Friday, April 22, 2011

Angry Driver This Morning And How I Dealt With It.

This morning I was taking my precious cargo (13 year old daughter) to school. We were having a great morning. Beautiful Florida weather, smiles and good conversation. As I approached the school zone, with yellow lights flashing, I slowed down, turned my blinker on and prepared to get into the turn lane to turn into school. All the sudden, this angry large truck with a trailer carrying heavy traffic equipment started honking its horn at me repeatedly, while at the same time flying through the school zone at an accelerated rate. 

This made me angry. I felt the surge of anger run through my body. I knew at this moment I had a choice ~ to fully feel the anger as it arises so I could LET IT GO ~  or I could grab that anger,  hold onto it and carry it with me for the rest of the day. If I chose the latter ~ the stored anger would attract another situation later in my day giving me an opportunity to heal and release it. And this is where many of our problems come into play because the next opportunity is meant for us to find resolution but what usually occurs is we RESPOND irrationally....we put energy into motion which becomes an emotion. And by this time we have so much anger built up, our response is one of a negative nature and we find ourselves caught up in a vicious cycle of re-creation.

This driver was breaking the law and he clearly only cared about himself...... where he was going, how fast he could get there and was completely disrespectful to the other souls all around him. His fast moving truck spewed angry hateful energy as it sped by. He was totally in his ego and shadow. And his ego and shadow ignited mine, but I took dominion over mine so I too would not become "him" for the rest of my day.

We are presented with these opportunities all the time. It is part of our soul growth. I can't control this driver and his negativity but I can control mine. If I had not released my anger ~ my anger would have turned into resentment, blame and possibly even hate and I would have projected all of my feelings and emotions onto this driver. And that is what I call the OUTER PATH...focusing more on him and what he did instead of staying on the inner path of salvation by focusing on ME and what was going on within me during this time. These are the tricks of the ego and shadow....they will trip us up everytime getting us to focus our energy externally of ourselves.

So, in the long run...this driver gifted me with another opportunity to advance my soul. He also gifted me with a story to share that may help you too on your journey. So thank you angry driver, may you be blessed on your soul's journey. Namaste.


  1. What did you do? Think it through or actually express yourself calmly to get it out so as not to carry it around?

  2. Wow, I had a lady who turned at the same time I did this morning. She had a couple of kids in the back seat and she turn right as I turn lefted and there were two lanes. She honked and got really angry even though I was turning in a different lane than she. I looked into her eyes and I saw hate! It really made me think. What I thought was, how sad, that she had two lovely children in her backseat and she was so stressed about whatever that she only saw red (anger). I felt compassion which knocked away any anger I would feel toward her. Mentally, I hoped for her a better day and wondered at the sight of another soul so tied up in this reality that they couldn't see.

    Another incident which is really embarassing for me. I went to work out last night and had bad gas! I told my friend and we were working out and I let one slip. Well, it smelled really bad. I laughed because, well, that stuff is funny with friends..but another lady who was two treadmills down from me...said LOUDLY...THAT STINKS..and she went over to turn on the fan. I would have before been really embarassed and mentally chided myself for not being able to hold it or why do I Have to have smelly gas...and I realized, I didn't have to be ashamed..that it was her issue not mine. Now, I did feel bad for my friend because it embarassed her. I just tried to take it as a lesson...also, next time maybe I won't laugh as hard and I will say EXCUSE ME! :)

    So, those are my two soul lessons lately. The second one was a doozy!! he he :)

  3. Hi Jennifer! I became conscious of my anger, named it and allowed myself to feel the surge of angry energy run through me. If we resist the feeling ~ because we think it is bad to feel angry ~ we will contract our energy fields and we actually store the anger in our energy fields. Stored angry energy is like a magnet that ATTRACTS more angry people and circumstances into our lives. After I felt the anger, I then made a conscious decision to let it go. I stayed present and grounded with everything that was happening inside me and then CHOSE to let the negativity go and focus on something more positive like the love I have for my daughter.

  4. Bebbi,

    I am so glad you were able to tap into compassion for the angry driver you encountered. Compassion is the neutralizing energy that heals. That is fantastic! And not only that, you wished her well on her way. Both of those states of being are 5th dimensional consciousness! Bravo for you!

    LOL, funny gym story....and we have to find humor in our humanness. We all fart! So sorry you had to deal with a lady that was judgmental and rude in her acknowledgment of a normal human bodily function. But it sounds like you handled it just well and even loved yourself through her harsh comment. And your right - that's her problem. Not yours. Hugs.

  5. This is a special blog find for me....I need to up my conscious vibes and rnergies. Thanks! :)

  6. Woo Hoo Welcome Southern Woman Via Indiana.....Blessings on your journey of raising your frequency and returning to a state of wholeness.

  7. Also, why not report him so he doesn't endanger the lives of children again?


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