self aware and conscious of your inner workings ~ mainly your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, projections, judgments and fears ~ these provide golden nuggets of wisdom, IF you allow yourself to be brutally honest about your hidden distortions. Look at them - ask them questions. Where did they originate? What are they here to teach you? What do you need to transcend? What do you need to learn and accept so you can transmute it? 

~ Exercise, Massage, Yoga, Dancing, Tai Chi...any kind of movement of the body can help you release energetic blocks.

~ Energy Work such as DNA Theta, Reiki, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral, Light Language etc. will help you get rid of especially stubborn blocks. Oftentimes we need someone else to help us with our healing because our subconscious likes to hold onto these energy patterns because we are emotionally attached to them. Find a great healer.

Creating Abundance Through The Heart Chakra

There are thousands of books on abundance ~ most of them  focusing solely on material wealth. There is nothing wrong with material wealth, in fact, money is one of the things we are suppose to master here on Earth. It is part of the program and we currently need money in order for us to survive. However, our insatiable egoic desire for money, possesions and titles oftentimes overshadows our soul's desire for spiritual abundance.

For the most part, many of us have forgotten true abundance comes from the heart chakra.
The greater expansion of our heart flame, the greater expansion of our auric field. It is a matter of vibration and our auric field draws to us whatever is in it. If it is filled with judgment, criticism, doubt and fear it will bring more of that into our lives.

Our heart chakra amplifies whatever we put into it ~ sending waves from the center of our being out into the universal field. When these waves are fear filled our energy fields contract and we are not able to vibrationally attract goodness into our lives. As fear, negative thoughts and distorted emotional energies leave our space the more expanded our energy fields become ~ expanding our world of manifestation.

The heart chakra attracts spiritual abundance, not egoic abundance. Spiritual abundance will bring us what is for our highest good and what is in alignment with our soul's purpose. Egoic abundance will bring difficulties, stress, anxiety, over-work, poor health, elitism and yes... sometimes a lot of money. However, egoic abundance will never bring happiness and soul satisfaction. It stays hungry and in a vicious cycle of re-creation ~ more, more, more.

So if we want to bring our highest good into our lives we need to spend time in meditation expanding our heart. When we expand our heart, we expand our consciousness deepening our connection to our Soul and our God self.  When we live from the vertical alignment of our being we are always on the right path creating our needs in divine alignment, joy and happiness.

Cleansing Negative Energies From Our Space ~ Keeping Our Homes High Vibrational

Our homes are our sacred space where we retreat and replenish our souls from the outside world. However, they can also be a breeding ground for negative emotional energies from previous owners or from ourselves, families and friends.

Everything is energy. Good moods, bad moods, addictions, viruses, words, thoughts and feelings all create energy. As we live in our homes, a build up of energy occurs depending on the way we choose to live our lives. If we want a high vibrational home we need spend time doing things that are high vibrational ~ like meditation, listening to high vibrational music, choosing to bring joy  into our mundane activities like cleaning, cooking, accountant work, yard work etc.... AND interacting with our relationships in a Loving, Grounded, Compassionate, Peaceful manner.

However, no ones home is always high vibrational. We have bills to pay, emotions to deal with, difficult relationships, illnesses, low vibrational guest etc.....and did I mention teenagers??? Not to mention that EVERYONE in our life ~ are our soul mates. We are each participating in each others soul evolutions and sometimes we create negative situations to learn from so we can advance our souls.

So I want to talk about how to clear negative unwanted energies in our environment that we have created ourselves, negative energy that has been projected onto us or negative energy that has been brought in from another soul mate. Cleansing the energy in our home is just as important, if not more important, as normal house cleaning and organization. Cleansing your space energetically should be done at least once a week if not more and especially if you have just moved into a new space, if someone has been sick or if there has been some sort of emotional upset where negative energy has been created.

1. White Sage Smudge Sticks or Palo Santo Wood are used for protection and purification. They are great for clearing out negative energy and emotion from our homes, work spaces and our energy fields:

Aura: Start at the bottom of your feet and move up the body all the way to the top of the head. Make sure the smoke penetrates the entire aura. Open a window so the smoke can escort the stagnant energy out into the sun to be transmuted. State this mantra while you are cleasning your energy field.

" I command all negative energy to leave my space and Divine Love and Grace to be put in its place."

