Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thymus Tap ~ High Heart ~ Ascension

At this time on our planet the pathways within the human heart are opening and expanding. Three of the major chambers are located at the bottom (self love), middle (human to human experiences/duality) and top (soul and higher self) of the heart. The top of the heart is the thymus that connects to the endocrine system ~ it is very important for ascension. The thymus activates and opens the hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary glands and the middle and bottom portions of the heart. As the heart expands we open ourselves up to experience unconditional love. Unconditional Love is an unlimited way of being for ourselves and others where we release judgment (no right or wrong) ~ stepping into allowance for everyone's free will choice to experience life however they choose.....whether it be through a positive or negative experience understanding that both dark and light experiences have value in our souls growth.

Unconditional love for self requires us to listen to our heart. Our heart speaks to us through our feelings. When we listen to our souls song and not the mind chatter of the ego (should, could, what if???) we naturally make the highest choices for ourselves by choosing light filled, expansive opportunities for ourselves ~while we lovingly let go of the rest.

Along with your daily spiritual practice of meditation and self awareness the THYMUS TAP exercise is a great way to assist in the opening of your high heart. The thymus is located about three inches below your throat. Oftentimes in pictures of Jesus, he is pointing to the area of the thymus gland showing us where to focus for salvation and ascension.

THYMUS TAP EXERCISE: State your intention first.
" I ask and intend for my sacred heart to be opened and activated for my highest and best good."

Throughout the day, whenever you think about it, simply tap the thymus gland area. You can also state mantras while you tap the thymus, especially if you have slipped out of alignment with your higher wisdom and are experiencing the negative mind chatter of the lower self.

" I AM one with the Light "
" I AM Love "
" I AM one with God and All Beings "
" My body is returning to a perfect state of health and balance "
" God is here "
" I allow others to be themselves and I set myself free "
" I release all that no longer serves me with ease and grace "

With Love ~ Sabrina


  1. I love it. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    One time I had a guided meditation by Hari Das in which we envisioned our thymus "palace" getting bigger and bigger and mine became full of immense crystals... when the meditation was over I looked up the crystals I had seen in the vision and they were Tourmaline.... I ran out and got some and that's when I began my study and passion for crystals. Every time I focus on my higher heart chakra (thymus gland) I see my crystal palace. :) Lovely isn't it... So is this.. .and thank you again. :)

  2. Absolutely correct and beautifully stated, thank you for the blog, an excellent reminder!


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