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Chapter 23 Of The Raise Your Vibration Book "Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms" By Sabrina Rebe

Transmutational / Ascension Symptoms

Ascension is the raising of our personal energy frequency. It occurs when we bring our layers of “light” from our Spiritual Body or Multidimensional God Self down into our physical form. As we integrate more of our true spiritual essence into our being we expand our auric field, chakra system and activate our dormant strands of DNA. This allows us to move into higher states of consciousness accessing a new reality or dimension within ourselves. Please understand when I say higher level of consciousness I do not mean “better”. Greater consciousness is “more” consciousness and each one of us has the exact same potential to activate and tap into our higher states of consciousness. Greater consciousness means greater connection to our God Selves and a deeper understanding of the universe. Ascension and the raising of our vibration is a personal spiritual choice. Each of us has the very same potential to ascend; it is a matter of our own free will choice and the intention to allow ourselves to do so. All souls eventually move into greater states of consciousness.

As we raise our vibrations and ascend into higher levels of consciousness we may experience some discomfort emotionally, mentally and physically. We are transforming our dense lower vibrating carbon based cells into higher vibrating crystalline “light filled” cells. We are going through an alchemical process of body, mind and spirit. As we ascend, we transcend karma. Everything that is ready to be released will be brought up for review bringing about a change in our life experience. Old relationships, activities, jobs, belief systems, place of residence etc…may no longer serve your highest good. This is a positive experience and will result in tremendous personal growth even though it may be uncomfortable and chaotic at times. In order to ascend we must open ourselves up to change and step into a place of surrender and allowance. All discomfort is temporary! Eventually, everyone choosing to ascend into the higher states of consciousness will move into a state of health, harmony, joy, peace, spiritual abundance, full consciousness and unity consciousness.

Emotional Discomfort

  1. Loss of identity. Feel like you are loosing yourself. Not feeling like you “fit in” anymore.
  2. Dark Night of the Soul: As the old you dies (death of the ego) and you make room for the birth of the new you (Spiritual Self) you may experience an increase of chaos in your life. Your old ways just aren’t working for you anymore! The sooner you can let go of the old and allow yourself to step into a new way of thinking and being the smoother your life will move. Depression, Grief, Sadness, Loss of Identity and Confusion are very common during the Dark Night of the Soul. 
  3. Your emotional body may experience upheaval during the cleansing process. One week you may experience Joy, Bliss and Elation and the next week you may experience Anger, Fear and Confusion. You may feel like something is wrong with you. This is part of the clearing process so please do not judge yourself.
  4. Sudden extreme sensitivity to loud and crowded environments. While our energy bodies rapidly shift we will desire more time alone in our sacred space. Our connection to the Earth and nature deepens and we begin to experience the unification and universal flow of all living things.
  5. Heightened desire to surround yourself around “like-minded” people and healthy relationships. You simply cannot tolerate low vibrational environments or toxic relationships any longer.
  6. Irritability and Anxiety! Acceleration of time and not feeling like you can accomplish everything that needs to be done.
  7. Feelings of despair and overwhelm. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are integrating higher vibrational energies from our God self. As we face God, we face ourselves! Things that need to be healed are being brought up to the surface for us to transcend. Previous behaviors and actions or karma   are being balanced at an accelerated rate. Our God self loves us unconditionally,   but our misqualifed energy must be brought into balance….it can not be taken with us! Pulsating rhythms of our past are vibrating away and it affects how we feel.
  8. Clumsiness, feeling out of sorts. Distracted.
  9. Increase in psychic development and awareness. The ability to see beyond the veils may be emotionally disturbing if you are not accustomed to the truth of reality. These are natural abilities that will be returning to all of us who are choosing to awaken and expand our consciousness. Be accepting of this process and do not resist. Work through your fears. We have earned the return of our spiritual gifts, welcome them! It may help you to find a group where you can talk about these experiences without anyone placing judgment on them. Some people have extreme fear of psychic abilities and some feel these abilities should never be discussed and should remain a secret. We are in the midst of planetary ascension! The truth is being revealed and we are returning to our divine inheritance and potential! It is time to share these experiences so we can reduce the trauma, shock and fear that occurs when people begin to experience the truth of reality.

Mental Discomfort

  1. Our mind / ego / intellect will struggle to come to terms with the true nature of reality. It will try to cling to the old and not want to shift or change. Your mind may begin to panic as you experience the disintegration of your old reality. Blame, Anger, Fear and Frustration are very common.
  2. Difficulty holding a clear thought….foggy thinking. Memory loss.
  3. Communication difficulties. People do not seem to hear or understand you.
  4. Mentally in high gear. Burn Out.
  5. Obsessive need to understand what is happening.
  6. Zoning out for long periods of time, not wanting to do anything.