Home or Work Space: Open windows to escort the stagnant energy out into the sun to be transmuted. Begin around the perimeter of your room, starting at the floor and move up to the ceiling. Circle around the room until you reach the center of the room while you state this mantra: "I command all negative energy to leave this space with Divine Love and Grace to be put in its place." Make sure you cleanse closets and open any cabinet doors....negative energy loves to hide in the chaos of our clutter. Keep your home neat and tidy.

2. Incense: Sandalwood, Jasmine, Sunflower, Joop, High John and Rose are used for purification and protection. I light these on a daily basis. They also raise the vibration of our energy fields.

3. Bells, Chimes, Singing Bowls: Start at the back of your house and ring a bell or play your bowl as you move through your entire space, including closets and corners etc.....the vibrations break up stagnant energy. You can also clap your hands. Command the negative energy to leave.

4. High Vibrational CD's: CD's repeating the mantra OM over and over are great house clearing tools. Also any spiritual music that uses singing bowls, bells, tibetan monk instruments, mantras, etc......

5. House Clearing Room Sprays: You can purchase these online or make your own. They need to be made with essential oils not synthetic fragrances. Essential oils carry a specific vibration from the specific flower and a lot of the room sprays made also have crystal essences in them. Rose is the highest vibrating flower but lavender, frankincense, patchouli and myrrh also work great!

6. Visualization and Invocation: Enter into a mediative state focusing on your God Self, above your head. Invoke the Creator of All That Is, asking for the Creator to surround you with your Highest White Christ Consciousness Light Guides and Angels and Archangel Michael and that you be shielded by the white Christ light.

Command for all negative energies, entities, emotions, thought forms, illnesses & viruses to be sent to Gods light to be transmuted into Love. Visualize God removing the roof of your house attaching a column of White light to the top of your entire house that leads all the way up to the Creators dimension. See this light fill your house and visualize all negative energies being sucked up by this light returning to God.               Give Thanks.

Whatever you visualize is perfect for you, don't get hung up on the details.....by you visualizing it here in this dimension you are creating it ~ don't doubt yourself! Believe that it is done and it is done! You always have assistance from the higher realms of light. 

7. Fire Pot Ceremony: Very, Very Effective! Make sure you open all windows and doors and remove pets, especially birds, to protect them from the fumes. You need to be present during the whole time the fire is lit but stand by a window or door so you are protected from the fumes as well. This will need to be done in every room of your house (except small closets), including the garage. Open all cabinets and doors.

Call in the Creator of All That Is and ask the Creator to surround you with your highest guides and angels. State your intention: "Creator of All That Is and my highest guides and angels I ask for your assistance in helping me to clear this space of any negative energies, entities, emotions, thought forms, illnesses or viruses. Thank you, it is done, it is done it is done.  

Find a deep pan that is no longer used for cooking (I use a large soup pot. You can find old ones at thrift shops) and place it on the floor. Insert a disposable aluminum pie tin and fill it with 3-4 Tablespoons of Epsom salts and enough 91% rubbing alcohol to fully wet but not saturate the salts. The more alcohol you use the longer it will burn.

Make sure to take the necessary fire precautions by moving all fabric, furniture etc. out of the way and be wise where you place the pot. I put it in the center of the room. Light the alcohol using a match or a long extended lighter and stand back. The fire will burn for a few minutes and clear away negative mental, astral, and emotional energies in the room and in the auric fields of the people in the room. Once cooled discard the salt and the aluminum pan.

Prepare another aluminum pie tin with salts and alcohol and insert it into the pot and move onto the next room. Only do one room at a time. You need to be aware of what is going on. If you have a lot of negative energy in your house the pot can burn up to 30 minutes and the flame may get very high. Usually the fire pot will burn around 5 minutes each time and the flame will go about 2-3 feet. Some rooms will take longer.

These are the techniques I use. There are many other ways to clear space but these have been the most effective for me. Next time we will talk about clearing energies in the energy field.  Namaste~ Sabrina

Dedication to Your Spiritual Transformation & Meditational Symptoms

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. Humanity at this time has a choice to stay just as they are ~ refusing to grow and expand their current level of being ~ or we can choose to actively participate in our souls transformational process fully accepting and integrating the energies of our Higher Consciousness / God Self / Christ Self. This is a personal choice where we choose from our own free will, to transcend the negativity of our 3rd dimensional darkness choosing to transform the density of our being into a LIGHT being where we put on our garments of LIGHT ascending into the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension where we tap into unity consciousness, unconditional love, compassion, peace, joy and harmony.

