Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dedication to Your Spiritual Transformation & Meditational Symptoms

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. Humanity at this time has a choice to stay just as they are ~ refusing to grow and expand their current level of being ~ or we can choose to actively participate in our souls transformational process fully accepting and integrating the energies of our Higher Consciousness / God Self / Christ Self. This is a personal choice where we choose from our own free will, to transcend the negativity of our 3rd dimensional darkness choosing to transform the density of our being into a LIGHT being where we put on our garments of LIGHT ascending into the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension where we tap into unity consciousness, unconditional love, compassion, peace, joy and harmony.

We are in the process of planetary ascension. Humans are part of the Earth and since The Earth has chosen to move into the very high vibrations of the 5th dimension, we also must rise in vibration and begin our own process of cleansing, releasing and healing. Your soul and spiritual self are urging you to shake off your old distorted beliefs, lack of knowledge and distorted energies within your energy fields. It is time to step into the light of knowledge seeking en-lighten-ment through dedication to your spiritual practice and daily meditation. Each of us are divinely guided by a higher intelligence ~ if you are reading this article; your God Self, guides and angels have led you here ~ you are being called to awaken and to break the chains that have held you down. It is time for you to raise your vibration and actively participate in your transformational process. 

Daily meditation brings in the LIGHT of God and this LIGHT will CHANGE you. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us to dislodge stagnant blocked energy that leads to imbalances, disease and a thick veil of ego and shadow illusions. Many of us get in a hurry when we begin to meditate ~ we want to see changes immediately; however, it is important for us to understand that God (Light) comes in gradually. This is GRACE. We are going from a very dense state of being to a very high vibrational LIGHT filled being. Our being will transform from a 3rd dimensional being into a 5th dimensional being. This process requires integration as we can only handle so much LIGHT at one time. We will need to take dominion over our egoic demands of expectation, perfection, control and the desire for things to move rapidly. Surrender to your God Self and know that the God Within and the Creator of All That Is knows exactly what to do. 

As you begin to meditate you will go through a spiritual detox, a deeper level of purification.  This may manifest as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual symptoms. At some point on your journey these symptoms will subside. During this process you will also be "gifted" with moments of extreme clarity, increased synchronicities, inner peace, greater joy, enhanced intuition and a deeper connection with God, the Earth and All Beings. As you bring in more and more light into your being, each chakra will be purified. I want to talk about what you may experience as each chakra opens and releases the distorted energetic blocks held within it.

CROWN CHAKRA: (top of the head) You may experience pressure and headaches as very high vibrational aspects of your being and SPIRIT move into your system. Mild confusion may occur due to old programs, distorted beliefs and thought forms leaving your consciousness. You are expanding and opening up your connection to God. 

SPIRITUAL EYE CHAKRA: (center of eyebrows) You may experience headaches as your multi dimensional sight opens. The third eye is related to the pineal gland in the brain which is often times called the seat of the soul. The pineal gland will open and enlarge and may create pressure. You will also begin to see lights, shapes, symbols, energy forms, codes etc....as it continues to open. Fear may also arise as you begin to tap into truth.

THROAT CHAKRA: (throat area) You may experience burning sensations, sore throat. The need to cough. The throat chakra also connects to the ears. Subtle pain and pressure in the ears. You may also begin to hear high pitched sounds, buzzing, humming. As the throat chakra opens you will begin to speak your truth and sometimes the words you use will not be loving. This is something you must transcend. We need to speak our truth but we have to do it with words of love ~ not through demands, manipulation, frustration or control.

HEART CHAKRA: ( heart ) Depending on the severity of the blockage you may have heart pain. Oftentimes, people will think they are having heart problems when it is really the heart chakra opening. As the heart opens you may experience sadness, grief, depression and shame. Old distorted heart wounds are being released. As they rise up to be released, you will experience the feelings associated with them. You may cry during your meditations...just allow it. This will pass. You may also have heart palpitations as more and more spiritual energies transform you. Your God Self knows what it is doing and will give you downloads of LIGHT in increments your body can handle. Everything is in divine timing once you make the commitment to ascend into the higher realms. Trust your God Self ~ your God self is always in control of your bodily functions. Who does the breathing and the beating of your heart automatically??? Your God Self does....ego thinks it's in control of everything, but its not! Once the heart is fully opened you will be filled with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from your awakened soul and God Self ~ it is euphoric and worth every minute of the purification you have to go through. 

