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I was listening to a spiritual show the other day and the teacher was explaining triggers. The teacher was saying how important it was that we be “triggered” by others so we can activate our Christ Consciousness. Having been on the spiritual path for some time now....I was somewhat in agreement with what the teacher was saying. It is true that our greatest teachers are the ones who push our buttons and trigger a reaction or an emotion within us that needs to be released, healed and transcended. Before we incarnated we set up contracts with our soul mates to act out certain parts throughout our life that will help our soul’s evolve. Each soul has specific energy traits within their energy field such as past life fears, primary and secondary life purposes, psychological imbalances, and karma we have chosen to balance. So yes ~ triggers, soul test and lessons are very much a part of our soul’s evolution towards being the love and the light of our very own Christ Consciousness. 
The teacher began to say, we should not hang out with like minded individuals....that we should not go to meditation circles or groups of people who thought just like we do ~ that we should not put ourselves in a bubble of bliss where we never get triggered where everything flowed with ease and grace. I was intrigued and continued to listen.....the teacher said your boss who is always on your case, your mother in law who criticizes you ceaselessly, and never has anything nice to say you, your husband who no longer pays any attention to you sits back and drinks beer all day and watches football etc......these are all your greatest teachers and you should stay put in these situations and simply breathe......we were told we should take our adversaries, those people who drive us absolutely crazy, on vacation for a week and even sleep in the same bed....that we should not separate ourselves from those who we feel harm us. Hmmmm, I thought....this teaching is getting extreme, and I am totally loosing resonance with it, because my teaching paradigm is about balance, self love, boundaries and empowerment.
I started thinking about alcoholics and how important it is for them to remove themselves from their drinking buddies, the environments they use to hang out in and all the people, places and things that might trigger them to drink excessively. Drug addicts who need to remove themselves from certain people and surroundings so they can overcome their addictions and make better choices for themselves so they can have the time, space and energy they need to heal. Husbands and wives who are abusive to each other and are miserable in their marriages, but are so attached to each other and dependent on each other they will never separate, and therefore continue to swim in a cesspool of negative energies.....which will greatly effect the well being of their children, and directly effect their children’s future because the parents are the children's greatest teachers.....they are showing the children how to behave. 
Then I woke up this morning to find out one of my daughter’s high school friends, who was gay, jumped off a high rise building and killed himself because the football team at his high school had been bullying him so much that he reached a breaking point and committed suicide. Absolutely heart breaking! I thought about his pain, and his energy and how fragmented his soul must have become due to the continued torture and negativity that was projected towards him. He most likely felt like he had no he was stuck and had no other way out. It is very likely he was surrounded around people who’s consciousness was filled with the distorted belief systems of religion, judgment, separation, elitism, self-righteousness and sin. 
I reflected on my studies of energy, in particular the human energy field and how damaging it can be to our soul’s energy if we are constantly around people and energies that continuously traumatize and fragment our energy. Here is an excerpt from a channeling from Jesus through Kim Michaels:
Before the Fall of Man, planet Earth did not have any of the negative conditions found in the world today.  Therefore, souls could descend into the material world and take on a physical body without being exposed to some of the traumatic experiences that are common in today's world. This meant that the soul ran virtually no risk of having its original matrix and blueprint fragmented or destroyed. 
After the Fall of Man, a number of imperfect conditions started appearing on this planet.  This meant that many souls were now exposed to traumatic experiences that were NEVER part of God’s original plan.  The reality of the situation is that the soul is an instrument for experiencing the material world and for helping to co-create this world. The soul therefore has a desire to experience the positive aspects of the material world, but it has no desire to experience the imperfect conditions that are currently found on this planet. So when the soul is in a physical body and is exposed to a very traumatic situation, the soul can indeed decide that it does not want to experience that situation. However, because the soul is trapped in the body, it cannot escape the situation. What happens in such situations is that the soul fragments; it splits into two or more smaller parts.
The original blueprint of the soul has two components. One is the outline and the other is the substance that fills the outline. You might envision that the crystalline structure of the soul is made of metal pipes that form a cage. Inside the cage is a softer substance that one might envision as balls of Styrofoam. As the soul experiences a traumatic situation, a part of it decides that it does not want to have that experience. Therefore, it breaks off and separates itself from the main part of the soul. One might envision that some of the balls inside the cage break away. The cage itself remains but it now has a VOID inside of it. 
You might have heard the saying that nature abhors a vacuum.  When a part of the soul’s substance has been split off, there is a vacuum inside the crystalline structure of the soul, and something is going to fill that vacuum. Because of the imperfect conditions found on this planet, it is highly likely that the vacuum is invaded by non-material beings (other energies that are not of the soul). 