We are in the process of planetary ascension. Humans are part of the Earth and since The Earth has chosen to move into the very high vibrations of the 5th dimension, we also must rise in vibration and begin our own process of cleansing, releasing and healing. Your soul and spiritual self are urging you to shake off your old distorted beliefs, lack of knowledge and distorted energies within your energy fields. It is time to step into the light of knowledge seeking en-lighten-ment through dedication to your spiritual practice and daily meditation. Each of us are divinely guided by a higher intelligence ~ if you are reading this article; your God Self, guides and angels have led you here ~ you are being called to awaken and to break the chains that have held you down. It is time for you to raise your vibration and actively participate in your transformational process. 

Daily meditation brings in the LIGHT of God and this LIGHT will CHANGE you. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us to dislodge stagnant blocked energy that leads to imbalances, disease and a thick veil of ego and shadow illusions. Many of us get in a hurry when we begin to meditate ~ we want to see changes immediately; however, it is important for us to understand that God (Light) comes in gradually. This is GRACE. We are going from a very dense state of being to a very high vibrational LIGHT filled being. Our being will transform from a 3rd dimensional being into a 5th dimensional being. This process requires integration as we can only handle so much LIGHT at one time. We will need to take dominion over our egoic demands of expectation, perfection, control and the desire for things to move rapidly. Surrender to your God Self and know that the God Within and the Creator of All That Is knows exactly what to do. 

As you begin to meditate you will go through a spiritual detox, a deeper level of purification.  This may manifest as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptoms. At some point on your journey these symptoms will subside. During this process you will also be "gifted" with moments of extreme clarity, increased synchronicities, inner peace, greater joy, enhanced intuition and a deeper connection with God, the Earth and All Beings. As you bring in more and more light into your being, each chakra will be purified. I want to talk about what you may experience as each chakra opens and releases the distorted energetic blocks held within it.

CROWN CHAKRA: (top of the head) You may experience pressure and headaches as very high vibrational aspects of your being and SPIRIT move into your system. Mild confusion may occur due to old programs, distorted beliefs and thought forms leaving your consciousness. You are expanding and opening up your connection to God. 

SPIRITUAL EYE CHAKRA: (center of eyebrows) You may experience headaches as your multi dimensional sight opens. The third eye is related to the pineal gland in the brain which is often times called the seat of the soul. The pineal gland will open and enlarge and may create pressure. You will also begin to see lights, shapes, symbols, energy forms, codes etc....as it continues to open. Fear may also arise as you begin to tap into truth.

THROAT CHAKRA: (throat area) You may experience burning sensations, sore throat. The need to cough. The throat chakra also connects to the ears. Subtle pain and pressure in the ears. You may also begin to hear high pitched sounds, buzzing, humming. As the throat chakra opens you will begin to speak your truth and sometimes the words you use will not be loving. This is something you must transcend. We need to speak our truth but we have to do it with words of love ~ not through demands, manipulation, frustration or control.

HEART CHAKRA: ( heart ) Depending on the severity of the blockage you may have heart pain. Oftentimes, people will think they are having heart problems when it is really the heart chakra opening. As the heart opens you may experience sadness, grief, depression and shame. Old distorted heart wounds are being released. As they rise up to be released, you will experience the feelings associated with them. You may cry during your meditations...just allow it. This will pass. You may also have heart palpitations as more and more spiritual energies transform you. Your God Self knows what it is doing and will give you downloads of LIGHT in increments your body can handle. Everything is in divine timing once you make the commitment to ascend into the higher realms. Trust your God Self ~ your God self is always in control of your bodily functions. Who does the breathing and the beating of your heart automatically??? Your God Self does....ego thinks it's in control of everything, but its not! Once the heart is fully opened you will be filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from your awakened soul and God Self ~ it is euphoric and worth every minute of the purification you have to go through. 