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: (below heart, bottom of ribcage) As this chakra clears you may experience fatigue and digestive disturbances. Your food choices may change.  You may also start to notice your aggressive behaviors and habitual behavioral patterns. These need to be transcended. This is where are power struggles start showing up as we bring to the surface that which needs to be healed. A lot of us go through an angry phase as we tap further and further into the truth of what is actually going on within and on our planet. A large portion of our ego resides here and we often times encounter an internal struggle between the ego's will and the divine will ~ it is here where we begin to actually notice the inner workings of our ego...we get to "see" it so we can transform it. Control issues begin to diminish as this chakra clears.

SACRAL CHAKRA: (below the navel) As this chakra clears we will be emotional, weepy, teary. We will need to feel the emotions that arise so we can release them ~if we resist them...we hold onto them. Ancient wounds and memories may arise and the feelings that go with them. Sometimes your emotions and feelings will make no sense. Don't try to intellectualize everything as it moves through the layers of your energy fields for final releasement. Allow it to rise, feel it and release it. Sexual difficulties or increased sexual desire may occur. You may also experience a stiff lower back as this chakra opens and expands.

ROOT CHAKRA: (base of the spine) As this chakra clears you may experience FEAR. Distorted, irrational fears will rise to the surface to be transmuted into love. Survival issues, lack of faith, reactive behaviors....all of these will come up for us to "see" what needs to be transcended. You may also experience lower back pain, increased sexual desires and heat in the pelvic region as the kundalini energies begin to rise up the spine. 

The Kundalini is a divine spiral of energy ~ similar to a coiled snake that lays dormant at the base of each persons spine (root chakra) ~ until proper purification has occurred within a beings system for it to safely ascend up the chakra column. The crown chakra connects us to our masculine Father God while the root chakra connects us to our Feminine Mother Goddess or Mother Earth. If the kundalini is able to move through each chakra without encountering any blocks it will move up to the crown chakra opening a pathway for each persons God self to descend into their physical body. Kundalini is Creator energy. It is our divine birthright to activate this part of ourselves so we can become peaceful, loving, balanced, co-creators here on Earth. When our system is properly prepared, the descension of our God Self washes over the seven chakras ~ breaking the seven seals ~ activating the creation of our divine luminous light body. This prepares us to move forward into Self-Mastery where we have the POTENTIAL to fully activate and embody our Holy Grail becoming a Divine Enlightened Human.

Through meditation, visualization, purification, and intention the kundalini will rise in PERFECT DIVINE TIMING for each individual creating their own rainbow bridge of light into the higher realms of awareness and en-lighten-ment. This process is a journey and does require personal commitment, dedication, desire and strong intention to heal. However, this process should not be forced. The raising of energy from the root chakra all the way up the spine to the crown chakra requires patience, trust, faith and self-purification. Divine energy will rise at exactly the right time for each souls journey. Your focused attention on meditation and the clearing of your chakras and energy fields will activate your kundalini to rise when your system has been adequately prepared. Please do not use ego will to force this process.

The Caduceus

Even the symbol for Medicine is a Caduceus which is a rod entwined with two serpents (DNA) in the form of a double helix. The rod represents the chakra system that runs along the spine and the double helix or snakes represent the kundalini energy rising up through each chakra opening us up to our God self which will activate our dormant strands of DNA. The Caduceus is a symbol for good health and when our chakras are open and functioning properly and our dormant strands of DNA activated our flow of Spirit (life force energy) will be greatly enhanced. When this occurs our physical bodies will naturally return to a place of health and balance, we will become mentally clear, our emotions will have less control over us and our connection to our God Self and Spirit will be strengthened.


  1. Love the enlightenment, lets raise our energies to improve our Planet and usher in "A New Earth"

  2. Thank you for this amazing post!! It provided great clarity for some the experiences I have had during the past 12 months.


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