Physical Discomfort

  1. Intense electrical energy and heat that runs through the body. The body is being rewired to carry higher frequencies. Kundalini experiences.
  2. Vertigo, Dizziness and Spaciness. A lot is going on in our brains! The right and left sides of the brain, our masculine and feminine energies, are being balanced and the pineal, pituitary and hypothalmus glands are being activated. We are also having a difficult time staying grounded because of the higher energies from the galactic center and our God self entering through the crown chakra. Daily “grounding” exercises and expanding and growing energetic “roots” out of our root chakra into the Earth will be helpful.  
  3. Intense Detoxification. As your body clears out toxins you may experience rashes, heat, itchiness, tingling or crawling sensations on the skin. The skin is our biggest elimination organ.
  4. Detoxification may also produce pain in the hips, knees, muscles and joints and gastrointestinal disturbances as the body tries to rapidly release everything that is keeping it from reaching the higher vibrations.
  5. High-pitched sounds and buzzing in the ear. An indication that you are raising your vibration and accessing higher dimensional aspects of yourself.
  6. Hyper nervous system, panic attacks or anxiety attacks.
  7. Heart palpitations. Our heart chakra is opening, activating and expanding. It must pump faster to accommodate the new energies coming from the galactic center and our God selves. As the heart expands you may also experience breathlessness or difficulties taking a deep breath.
  8. Back Pain. Our spine is being altered to handle higher frequencies and prepare for the raising of the kundalini energy.
  9. Cranial pressure, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Migraines.
  10. Bodily aches and pains. Our old cellular structure is dissolving giving birth to our crystalline structure. The body is being prepared to hold more light and a higher vibration. As we ascend, energy can get stuck in the etheric body creating blocks. Energy work, exercise, massage and hot Epsom salt baths will help. Also sun bathing helps burn off mucous and etheric blocks that naturally collect as our entire system transmutes all of its density into light.
  11. Water retention. Our crystalline body requires more sodium chloride to ascend. Also our lymphatic system is being affected due to the rapid detoxification that is occurring. Drink additional water and exercise!
  12. Disruptive sleep patterns.
  13. Extreme Fatigue. Our physical and energetic bodies are growing and expanding. This requires an enormous amount of energy.
  14. Flu-like symptoms.
  15. Increased appetite and weight gain is common because it requires a tremendous amount of energy to transform our system. Also, the larger light body we have the larger our physical body may become in attempts to help us stay grounded.

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  1. thank you, very helpful and timely xxx

  2. yep. that is me. I thought I was going crazy. thought I was manic depressive. and am finding all of this quite unsettling and upsetting.

  3. Hugs Miss R.

    The ascension process is very unsettling. All of the old stuff that no longer serves us is coming up to be released. Our bodies: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical are all going through rapid transformation. Eventually, it will get easier and you will move into a place of balance but their will be difficult moments you will need to surrender to. Be kind to yourself during this process. Mediate and take extra alone time for your
    self. "Healing works as a form of detox, stuff has to come up before it is released." ~ Marianne Williamson ♥

  4. Thanks for this! Is there anything we can do to accelerate the transformation? Or would that make it worse? Great post by the way =)

  5. Yes there are several things you can do to accelerate your process. Meditation and stating your intention everyday will signify to your guides, angels and God that you are ready for rapid transformation.

    State:" I Am ready to raise my vibration and activate my Christ consciousness. I ask for all blocks that are keeping me from merging with my higher self to be removed with EASE and GRACE. " State this everyday with your meditation.

    You can also receive a Reiki attunement from a Master Reiki Teacher. This is a spiritual ceremony where the practitioner will expand your central light column and clear out your chakras so you can channel a higher concentration of life force energy through out your system. Reiki is a healing modality, as well as, an enlightenment system. There are 4 levels reiki 1, reiki 2, Master level and Master/Teacher level. Reiki is wonderful and will really advance your path.

    I went through rapid transformation and trust me, it is NOT a walk in the park. And yes, it will make the ascension symptoms worse because you will be healing all the old blocks and wounds very, very quickly and will be ascending in consciousness at an accelerated rate. Acceleration was important for me because I had work to do as a soul ~ looking back, I am really glad I did everything I could to move through as quickly as possible although there were months where I really didn't think I was gonna make it through. Acceleration is a personal was a good one for me.

    Also, receiving energy healings from a Reiki practitioner or a DNA THeta Healer will greatly help you. DNA THETA will really help you with any subconscious blocks and any trauma you are carrying ~ it is my favorite healing modality.