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: (below heart, bottom of ribcage) As this chakra clears you may experience fatigue and digestive disturbances. Your food choices may change.  You may also start to notice your aggressive behaviors and habitual behavioral patterns. These need to be transcended. This is where are power struggles start showing up as we bring to the surface that which needs to be healed. A lot of us go through an angry phase as we tap further and further into the truth of what is actually going on within and on our planet. A large portion of our ego resides here and we often times encounter an internal struggle between the ego's will and the divine will ~ it is here where we begin to actually notice the inner workings of our ego...we get to "see" it so we can transform it. Control issues begin to diminish as this chakra clears.

SACRAL CHAKRA: (below the navel) As this chakra clears we will be emotional, weepy, teary. We will need to feel the emotions that arise so we can release them ~if we resist them...we hold onto them. Ancient wounds and memories may arise and the feelings that go with them. Sometimes your emotions and feelings will make no sense. Don't try to intellectualize everything as it moves through the layers of your energy fields for final releasement. Allow it to rise, feel it and release it. Sexual difficulties or increased sexual desire may occur. You may also experience a stiff lower back as this chakra opens and expands.

ROOT CHAKRA: (base of the spine) As this chakra clears you may experience FEAR. Distorted, irrational fears will rise to the surface to be transmuted into love. Survival issues, lack of faith, reactive behaviors....all of these will come up for us to "see" what needs to be transcended. You may also experience lower back pain, increased sexual desires and heat in the pelvic region as the kundalini energies begin to rise up the spine. 

The Kundalini is a divine spiral of energy ~ similar to a coiled snake that lays dormant at the base of each persons spine (root chakra) ~ until proper purification has occurred within a beings system for it to safely ascend up the chakra column. The crown chakra connects us to our masculine Father God while the root chakra connects us to our Feminine Mother Goddess or Mother Earth. If the kundalini is able to move through each chakra without encountering any blocks it will move up to the crown chakra opening a pathway for each persons God self to descend into their physical body. Kundalini is Creator energy. It is our divine birthright to activate this part of ourselves so we can become peaceful, loving, balanced, co-creators here on Earth. When our system is properly prepared, the descension of our God Self washes over the seven chakras ~ breaking the seven seals ~ activating the creation of our divine luminous light body. This prepares us to move forward into Self-Mastery where we have the POTENTIAL to fully activate and embody our Holy Grail becoming a Divine Enlightened Human.

Through meditation, visualization, purification, and intention the kundalini will rise in PERFECT DIVINE TIMING for each individual creating their own rainbow bridge of light into the higher realms of awareness and en-lighten-ment. This process is a journey and does require personal commitment, dedication, desire and strong intention to heal. However, this process should not be forced. The raising of energy from the root chakra all the way up the spine to the crown chakra requires patience, trust, faith and self-purification. Divine energy will rise at exactly the right time for each souls journey. Your focused attention on meditation and the clearing of your chakras and energy fields will activate your kundalini to rise when your system has been adequately prepared. Please do not use ego will to force this process.

The Caduceus

Even the symbol for Medicine is a Caduceus which is a rod entwined with two serpents (DNA) in the form of a double helix. The rod represents the chakra system that runs along the spine and the double helix or snakes represent the kundalini energy rising up through each chakra opening us up to our God self which will activate our dormant strands of DNA. The Caduceus is a symbol for good health and when our chakras are open and functioning properly and our dormant strands of DNA activated our flow of Spirit (life force energy) will be greatly enhanced. When this occurs our physical bodies will naturally return to a place of health and balance, we will become mentally clear, our emotions will have less control over us and our connection to our God Self and Spirit will be strengthened.

