Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ascension Symptoms ~ Irrationality ~ Rapid Changes

QUESTION: Hypothetically, can one claim ascension symptoms are due to one's irrationality with how they deal with life? I have experienced most of what you have written about in your "Raise Your Vibration" book about the symptoms we may go through. Some would claim "so and so is going insane, they are having an identity crisis!!" It seems, most people subconsciously believe if you do not handle life in the most effective manner (their way) then it is doomed. What is an identity crisis? Why is it a crisis? Isn't it ascension at it's prime? Letting the old out to let the new in.
ANSWER: Ascension will be ongoing for quite some time. The planet will be fully activated by 2012, but the Earth and humanity will need time to fully integrate the new incoming energies......and that is why many of us are experiencing "ascension symptoms" because our energy fields like a snake are shedding the old, and we are having to recreate new more divinely aligned energy shields that protect us. This is exhausting requires a lot of energy and yes, you could say some of it is our irrationality with how we handle things because not only are we transmuting our energy, but we also still have to maintain sanity in a very insane, unconscious, unstable world where many of our soul mates are resisting the upshift in their consciousness. Not to mention we are being shown the issues within our being that need to be refined. Ascension is about the unveiling of our old shadow and egoic consciousness. Once we unveil within us what we have hidden for so many lifetimes we can heal it, but if it remains hidden lurking in the back ground of our subconscious (energy fields) our shadow and dark filled behaviors will remain. Ascension requires us to heal the ego and shadow so we can receive more light and this can create an identity crisis for us, as well as, for our loved ones because our old identity....the way we use to behave and respond starts to change....even our activities and things we use to enjoy doing fall away and this may upset our friends and family when we suddenly decide their way of being and living no longer resonates with us.....and many people, out of lack of awareness, will try to keep us from healing and changing because that means in order for us to still have a relationship that resonates they too will need to heal and change and that can be too much for many to accept. So my best advice to you is to stay committed to your ascension path no matter what others say to you ~ ascension is a personal choice ~ you actually may be a light house for others to follow in the future after you move through all the mucky waters of the shadow and ego consciousness, and come through with a greater sense of love, peace, spiritual abundance and joy. Everyone around you will start to ask what you did, and they will want your new found LIGHT and expansion of consciousness as well. We are all learning how to BE the LIGHT we have awakened ourselves to BE and that may mean that we make a few mistakes along the observant of your self and always be willing to constantly refine your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors. The soul is always ascending.......we just happen to be in a time period where it is happening with rapid speed. It is the time of EN-LIGHT-EN-MENT but first all the things that aren't LIGHT within our being need to be released. Blessings on your journey. ~ Sabrina

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