Friday, May 13, 2011

The Core Of Your Being

Your Spiritual self or God self is the core of your being and is completely pure and unaffected by any of the energies in the physical dimension. Nothing you have ever done has corrupted or changed the core essence of your being. Your God self, a direct extension of the Creator, lives in a higher octave and is completely whole and never separated from you or the Creator of All That Is. The Creator took of his light and created your God Self and your God Self took a part of its consciousness creating the soul where it extended itself into the earth plane taking on a physical body. As a newborn child, the soul enters the body and a veil of amnesia or forgetfulness is placed over the soul’s mind and the soul forgets that it is an extension of the Creator. Because the soul believes it is separated and powerless, it becomes fearful and creates an alter identity called the Ego or the lower self. The Ego is a fear filled extension of the soul and is not connected to the loving guidance of the God self. Out of desperation and confusion the soul allows the Ego to become the dominating source of guidance which creates blocks and barriers between the soul and its true source of wisdom and guidance, the God self. The Ego is an acronym for Edging God Out and once it is in control of the soul, it will do everything to keep the soul from remembering its true nature. Because the soul has free will, the God Self will allow the soul and its self-created alter identity the ego, to experience its free will to the fullest. The God self is a source of wisdom and guidance but it does not intervene in the soul’s free will if the soul chooses to follow the guidance of the Ego.

Humanity has been in a dualistic battle with its ego for the past 11,000 years. Since we are moving into the photon belt of Christed energies and out of the 11,000 years of darkness it is time for each of us to remember who we truly are releasing the control, lies and fears of our Ego or lower self. It is time for our soul to step back into alignment so we can be spiritually fed and guided by the love of our God self. In order for the soul to access divine guidance it must, choose for itself, to take dominion over its ego. The soul needs to release the control of ego separation reclaiming its soul presence and divine birthright to fully merge into sacred union with its God self. This can only occur if the soul chooses to release the belief that it is separated from its Creator and actively pursues divine union with its God self through the process of raising its vibration, expanding its consciousness and seeking the kingdom within.

May you be blessed on your journey back to wholeness. ~ Sabrina


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