Monday, April 25, 2011

3 Reasons For a Mirror and Questions to Ask Yourself

Universal Mirrors

    1. Someone is being a mirror for you to show YOU how you are thinking, feeling, behaving, vibrating. They are a reflection of a lesson you need to learn. Usually both people have the same core belief or issue that needs to be healed. Both are reflections for each other. This is the mirror most commonly used but please understand that no one is an EXACT mirror of the other. Mirror understanding requires self honesty, observation and understanding. 
    2. You have volunteered on a soul level to be a mirror for someone else. Through their actions, words, beliefs etc…..you have chosen to hold the space for them so they could behave or react out of alignment and  “see” and “feel” the pain they have inflicted on you. IF they witness your pain and “acknowledge” their behavior they will be less likely to repeat the lesson again and will clear their karma. Through experience and consequences lessons are learned IF the person is willing to accept responsibility transcending the need to repeat the lesson in the future.
    3. If you have done a lot of work on yourself, another person can reflect your progress. People will reflect back to you lessons you have recently moved through. They are seeking assistance from you to help shed light on the situation so they can also move forward without having to repeat the same lesson over and over. In this case, you provide a new perspective and are a lighthouse lighting the way for others helping them to bring their unconsciousness forward into the light of awareness so it can be healed.
  • Understand that mirrors are not about the “story”. The mirror is about the FEELINGS and REACTIONS the “story” provokes within us. Do not get hung up on the He said/ She said, “story”. Focus on the interaction and how it made you FEEL and how you wanted to REACT. The reflection is about the FEELING that needs to be transformed within yourself. If there is no feeling or need to react there is nothing you need to transform. Look for the emotion!
  • When you find yourself in a negative situation ask yourself: “What is this person reflecting back to me?” What behavior, thought or belief does this person have that I also need to heal within my own being?
  • If someone is mistreating you, ask yourself: “ How am I mistreating my soul or the soul of someone else? Where am I being abusive?
  • Become your own Inner Witness and ask yourself:
  1. What is this person or circumstance trying to teach me?      
  2. What behavior are they revealing that is a mirror of my behavior?
  3. What negative thoughts and beliefs am I holding onto that need to be released?
  4. What am I allowing to be drawn to me? Have I been negative or positive lately? Where am I holding my vibration?
  5. Am I evolving or revolving? Where am I repeating the same things over and over? What is the pattern?
  6. What is the gift (lesson) they are trying to give to me?
  7. What is the gift (lesson) I am trying to give to another?

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it." 

Ernest Holmes 

"There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that
reflects it." 

Edith Wharton 

"The secret of life is that God has created a universe that acts like a mirror. You are living in your own personal house of mirrors. You are literally the center of your own personal universe. If you want your outer situation to change you must begin by changing your inner situation because the Universe can only reflect back to you what you send out. If you want the universal mirror to show you a smiling face, you must first smile at the universe." 

Kim Michaels 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Angry Driver This Morning And How I Dealt With It.

This morning I was taking my precious cargo (13 year old daughter) to school. We were having a great morning. Beautiful Florida weather, smiles and good conversation. As I approached the school zone, with yellow lights flashing, I slowed down, turned my blinker on and prepared to get into the turn lane to turn into school. All the sudden, this angry large truck with a trailer carrying heavy traffic equipment started honking its horn at me repeatedly, while at the same time flying through the school zone at an accelerated rate. 

This made me angry. I felt the surge of anger run through my body. I knew at this moment I had a choice ~ to fully feel the anger as it arises so I could LET IT GO ~  or I could grab that anger,  hold onto it and carry it with me for the rest of the day. If I chose the latter ~ the stored anger would attract another situation later in my day giving me an opportunity to heal and release it. And this is where many of our problems come into play because the next opportunity is meant for us to find resolution but what usually occurs is we RESPOND irrationally....we put energy into motion which becomes an emotion. And by this time we have so much anger built up, our response is one of a negative nature and we find ourselves caught up in a vicious cycle of re-creation.

This driver was breaking the law and he clearly only cared about himself...... where he was going, how fast he could get there and was completely disrespectful to the other souls all around him. His fast moving truck spewed angry hateful energy as it sped by. He was totally in his ego and shadow. And his ego and shadow ignited mine, but I took dominion over mine so I too would not become "him" for the rest of my day.

We are presented with these opportunities all the time. It is part of our soul growth. I can't control this driver and his negativity but I can control mine. If I had not released my anger ~ my anger would have turned into resentment, blame and possibly even hate and I would have projected all of my feelings and emotions onto this driver. And that is what I call the OUTER PATH...focusing more on him and what he did instead of staying on the inner path of salvation by focusing on ME and what was going on within me during this time. These are the tricks of the ego and shadow....they will trip us up everytime getting us to focus our energy externally of ourselves.

