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Chapter 21 of the Raise Your Vibration Book "THE HOLY GRAIL" By Sabrina Reber

Mastery and the Activation of the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is the merging of our God Self / Spirit /Holy Ghost with our Soul bringing it down into the physical body or the temple of the Grail. It is the activation and empowerment of the Christ consciousness. The physical body (temple of the Grail) and the emotional and mental bodies (Soul) must be prepared and purified before the soul body can be infused with Spirit (Holy Ghost). Each of our seven chakras (Seven Seals) must be cleared, aligned and balanced before the activation of the Holy Grail can begin. The seven seals represent the seven levels of mans development and what we must transform and purify so we can become a divine being of light. Each of us, must choose for ourselves, to climb the mountain of self (Rising to the Mount of Spirit) for our own personal transfiguration to occur. 

Dedication to our spiritual growth and active involvement in our personal transformation is absolutely necessary. We need to integrate all of the parts of ourselves, perfect our personality, purify our chakras and energy fields, raise our vibration and prepare our body to fully express the illumination of our souls infused with our Divine Spirit. Each of us will be required to rise above our egos defense system, the false image of self, and step into the truth and integrity of our God essence. This process can be very intense, that’s why most people avoid it all together spending lifetimes repeating the same karmic cycles because they refuse to step onto the path of spiritual transformation and enlightenment. When we choose to truly align ourselves with God our spiritual self will merge with our physical being breaking the seven seals that have been placed over our chakras opening us up for a deeper level of soul purification. Spiritual lessons and initiations will be intensified and situations and events will be “set-up” by our God self and Master Guides to further our soul’s development. During this process, our God self will illuminate our magnificence, as well as, the shadowy rejected parts of ourselves that need to be healed and integrated. We will no longer be able to hide in the shadows of our unresolved psychology or egoic personality. We will be required to look ourselves in the mirror with brutal self-honesty and take responsibility for all of the rejected parts of ourselves that are demanding our attention. Our God self, will lovingly show us what needs to be transformed and usually it will be through observation of another person’s behavior reflecting back to us the very thing that needs to be transformed in our own being. Be aware that the ego can play tricks on us at any stage of awakening and throw us back into the world of illusion. No one is exempt from the tricks of the ego! Our lower selves or ego can not be truly transformed until the light of our God self has merged with us in order to provide us with the spiritual support necessary to further enhance the clean up of our soul. A strong connection to our God self will help us stay in a receptive state, fully aligned with the divine, helping us to acknowledge those aspects of ourselves that need to be healed without getting consumed in judgment and blame. Our God self will help us stay in alignment assisting us in the knowingness that there is a bigger plan, a greater healing and something much larger at play here that we may not be fully aware of. Connection with our God self lovingly helps us embrace the process guiding us through difficult soul lessons leading us into a greater sense of wholeness, mastery and beauty. 

It is helpful to remain humble and truthful with ourselves about what is happening so we can quickly pull ourselves out of the egos trick of victim consciousness and back into self-empowerment. We will need to view every difficult soul interaction as an opportunity to learn at an even deeper level than before. Everything that has ever occurred in our lives, or will occur, is a learning experience that prepares us to receive the Holy Grail. The closer we get, the deeper the purification! Stepping into surrender and allowance and keeping our hearts open through forgiveness and love will assist us in moving through our difficult soul lessons more quickly so we can activate the grail of wisdom and the light of divinity within our being. When difficult soul interactions arise, we need to ask ourselves: What is my Spirit trying to communicate to me through this person’s behavior? What fear is this person demonstrating that is a reflection of my own? What part of my psychology made me vulnerable to this person or situation? What is the hidden lesson? Conscious, active, self-evaluation is the key to our transformation. Blame and judgment are warning signs that we have fallen off the inner path of self-transcendence and have stepped onto the outer path of ego resistance. The true path of salvation, self-transcendence and personal Christhood can only be found on the inner path. Everything happens for a reason and there is always a hidden lesson for both souls behind every interaction. If we don’t learn from our experiences we will attract another one to learn from. Keep in mind that everything always goes back to the self. Everything that occurs in our life is always an outer projection of our own inner workings or a lesson we have brought to ourselves for the growth of our soul. Everything that needs to be healed will be brought to the surface to be transformed! If we refuse to face these unhealed aspects of ourselves an escalation of crisis and difficulty will occur. What we resist, persist! Our Spirit is giving us a warning sign that something within our being is feeling neglected and is being disowned. By acknowledging our unhealed aspects and welcoming them back into our being we can integrate the wisdom they are trying to show us transforming ourselves into a deeper state of wholeness. Once our God self has merged with our physical being and has taken dominion over our lower self or ego we will no longer be blinded by the veil of illusion. Our consciousness will be expanded, we will be healed on many levels of our being, we will recognize self created patterns that need to be transformed and we will be lovingly guided by our divine essence moving us forward into Mastery and the activation and integration of our Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is the Divine Enlightened Human with an activated chakra system creating a “rainbow bridge” between Heaven and Earth. The physical self (here on Earth) unites with the God self (in a higher octave or Heaven) and creates a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. Our physical body’s vibration must be raised, as well as, our consciousness expanded in order for the descension of Spirit (Holy Ghost) to occur. The merging of our Holy Spirit with matter cannot be attained until the human personality or ego and the physical body has risen its vibration high enough for Divine union to occur. Once union has occurred, our entire system becomes a vessel of divine light, a container, a cup or a chalice in which the light of Creator freely pours into our being activating our Holy Grail. The purified Divine Human is the Holy Grail and once it is activated within a being they become “containers of light” here on Earth that interact with the energy fields of other souls activating them so their systems can be prepared for Divine Union as well. This is God’s desire for everyone on Earth. However, it is a choice we must make for ourselves, God will not make the decision for us. Once our Holy Grail has been activated, we will learn to be in the world but not of it closing the gap of perceived separation between God and the entire diversity of creation. The ultimate goal of every soul on the planet is to rise above the limitations of duality and separation remembering who we are so we can become conscious co-creators and activate our highest Divine potential. This is the soul’s ultimate mission! Each of us can truly bring our own HEAVEN HERE DOWN ON EARTH. We are Divine Beings, direct extensions of God and this is the Divine Plan!

