Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When we rise in vibration do we help the world rise in vibration even when others don't do anything to help themselves?

QUESTION: I am aware that we are all we individually learn something or raise to higher vibrations, it naturally pulls up the rest of the world.... does it stand to reason that even if some people did NOTHING - their vibrations would raise just because we are connected to the collective consciousness and or source field ?
ANSWER: Yes, when we heal ourselves we heal the world. Everyone who truly wants to heal the world really needs to focus on the healing of the SELF. Oftentimes people will externalize everything outside of themselves thinking they need to change external circumstances when what we really need to change is our own internal consciousness, which in affect will directly shift the consciousness of the entire planet. For example, everything going on in the world today is a reflection of humanity's lack of love for the self. If we truly loved and honored ourselves, we would not give our power away to external sources to make decisions for us nor would we choose to engage in any kind of activity that would compromise the integrity of our LIGHT. Everything happening NOW is a direct response to lifetimes of unbalanced thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. However, that is changing because we are each starting to take responsibility for ourselves and we are also willing to do the inner work necessary to heal and bring ourselves back into wholeness. We do have a direct affect on every single person on this planet, and through vibrational resonance, we help others also awaken to the fact that they too will need to do the inner work necessary to heal and expand their consciousness. For those who choose not to rise in vibration along with the planet will choose to leave this planet and will reincarnate somewhere else where they will get to continue their learning in a low vibrational, fear filled, egoic, dualistic environment. There is no judgment for this choice ~ all souls are deeply loved and are given as many opportunities as they would like to either begin to evolve their soul or continue the cyclic pattern of de-volution. We can spiral up or down in consciousness; the Creator loves us so much we have been given the free will to create however we want but our life, level of joy and happiness, will be a reflection of our level of vibration and expansion of consciousness. For the most part, a large part of humanity is choosing to evolve and rise up. We have grown tired of separation, chaos and the illusions of fear and we are willing to do what it is going to take to return our selves and the planet back to LOVE. The healing of the SELF is the biggest contribution we can make to the healing of the Earth.

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