So, in the long run...this driver gifted me with another opportunity to advance my soul. He also gifted me with a story to share that may help you too on your journey. So thank you angry driver, may you be blessed on your soul's journey. Namaste.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Technique: By Sabrina Reber

Forgiveness is an important lesson in soul advancement. But TRUE forgiveness, which is energetic in it's nature, is a process. All emotional energies must be acknowledged, fully felt and released from our energy fields before we can actually step into true forgiveness. Aside from meditation, the Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Method of forgiveness is one of my favorite spiritual tools. It helps us accept responsibility, for our part of the negative experience, which helps us move into a state of compassion. COMPASSION is the neutralizing emotion that brings true forgiveness to the surface. When I do Ho'oponopono I state the Mantra AND I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on my high heart or thymus. It is the high heart where all negative emotions are released from our chakra system. Many pictures of Jesus show him pointing to this sacred area. When emotional energy is released from our high heart we will feel it as a vibration running through our body and up to our high heart being released. The sensations range anywhere from a slight heart flutter to a heart orgasm....oftentimes bringing tears to the eyes. Depending on how sensitive you are and how much emotional energy is being released will determine the level of sensation you will experience. 

Hooponopono Technique:

~ Find a quite place. 
~ Think of the situation that needs to be healed.
~ Say a prayer stating what you want to occur.
~ Begin to tap on your thymus gland (below the throat, above the heart)
~ State the mantra:  
   "I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you for the Lesson. We are free."

This image of Jesus shows us a heart wrapped in painful thorns (negative emotional energy) but above the heart is the high heart. By accessing compassion in our being the transmutation of the thorns occurs and is released through the flames of divine love and grace. The cross in the center of the flame is where you want to tap for salvation.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Deal With Anger

Today I want to talk about anger. How to get rid of the anger stored in our soul's energy fields ~ from this lifetime, as well as, past lifetimes ~ How to deal with anger when it arises and How not to re-create anger in the future. 

At some point on your healing journey you are going to run into your ANGER.  As we go deeper and deeper into the true, real nature of our true selves we will discover the darkness that needs to be transmuted and turned into Gold ~ the gold light of our true essence. In Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's book, On Death and Dying, she states that all dis-ease requires change within the patient to facilitate healing and all change requires the giving up, surrender, or death of a patient. It could be the death of a habit, job, life-style, relationship, belief system or even a physical organ. She talks about the five stages of healing: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Once we go through all of these stages we then graduate into Rebirth and the Creation of a New Life. 

People who claim they have no anger are in denial. Denial serves a purpose at it keeps us from seeing what we are not prepared to see and feel. However, we can not keep ourselves in denial forever.  Long term denial is very costly and keeps the soul in a pattern of illness and recreation until the issues are dealt with properly and released from the souls energy field. Whatever is in our energy fields is what creates our current reality. If we have an energy field full of anger, resentment, hate and rage we will continue to attract people and situations into our life that will mirror back to us the darkness within that needs to be healed. 

Anger is a feeling. It is a core sensation in the body. When people get angry they often say, "I am so angry my blood is boiling." We can feel anger surging through our bodies ~ and it doesn't feel good. Because of this, we often times resist the feeling and end up storing it in our energy fields, placing it in a deal with later folder....and usually we never deal with it. Anger becomes a reactive e-motion when we choose to respond. Emotion is energy in motion. The best way to deal with anger is to FEEL it. Don't respond, don't resist it, don't store it, just feel it. Let it flow through you. Our feelings simply want to be felt and when we allow them to be felt we allow ourselves time to pause at our feelings instead of ignoring them or leaping forward into our emotions. 

Currently, the Earth and all beings are in a state of rapid healing and transformation. We are moving into the Christed energies of the photon belt which are activating ancient memories, ancient soul wounds and DNA. Humanity at this time has a choice to remain just as they are refusing to grow, heal and expand their current level of being or we can choose to actively participate in our soul's transformational process fully accepting and integrating the incoming energies of the Christ Consciousness. Each one of us are being asked to rise in vibration and begin our own process of cleansing, releasing and healing. Whatever we have stored in our conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds (our energy fields) is what creates our current reality. If we want to change our future, we have to change our now and that means we must heal all of the negative distortions within our energy fields. Basically, we need to get in touch with and heal our anger so we can release it. 


1. Meditate! When we meditate we bring more and more of our Spirit down into our body. Our Spirit will bring to the surface those things hidden in the unconscious and subconscious minds that needs to be healed. Our SPIRITual light transforms, heals, energizes, brings awareness, expands our consciousness, raises our vibrations and connects us to the divinity in ourselves and everyone else. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us dislodge any stagnant blocked energy.