Today, more than ever, the potential for spiritual awakening and soul growth for every human is accelerated as we approach the center of the galaxy. The love coming from the central sun, the cosmic rays of light and the heightened energies of the Christ from the photon belt are transforming the consciences and hearts of those who are willing to receive the love, unity and consciousness of “ONE” in their lives. Each of us have total free will as to what we choose to believe and create in our lives. We can choose as many lifetimes as we need to learn and grow and experience the consciousness of polarity and separation or we can choose to advance our souls and move into the light of unification by activating and integrating the Christ Consciousness within our being. Our world is currently split with those choosing to hold onto and remain stuck in the old energy of the collective mind and those choosing to let go of their old beliefs stepping into the new energy of awakening, self-empowerment and mastery. As the Christ energies continue to transform this planet ushering in unity, those choosing to stay in the consciousness of separation and the lower vibrational energies of fear will find themselves behaving chaotically and irrationally. Violence and aggressive defense are the result of humanity buying into the concept that we are separated from God, the Earth and each other. When we believe we are separated, we feel powerless which creates a tremendous amount of fear / darkness within our being. We can choose at anytime to surrender and step into the light of transformation or we can choose to resist the process creating further discord and disharmony in our lives. It is in our hands how we will choose to experience this global transformation, we are not passengers in this process, each of us are responsible for our own ascension!

In order for each of us to make this transition smoothly, we will need to “awaken” our consciousness to the vibration of our soul and the Christ Seed within our hearts. The Christ Seed is the Presence of Christ that dwells within in us and it must be activated! For a millennia, humanity as a collective, has chosen to experience life in polarity and separation unaware of the Unity and the Presence of God in everything that exists. We were born asleep, but it is time for us to awaken and activate our highest divine potential! Each of us are divinely sacred beings and it is time that we value our existence and intend to be the change we want for the world. It is time for us to embrace our divine power and become human Christs! We are not limited in any aspect of our power as co-creators. We are at the forefront of this shift and everything is based on the work we have done to prepare us for this global transformation. We are in control of this process and each of us plays an important role in creating Heaven here on Earth. We are an integral part of our ascension journey.

The second coming of Christ manifests through us! When Jesus the Christ incarnated on this planet he seeded all of humanity with the potential to activate our Christ Consciousness. Christ said, "All that I have done, You can do and even greater". We are one with Christ, Source energy and each other. We are all one. We are equal. What one man does all can do, our abilities are based on our choices! The real message of Christ is that we are equal to him. We are all sons and daughters of God with the same potentials and abilities. We receive Christ through faith! We receive Christ through our faith in ourselves as worthy divine beings who can choose to be the bearers of the Christ Light. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come into him. (Revelations 3:20) The majority of humanity believes they have already received Christ within their being, but their door (the seven seals / seven chakras / seven energetic portals) have not been purified and opened for their Christ Self to merge with their physical being. Fear, distorted beliefs and the turning away from Self keeps these doors shut! We must go deeply within the Self, into our sacred space, into our hearts through meditation and communion with our masculine, feminine and inner Christ energies before a balancing within our system can occur. This is not an intellectual or emotional experience, it is an incredibly blissful / energetic / spiritual experience which activates our Christ Seed energies merging our Spiritual Self / Christ Self / God Self with our physical being. When this occurs we experience the truth of who we really are. We discover a hidden secret….. that deep inside each of us is the dimension of God and we have never been separated from our Creator. “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you, in my Fathers house is many mansions (dimensions). ” We discover we are a part God, we are pure love, pure consciousness, free and untethered from the current world we live in. We discover the illusion of this reality, a deeper meaning to our lives and our eternalness. We become one with the Universe and all living things experiencing our contribution to the infinite sea of creation that would not be the same without us. As our Holy Spirit and the Christ Consciousness descend upon us, the fears of our mind and the world completely disappear as we are fully engulfed with the presence of God’s love. We have been touched by God’s grace and received Christ experiencing a new birth guiding our soul’s into their highest expression.

Below Is the Adi Mantra that precedes Kundalini Yoga practice, tuning one in to the higher self. Ong is "Infinite Creative energy in manifestation and activity". ("Om" or Aum is God absolute and unmanifested), Namo is "reverent greetings' implying humility, Guru means "teacher or wisdom", Dev means "Divine or of God" and Namo reaffirms humility and reverence. In all it means, "I call upon Divine Wisdom". Click Below to here the mantra:

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