Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter 24 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Planetary Transformation" By: Sabrina Reber

Every single person on Earth, at this time, was chosen by God and given the "potential"to raise their vibrations to their highest levels so they could assist in their own personal ascension as well as the planets ascension. Each one of us are “the chosen ones”, who have the "potential," to activate and integrate our Christ Consciousness helping us to one day manifest on Earth a Golden Age. This opportunity comes around every 26,000 years for those souls who are ready to ascend into a higher vibration / dimension / reality. This is the time for total transformation and each of us must choose from our own free will to participate in this process. If we choose to resist this process our next opportunity for spiritual growth will not be available for another 26,000 years. It is time for us to get real about the truth of our beings and what is occurring in the Universe right now. The majority of humanity is suffering from amnesia, unknowingness and spiritual blindness. We have forgotten who we are and why we are here, but it is time for us to re-member. It is time for us to bring all of our parts or “members” back together and become whole once again. When we rediscover how extraordinary our inner divine essence is, all of our rules and distorted beliefs will begin to disappear and our spiritual abilities will be returned to us. This is the time of awakening to our highest soul’s potential.

Everything has been set in motion and it is a privilege for us to be incarnated at this time to witness the fall of the old programming and paradigms that no longer serve humanity’s highest good. We are birthing a new world, however, before we can manifest a Golden Age we must first go through a cleansing phase and release all of the inner negativity, fear, old beliefs, old behavioral patterns and systems that can not reside in the higher vibrating energy of a new higher dimensional Earth. Death and rebirth are natural cycles of change. We must first die to our old ways of being before we are able to birth a new way of being within ourselves. Humanity and the Earth must go through their own personal cleansing and releasing of all discordant energies. Natural disasters are the Earth’s way of throwing off the negative energy humanity has accumulated within the Earth’s atmosphere (aura). She must also free herself of the lower vibrating energies humankind has created within the Earth's aura so our arrival into the higher dimensions of the new Earth will be successful.

We are in the process of labor and delivery and there is always chaos before the birth of our magnificence. Each of us must set our intentions to be pro-active in our awakening process. We are spiritual beings having a human experience! In order to make it through this transformation with ease and grace we must connect up to our God Selves and bring our true spiritual essences down into our physical beings. We must bring our spiritual selves down into our bodies so the veils of amnesia can be removed from our consciousness. Once the veila are lifted, illusions will be exposed and the truth of ourselves will be revealed. We must awaken to who we truly are and begin to live from our higher truth and not from the illusions of our egos. Being spiritual is not something we become; it is who we truly are at the highest levels of our beings. It is time for us to claim our sovereignty! We are divine, eternal spiritual beings….individuated, unique pieces of God energy and we must do everything we can to reunite with these higher aspects of ourselves!

This is an excerpt from the "Raise Your Vibration" book by Sabrina Reber. If you would like to purchase the book click here:


  1. Yes, the higher vibration 5th dimension is happening. We are stepping into it. But I don't want anyone to worry that you might not get a chance again for another 26,000 years. That is not the whole picture. Here is some more info. For the next 14 generations all of us Earth humans will have a chance to " ascend ". This is all a natural evolutionary thing happening to us. This is one book to help you on that journey. Our solar system is heading in to the next spur called Ursa Major. We are in the Photon belt now. More stars, more light, hence the word enlightenment. So with the next 2000 years of peace we will have plenty of time to meditate and move to a higher vibration. If you so choose. But it is a crucial time for us. And I am very sure we are choosing love and peace. Thank you, from Travis ( I just want to hold everyone's hand and tell you it's going to be OK )

  2. Thank you Sabrina!! Thank you Travis!!


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