2. Decide to pull yourself out of denial. The issues you currently have in this lifetime are the same issues you have had in previous lifetimes. Review your entire life focusing on the areas that have brought up the most anger for you. Begin a journel or write a letter to all the people who have made you angry. Really allow yourself to go there with the intention to RELEASE your negative feelings and emotions. State, it claim it, own it, feel it. Allow yourself to scream, cry or even talk to other persons soul letting them know how hurt you are. 

3. Review your knee-jerk behavioral reactions. These repetitive behavioral patterns need to be acknowledged before you will be able to transcended  them. They are indicative of negative stored energy from your past that has not been dealt with that keeps you in a pattern of recreation. We should not take our emotions out on other people. If we are not careful our emotions can create additional karma for us. We need to learn how to balance, express and release our feelings and emotions in a positive way. It is best to feel our feelings but control our emotions and reactive behaviors.

4. Find a great Psyco Spiritual therapist......someone who combines psychology with spirituality. Psyco -Spiritual Therapist will not keep you stuck in your story like traditional therapist. They will help you evolve out of it accessing the unconscious parts of yourself so you can release them and move forward.

5. Find a great energy healer! Energy work will greatly assist you in moving out stuck energy that is ready to be released. There are many modalities to choose from. DNA THETA HEALING (my favorite), REIKI, CRANIAL SACRAL, EMF BALANCING, ROLFING etc....

6. Feelings and emotional wounds are stored in the tissues of the physical body and in your energy fields. Massage and exercise are great ways to remove stuck energy. Yoga, walking, running, re-bounding, dancing etc.


1. Immediately step into the observer mode. Pause, feel what is surging through your system. Watch what is occurring. Be present with the feeling flowing through you. Ask yourself if this is REALLY something to continue to be angry over or have you been triggered from something in the past that needs to be looked at and released. If it is a person who has made you angry and you feel you need to address the situation, make sure you do it from a place of grounded spiritual understanding. Oftentimes, it is better to dismiss ourselves from the person and approach the situation at a different time when we can address it from a state of energetic balance and not chaos. 

2. Become aware of your mind chatter. Stop it! Command the God within you to come forward and take dominion over your thoughts with ease and grace. Our thoughts are powerful and creative especially when we apply a lot of emotional energy to them.

3. Get outside in nature! Take a walk. Ask the Earth energies to help balance your emotional body. 

4. State mantras:

"I allow others to be themselves and I set myself free"
"I am a being of the violet fire, I am the purity God desires. (Violet Flame Meditation)
"I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you for the Lesson. We are free." (Ho'oponopono)


1. Clear the negativity from your energy fields. Whatever is in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is what creates our previous and current life circumstances.

2. Become aware that everything that happens in your life is an experience for you to learn from. You (the totality of your being both conscious and unconscious) draws all experiences to yourself in order to advance your soul. Everything both positive and negative happens because it serves the purpose of helping you to awaken to the truth of who you are. 

3. No one is a victim! Nothing happens to us unless our soul is in agreement for it to happen. Every person that has come into our lives, on a soul level, has agreed to play a role for us in order to help us advance our spiritual growth or to balance karma. These relationships are a catalyst for transformation and are our greates tool for awakening. All that you create for yourself is YOU loving you even when you have created a difficult situation.

4. Accept the Universal Mirror that is being shown to you and learn your soul lessons so you don't have to recreate them over and over. Ask your Soul questions: What is this person or situation reflecting back to me? What behavior thought or belief does this person have that I too need to heal within my own being? What lessons are they reflecting to me that I need to learn?

5. Forgiveness. When we fully accept responsibility for our lives knowing that we are the creator of our entire life experience and remember that we are not powerless victim of circumstances, how could we not forgive those who have harmed us? Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person; it has everything to do with you, your own inner freedom and desire to move forward in your life.

6. Allow the old you to Die so you can birth a new you. This can be a very painful part of your healing journey because you will mourn the loss of specific relationships, habits, addictions, behavioral patterns, attachments, belief systems, life styles etc....Allow whatever is not for your highest good to be released. When we let things go we free up energy in our energy fields to allow something new to come in. Let the old you die so the new you can be incarnated! 

7. Love yourself enough to set boundaries! We teach other people how to treat us ~ so if you are allowing others to continue to activate anger within you, you are teaching them it is o.k. You are being self-abusive! When you love yourself, others will naturally love you as well. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you. Give yourself a big hug for doing this kind of deep soul work! It takes courage and great strength to transcend ourselves.