  6. Hi,
    I went through pretty much everything in this article. I am probably on the more grounded side of this. I am seeing a Kinesiologist once and month and go for regular Reiki sessions.
    How long does this last for? It has been 3 months for me. I know I need to keep my vibrations up, but i still dont know what direction I need to go with life in General right now. I am really just going with the flow for now.
    I really do battle to meditate and feel closer to higher self most of the day without distraction.
    I like the idea of intention, I will keep doing that for now.
    Any other advise you can give?
    Thanks Ursh

  7. We all go through a period where we don't have direction in our life. The old part of us (egoic self) starts to die off and the new us, true self begins to come in. This can be a very frightening period because the things we use to do start to loose their value. This is the time period where we are advised to concentrate on our spiritual practice through meditation so we can open up the tubes and channels to our higher self that are currently blocked. Once these tubes and channels open we will receive clear guidance about our soul mission and know we are fully supported and deeply loved by our spiritual being and the universe. It usually takes several months of daily meditation before you will start to see the results. Stick with your meditations, it is your quiet time with your spiritual being that will catapult you into greater expansion. Perhaps get some meditation cd's to help you with earphones. Earphones will play music differently in each ear and will help you to relax and balance the portions of your brain. Meditation is the key to your empowerment. It is the most important part of your spiritual practice.

  8. that actually made everything make sense..the other emotion i had issues dealing with was that i was appearing like a parasite/pain in the butt when id ask questions...thankyou for helping us understand our way through this <3

  9. Thank you so much, I feel so much better now! Except for my symptoms - hahaha! I will work on those.

  10. Sabrina, do you offer any online classes? I feel deeply connected to how you are expressing & aligning the work we do on ourselves & integrate our work into whatever forms we need to, to participate in life however we choose. I also have gone through & continue to process everything you wrote here. I feel taking some courses where I could discuss what's up for me, etc. would be an excellent way for me to go forward, emerge & take action w/ tools on my belt=)Thank you, Ambuja.

  11. Hi Ambuja ~ At this time I am not doing any classes, however my book "Raise Your Vibration" is an accumulation of class materials I use to teach.....I put it all in a book so people could have access to the information without actually having to attend a class. <3

  12. I really enjoyed this, as I have with most of your blogs and chapter postings. Hypothetically, can one claim these symptoms are due to one's irrationality with how they deal with life? I have experienced most of what is posted in this chapter. Some would claim "so and so is going insane!! They are having an identity crisis!!" It seems, most subconsciously believe if you do not handle life in the most effective manner (their way) then it is doomed. What is an identity crisis? Why is it a crisis? Isn't it ascension at it's prime? Letting the old out to let the new in. Much love thank you, my friend.

  13. Ascension will be ongoing for quite some time. The planet will be fully activated by 2012, but the Earth and humanity will need time to fully integrate the new incoming energies......and that is why many of us are experiencing "ascension symptoms" because our energy fields like a snake are shedding the old, and we are having to recreate new more divinely aligned energy shields that protect us. This is exhausting requires a lot of energy and yes, you could say some of it is our irrationality with how we handle things because not only are we transmuting our energy, but we also still have to maintain sanity in a very insane, unconscious, unstable world where many of our soul mates are resisting the upshift in their consciousness. Not to mention we are being shown the issues within our being that need to be refined. Ascension is about the unveiling of our old shadow and egoic consciousness. Once we unveil within us what we have hidden for so many lifetimes we can heal it, but if it remains hidden lurking in the back ground of our subconscious (energy fields) our shadow and dark filled behaviors will remain. Ascension requires us to heal the ego and shadow so we can receive more light and this can create an identity crisis for us, as well as, for our loved ones because our old identity....the way we use to behave and respond starts to change....even our activities and things we use to enjoy doing fall away and this may upset our friends and family when we suddenly decide their way of being and living no longer resonates with us.....and many people out of lack of awareness will try to keep us from healing and changing because that means in order for us to still have a relationship that resonates they too will need to heal and change and that can be too much for many to accept. So my best advice to you is to stay committed to your ascension path no matter what others say to you ~ ascension is a personal choice ~ you actually may be a light house for others to follow in the future after you move through all the mucky waters of the shadow and ego consciousness and come through with a greater sense of love, peace, spiritual abundance and joy. Everyone around you will start to ask what you did, and they will want your new found LIGHT and expansion of consciousness as well. We are all learning how to BE the LIGHT we have awakened ourselves to BE and that may mean that we make a few mistakes along the observant of your self and always be willing to constantly refine your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors. The soul is always ascending.......we just happen to be in a time period where it is happening with rapid speed. It is the time of EN-LIGHT-EN-MENT but first all, the things that aren't LIGHT within our being need to be released. Blessings on your journey. ~ Sabrina

  14. Dear Sabrina,

    Are ths symptoms only appear on those already on the spiritual path, or could be on anyone in general? Thank you.