When a soul’s crystalline structure is invaded by outside influences, the soul finds it difficult to draw the boundary between itself, meaning its original blueprint, and the outside world. The soul can no longer discern what is of itself and what is an external influence; it can no longer discern what is real and what is unreal.....the soul has become divided and can become very confused.
I can tell you that due to the violent past of planet Earth, there are very few souls who are complete and whole. The vast majority of human beings have some kind of split or fracture in their souls, and therefore they have been invaded by outside influences.  For most people this invasion has not reached a critical mass that prevents them from functioning at the level which is currently called normal, but which is actually far below the soul’s true potential.
For some souls, the fracturing has become so severe that they do not have enough soul substance left to have a clear sense of their identity. That is why their sense of identity begins to break down, and they experience difficulties in drawing proper boundaries around their identities.  This can lead to schizophrenia, split personality syndrome and a number of other psychological symptoms.  In fact, every psychological symptom known to man can be traced back to the fragmentation of the soul. ~ Kim Michaels
Therefore, it is VERY important that we do not continue to put ourselves in situations that continue to fragment our soul. I think it is important for each of us to understand that yes, we are learning soul lessons and have soul contracts with certain individuals, but we also have freedom of choice. Nothing is set in stone, and when we learn a specific lesson the contract with that person dissolves and we have the choice to stay in the relationship and heal it or we can leave the relationship with loving forgiveness and compassion. In addition, we do NOT have to learn through negative ways. That is a distorted belief! We can learn just as many lessons through light filled interactions as we do through the dark. If we believe we always need to be triggered in order to advance our soul’s then that is exactly what we will create for ourselves. We will create trigger after trigger after trigger to such a point that we may fragment ourselves so much that we no longer have the strength to advance our souls. There is no need to stay in any kind of abusive relationship. These relationships can teach us lessons....mainly they can show us what we don’t won’t to experience anymore. Once we decide what we don’t want we can release the old behavioral patterns that previously bound us so we can make space for something more divinely aligned with our highest and best good. We are Creator beings....yes we are learning but there are many, many ways to learn....they do not always have to be chaotic and drama filled unless that is what we want. Remember, it is our beliefs that create our reality....whatever we believe to be true, will be true for us regardless if it is really TRUTH or not. 
Every second of every day we are given the opportunity to recreate, to make changes, to let the old die and the new be re-birthed. No need to stay stagnant and punish yourself through hurtful situations ~ make choices for yourself that make your soul sing, and open your heart. The Christ Consciousness is activated through the heart. If you are constantly around people, places and things that continue to fragment and wound your energy you will never be made whole, and you will never be able open and expand your heart because you will remain in a state of woundedness. 

One of the greatest lessons ALL souls are learning is SELF yourself enough to use your own free will to create the life of your dreams. With continued spiritual practice and the use of proper discernment ~ making LIGHT filled choices for your self ~ your heart will E ~ X ~ P ~ A ~ N ~ D and form a magnet that will magnetize your soul fragments back to you. Always remember that everything in this universe is subject to your FREE WILL...... you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. BE CONSCIOUS, BE AWARE....... there are subtle forces out there that don't want you to be whole and empowered...they will trick you. They will cause you to unknowingly relinquish your free will...where you will loose your discernment, leading you into situations that will further fragment your soul. 

The energy of suffering is over ~ the new energy of the new Earth is empowerment and freedom....step into your empowerment and use your discernment to choose what fills LIGHT for you.  YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN LIFE ~ YOU GET TO CHOOSE! ~ Sabrina

If you are serious about figuring out your Soul's Plan and the Lessons you came to learn including the psychological imbalances you are here to overcome, I highly recommend having a Natal Chart done from "Your Soul's Divine Plan"

Art By: Tin and Ed Fragmentation


  1. Dear Sabrina, I have been watching you for a while and always wondered what is your secret that so many people like you. And today I think I found the reason: you protect them, you make sure that they don't go where they can get hurt. Very nice.

  2. Thank you Sophie for your kind message. I sincerely care about humanity. Some of the pain is simply unnecessary, and if we use our discernment it can be avoided. Blessings.

  3. Dear Sabrina,

    Thank you so much for writing out your descriptions and explanations! I will use them to advise and assist self and others. Over the past few weeks I have read a dozen of your pieces and find your material wonderful and pretty darn clean. I live by a simple rule to discern truth: if it is loving and inclusive it is probably true, if it is unloving and exclusive it is probably illusion. I see humanity as one organism that pretends separation from itself and Creator for specific soulful reasons, leaves on a tree kind of thing. We leaves might think we are separate but are the tree.

    Following this reasoning I see nothing as external, not malevolent circumstance, not negative thinking and feeling patterns that result in abusive relationships, nothing external. I also see the pre-incarnate contracts we make as contracts with the self. Most of these difficult contracts look like they are for the purpose of providing an opportunity to love self by getting out of the unloving scene. It is picking love over addiction, picking love over the illusion of needing that other/external person, picking love over pathology, and keeping one's eyes on the spiritual ball, one's consciousness anchored in the eternal, that fulfills the greatest hope for the contract.

    So you see, I too, disagree with the teacher you were listening to. To stay and transform a relationship is a silly proposition when one already has failed to transform the relationship: same recipe, same cake. Transformation would have already occurred if that old configuration was going to work. Transformation occurs in one's own skin then the world and those icky relationships transform after the real internal work of self-love and other-love is started or shifted to a new place.

    I am really not talking out of my hat on this topic as I have about twelve years of experience extracting myself from violent relationship. I succeeded nicely with a few leftover toxic behaviors and beliefs to sweep up afterward. What I learned is that fear, belief in scarcity, belief in loss is at the root of why a person stays. I quit believing in those illusions to a huge degree and it was the key to freedom.

    This gets me to the point where I have a question for you. I don't see how we can treat the old paradigm with more old paradigm. A suffering, triggered, battered soul wanting to get out of a terrible situation may not benefit from belief in a broken fractured soul. There is more loss, more scarcity, more fear, more crisis. Crisis typically puts a person in a position where they use cruise control behaviors and nothing truly changes.

    My walking mantra during the period when I escaped my horrific domestic entrapment was "All I need is available to me, all power, all insight, all love. I receive. I am free as the god consciousness I AM." I stepped into the future I wanted and needed. I still believe that the negative forces that I fought against were internal. It was a process of light illuminating darkness of fear within.

    So perhaps I am missing some piece of the puzzle. All of your material seems so sound with the exception of these embedded illusions of the old paradigm fear items like soul loss and external sources of evil. Would you have time to comment on this query? I love your work! You are a gift to this world, lady.

    Respectfully, Michelle Martin


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