Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Clear Blocks In The Energy Field By: Sabrina Reber

Everyone on Earth has blocks in their energy fields. Our souls carry an energetic imprint of everything that has ever occurred during our entire soul's evolution. We are at a time in our evolution where these blocks are being released so we can free ourselves of our karmic distortions and imbalances that no longer serve our highest good. As the Earth continues to move further and further into the photon belt of the transformational Christ Light Energies it will be important for us to actively particiapte in our own energetic clearing.

Every soul is a cell on the Earth's body and part of our soul's mission is to heal ourselves. When we clear out our energetic blocks ~ raising our vibrations ~ we assist the Earth and All of Humanity paving the way for a smooth, easy transition into the VERY high vibrational energies of the New Earth. Ascension into the New Earth is not a free ride. We must do our part. We must Raise Our Vibrations so our bodies will be able to withstand the amount of light that will be lovingly dispersed upon our planet. It is being dispersed now ~ in small and sometimes large increments. This is shaking our foundations and forcing us to resolve the denseness within our being. Below are several suggestions for helping you to clear out the blocks in your energy fields.

~ Ask and you will receive. Pray for your blocks to be released with EASE AND GRACE and for your highest and best good. 

~ Meditate after you have prayed and set your intention for release. Meditation aligns you with your soul and higher aspects of yourself. Meditation releases ego control and the grips of the subconscious so you can release these blocks. When we enter into a place of stillness a deeper level of healing can occur. 

~ Allow whatever emotions and feelings that need to be felt, be felt. A lot of the negativity that is rising up within our being is not even from this lifetime. You may be wondering why you feel so terrible. Feel it, surrender to it, allow it to be released. As new emotions and feelings arise from current day interactions feel those too. When we resist our pain, it contracts our energy field creating all kinds of blocks and barriers and energetic distortions within our being.

~ Visualization is a very powerful tool. Ask the Creator for assistance, pray for what you want, meditate and then ask to be shown where the blocks are. Command for them to be released and visualize them leaving your space going up to the Creators light to be transmuted. Whatever you visualize is perfect for you, there is no wrong or right way when working with the Creator..... the Creator knows what to do.

~ Persistant Inner Work! Continue to be self aware and conscious of your inner workings ~ mainly your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, projections, judgments and fears ~ these provide golden nuggets of wisdom, IF you allow yourself to be brutally honest about your hidden distortions. Look at them - ask them questions. Where did they originate? What are they here to teach you? What do you need to transcend? What do you need to learn and accept so you can transmute it? 

~ Exercise, Massage, Yoga, Dancing, Tai Chi...any kind of movement of the body can help you release energetic blocks.

~ Energy Work such as DNA Theta, Reiki, Rolfing, Cranial Sacral, Light Language etc. will help you get rid of especially stubborn blocks. Oftentimes we need someone else to help us with our healing because our subconscious likes to hold onto these energy patterns because we are emotionally attached to them. Find a great healer.


  1. I wanted to post a comment here. I'm feeling that it is essential to do this also. I do it as an everyday practice. Releasing unwanted spirit energy as well as other people's energy tend to linger on my body.

  2. Yes, very important. We are energetic beings and we are always sharing energy with everything we come in contact with ~ as we are one being in one group consciousness. Energy hygiene is VERY important. Violet Flame mantra is also a wonderful way to clear off anything you have picked up that may not be resonate with your vibration, sageing your energy field, visualization of white light rain pouring down on you and simply commanded for all negative energy you have created or that has been projected onto you by another to leave your space and return to God's healing light to be transmuted are all wonderful ways to keep our energy fields clean from any distortions that are not for our highest good.

  3. hello dear, i loved all your blogs. i have been meditating since 5 months over my breathing and body sensations and visualising my goals and wanna be self. i have changed almost completely as a person and now i have much greater control over my bad-self and the good-self(god-self) is the master most of the time. but still i am a shy person and feel uncomfortable with new people. can u educate me if there is any advanced meditation technique to solve this and reach even higher states of awareness? please reply.

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    2. Integrated Energy Therapy(I.E.T.)is a fantastic way to clear blocks-find a qualified I.E.T. practitioner for blocks you can't remove by the above methods alone.

  4. Hi Nikhil,

    I am so glad you have been so committed to your spiritual practice and are starting to see the softening of the lower self and witnessing the strength of the God Self come forward. Amazing, amazing things will happen to you with your continued focus on transformation and spiritual alignment.

    It is not necessarily a terrible thing to be shy around new people. Honestly, deep down....every soul has doubts and insecurities around new people. I think the best thing to do is simply accept that you are shy and stop resisting it ~ also know that we are really all the same in many, many ways. Every soul wants to be liked, loved and accepted. The greatest service we can do for the self is to truly accept and love ourselves including all the little perceived imperfections, eccentricities, quirky behaviors and even the little judgments we have about ourselves. Each one of us are beautiful divine aspects of the Creator of All That Is, but it is the lower self's mind chatter that loves to tell us otherwise. So the greatest tool we can apply to strengthen our confidence around others is to take dominion of the mind chatter. You can literally state a command. "I command the God within me to come forward and take dominion over my negative thoughts replacing them with love and truth. "
    In addition, the more you accept yourself and allow yourself to be transparent...with nothing to hide, the more comfortable you will become in your own skin. Continued meditation will assist you with this as the light from your spiritual self will dissolve anything within the energy field that is not in alignment with your highest and best good.

    You are doing amazing work on yourself, and during the time of rapid transformation where the old you dissolves and the new you comes forward ~ there will be a period of uncertainty and confusion and even lack of confidence around others because you are being re-birthed. Surrender to this process and be ok with additional alone time while your entire being re-balances itself and becomes whole.

    Soul confidence, not ego confidence will come. You will realize the old confidence you had was based on illusions ~ but the new, real, soul-strength confidence, which may take a little extra time to manifest, comes from the alignment with your connection to Source. It is totally different...Vertical Spirit Aligned Confidence versus Horizontal 3D Egoic Illusion Confidence.

    The Real Confidence takes time, so just be ok where you are right now. I bet you have other ways to express your soul confidence ~ perhaps through writing, art, dance, music, design, singing, cooking etc.

    Take dominion over the negative mind chatter and focus on the wonderful soul attributes you have that you can express now through a variety of ways and continue on with your spiritual practice of meditation. Everything will fall into place.....love your self ~ just the way you are. Big Hugs~ Sabrina

    1. Thank you for the original article that was insightful and well-written, and thank you for this clear, loving, and gentle response.

      I appreciate the reminder to accept ourselves the way we are and also to take control of the mind chatter and command the light to come forth. I also appreciated the tip to ask the blocks what they are teaching.

      Thank you for sharing :)

  5. dear sabrina, thank you for answering and guiding me on my spiritual path. you are right that i should accept myself as i am. being shy is not actually the problem....but not accepting myself as i am IS... and THAT IS what makes me uncomfortable and not being shy itself. i will do as you said hoping for the best whatever time it takes. you are doing a wonderful job. thanks a lot for the guidance again. EID MUBARAK.

  6. Thank you both. When the student is ready, the teacher(s) appear. Antonia

  7. You don't mention EFT or " tapping" at all. I personally have found it extremely helpful in releasing blocks. It has been a very healing process for me to regularly practice EFT.

  8. I am LOVING your writings! It's like you're speaking directly to me. Thank you! I am working very hard all day and night to take dominion over the fear-based thoughts, images, fantasies that pop up. It's like caring for a crying baby in some ways, or a very fearful little child. We are in training and ready for big-girl pants, lol! - <3 Lisa


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