  15. These symptoms are occurring in many people right now, and they don't know what is happening to them. These symptoms will oftentimes lead people to the spiritual path because they are symptoms of the soul awakening.

  16. Thank you for prompt reply. But how do we identify it is an awakening symptom which need no medical treatment or otherwise? Thank you.

  17. Unfortunately, there is no way to do that except through the use of your own discernment. I still go to the doctor when necessary ~ Doctors are a very valuable tool in helping us to feel better.....just don't give your power away to them.

  18. My ego seems to be desperately fighting for survival & causing me all sorts of problems :( I feel so agitated & unsettled, have intermittent tinnitus, massive appetite (although i am not putting on weight particularly)and just so many of the other things you mentioned although i hadn't connected them until i read this so thank you for sharing this as this time. Despite having investigated the ascension theory and pretty much written it off as unlikely (intellectually!) and for all the symptoms, I am suddenly very aware of a rapidly increasing sense of light & energy. My body feels so...odd... It seems the process is continuing under its own momentum regardless of my lack of focus on it. I'm looking forward to getting beyond the stage where my ego is behaving like a rampant toddler though....

  19. I went through this process exactly as you described it, never realizing what it was. I called it depression I was prescribed medication that didn't help just made me suicidal. Then I read this book and started learning to meditate, changed homes,began to exercise then I found peace.

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  21. Not to be a stick in the mud, but some of these symptoms (above) warrant medical attention. It's important to understand the difference between catharsis and serious medical issues. The physical discomforts listed above could also be Lyme's disease, congestive heart failure, diabetes or even a brain aneurysm etc.

    Personally, I have found that big spiritual changes or energy healing changes which cause transient physical discomfort, have passed quickly and with some degree of awareness that I was not in need of medical treatment. They never linger stubbornly.

    Regarding strange symptoms and moving ahead on planet earth, we must also educate ourselves on subjects like the origin of fluoride and why it's in our water, Aspartame origins, vaccine content, radiation, genetically engineered food and countless others.

    Bringing bright awareness into dark places is so important.

    Also, I believe ALL IS AVAILABLE ALL THE TIME to all of us, and that 2012 is a media promoted number.

    There is 'New Age' and 'NWO'/'Nuclear Age' and they are not going in the same direction in spite of much of the propaganda coming from the same highly developed occult origins.

  22. thank you so much dear Sabrina! i am experiencing almost all of the symptoms you listed. i question my sanity some days. it is nice to see it all in a format like this to see that i am just going through the process. i trust the process and i am excited about ascension! thank you for all that you do! blessings to you. <3

  23. Thank you for this blog and your insight. I have been experiencing a great deal of the symptoms described by yourself and others. I lost my job (graphic design) late last year (which was a good thing in a sense), just felt so disconnected from that type of work for the last 2 years. Now I do not know what to do next in terms of making a living. Have been doing intensive ascension work but am concerned about my material existence. I have been asking my higher self for a clue as to what to do next but nothing has come forth to give me a clue. I have also quit surfing and playing guitar (which I have been doing for the last 30+ years. Do you have any advice that I can use? I also feel a great deal of heat in my body for extended periods of time which is disruptive to my thought patterns, feeling a bit overloaded. Many thanks, Gene

  24. We are currently writing a book on ways to help yourself reduce the anxiety and distress as we go through these wonderful changes. We are recommending clearing negative energy using Jo Dunning's The Pulse, Jacqueline Joy's Diamond Alignment and Patricia Cota Robles Violet Flame. Our website's mission is to help people restore their emotional equilibrium. My co author and I are psychotherapists with over 25 years experience each. We are not selling anything, simply trying to be of service at this time.

  25. HOLLLLYY WOW. THANK YOU FOR THIS. This post could not have come at a better time. SO much makes sense to me now about my unfolding process. . . I have been experiencing almost all of these levels of discomfort and have been doubting/judging them and resenting all my spiritual practice. I am relieved to understand now. I can relax. Thank you.

  26. Stay committed! You will have hiccups along your spiritual journey. The most important thing you must develop is trust in self.....then you have everything. Keep moving forward in full faith, Hugs.

  27. I am having this symptoms, but I kinda getting scared of the intense emotion.. like old hurt, anger, sadness and fear are coming to me and I don't know if i'm healing or going nuts because I get so mad then forgiving. it's a like a ziwzaw. I don't know what to do sometimes, I always say to myself, this thing will come to pass, I just have to feel and respect the emotions, and give more love to myself.


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