Friday, December 30, 2011

Should We Ignore The Injustice Done To Us?

QUESTION: I am just curious to know..should we ignore the injustice done to us and focus on ascension? Where and how do we differentiate between our ego and doing the right thing?
ANSWER: First of all, you are not a victim....the first step of ascending into higher consciousness is recognizing that you are a Creator God/Goddess, and all things are drawn to you for a variety of reasons. Whatever is happening could be from past life karma, your thoughts and beliefs could be negative ~ and therefore could draw certain experiences to you OR you may have even drawn a particular experience to you to learn from so you could advance your soul. Perhaps one of your biggest lessons is learning to love and value yourself enough so you can stand in your  own power ~ no longer allowing people to be injust to you. 

This is the toughest part for people to understand and also to accept~  our ego's will get darn right upset about accepting this truth. The ego will not accept responsibility! It loves to blame and project all of it's negativity onto other people and say "THEY" are the ones who are injust. If we are "really" honest with ourselves, and self-introspective, we will discover the inner workings and lessons that continue to repeat themselves in our lives. 
It is "your" consciousness that creates "your" reality.....your consciousness is the totality of your being ~ conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious.....they all work together to create your current life experience. So no, we can not ignore the injustices that have been done to us. In order to ascend in consciousness we must first accept responsibility for part of their creation ~ as BOTH people are choosing to learn lessons from these kind of negative interactions, and we also must learn how to transcend these negative behavioral patterns and thoughts that continue to draw negative experiences to us to learn from. 

We do not have to grow and learn through negative experiences....we can learn through loving interactions but for the most part....not many of us have gotten to a place of pure positive creation just yet. Whenever you jump right into blame, judgment, criticism and an increase of negative mind chatter about a particular event.....recognize you have fallen out of alignment with your higher wisdom and have fallen into the traps of the ego. If you want to advance your soul and align yourself with truth.....catch yourself and say to the ego....I see you, and I command the God within me to come forward. Accept responsibility for this creation, and ask yourself do I feel, why have I drawn this lesson to me, what am I suppose to learn, where has the focus of my energy been lately ~ has it been positive. The ego projects everything outside of itself and focuses on the other person....what they should and should not do. The soul wants us to look within our very own being to see what needs to be addressed and healed within us. The inner path (soul) leads to salvation, the outer path of projection (ego) leads to more chaos, drama, pain and illusion.

BIG QUESTION ~ If you don't accept responsibility for your life.......then who is going to? We must learn to accept responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. If we are not happy with our current situations then it is only "the self" that can create the change. In order to change our future we will have to change our now ~ so if there are people, habits, thoughts, distorted beliefs, behavioral patterns, activities, jobs, living circumstances etc.....that we feel are injust, then we have the power and the responsibility to make changes for ourselves that will create the life we truly want to experience.



  1. Injustice is a concept of the ego. Without judgement, injustice is simply another experience.

  2. Do not ignore anything that comes to you, if we do we are giving ourselves a very big injustice! I've learning from many negative experiences in my life and they have made me who I AM today, I AM a strong Warrior Goddess for Mother Earth, I AM a Rainbow Warrior. We are the ones we've been waiting for, believe it, know it!

    Before you leave your house look into the mirror and say...
    I AM strong... I AM a force to be reckoned with... I AM full of love, light and peace... I AM Womyn, hear me roar!!!

    Blessed Be!!! Great blog siStar! Thank you!


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