Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There was a family that use to live in our neighborhood that had the most pristine house and yard. They were a retired couple and everyday they found JOY in the daily maintenance and upkeep of their home and yard. They decided to sell their house, and move away so they could be closer to their grandchildren.

A gentlemen purchased the house and quickly started renovating the immaculate yard and plush grass ~ digging a large portion of the grass up ~ creating a huge flower bed. Truck fulls of dark, rich soil were hauled in and everyone in the neighborhood was talking about what an incredible garden he was going to create. He worked incredibly hard for months on this garden. Unfortunately, after a 3 month period, his creation was a mess. Weeds had overtaken the garden and he clearly had not taken the time to research the flowers before he planted them. He planted flowers that needed full sun in the shade and flowers that needed to be in the shade in the sun. In addition, he had chosen to put very tall flowers in front of the short flowers which created a very unbalanced, messy flower garden.

Instead of maintaining and balancing the old garden, he decided to create a new garden. Same thing.....he hauled in dirt, dug up another portion of his plush grass and inserted a variety of different plants. He worked very, very, long and hard on his new flower bed. After he completed the garden he went back into his house and hibernated. Once again, the weeds began to overtake his most recent garden because he refused to invest additional time in it. Now he had two flower beds that were a total mess. What once use to be the most well kept home and yard in the neighborhood is now very unruly and overtaken by weeds. As I walked past his home this morning, there he was again with all of his tools creating ANOTHER flower bed ~ instead of cleaning up, and tending to the ones he had already created.

As I went for my walk I started thinking about how we do this as humans. With the best of intentions, we start out on the spiritual path wanting to heal ourselves and get closer to God. We want to experience more peace, beauty, joy and love in our lives. We begin to shift our attitudes and move forward into the higher vibrations. Synchronicities increase and we begin to feel lighter, happier and more connected. But before we know it, we start to notice old behavioral patterns returning and we begin to wonder where we went wrong.

As we gain more LIGHT ~ the weeds get bigger and more noticeable. The LIGHT of GOD will bring forth all of our negative beliefs, thoughts, emotions, subconscious programs, blocks, attachments and addictions out into the open for us to SEE so we can "weed them out" discarding them from our consciousness. But truth be told ~  we don't really want to SEE,we don't really want to do the dirty work of weeding the gardens of our subconscious mind. We would much rather deny the inner weeds (our own inner workings) projecting our distortions onto every one else ~ instead of being honest with ourselves about what we need to clean up in our own energy fields. We are very much like the man and his garden. Instead of weeding out the gardens and maintenencing them we just keep creating new ones making one mess after another ~ revolving in the same repetive patterns lifetime after lifetime.

What weeds do you need to pull from your garden? What do you need to clean up, let go of and weed out of your life so you can renew yourself? We can not renew ourselves without clearing out and letting go of things that no longer serve us. We can not continue to add more and more into our lives thinking it is going to get better ~ that just leads to a bigger mess. 

If we want to create the garden of our dreams ~ a life filled with the Abundance, Beauty, Joy, Peace and Unconditional Love of SPIRIT ~ we are going to have to remain in a constant state of self awareness, diligently working on excavating all of the energetic blocks (weeds) that keep us from creating our highest soul's potential. As we face God ~ we face ourselves. When we deny our egoic distortions, refusing to acknowledge and transcend them, we deny ourselves connection to that which we were seeking in the first place which is a direct, adulterated connection to SOURCE.   Blessings ~ Sabrina


  1. Great one! Loved this metaphor~!! So true..constant vigilance is needed to weed out the old habits. Thanks for the this lovely and easy to understand reminder!

  2. You are so welcome Bebbi. I am weeding out a few stubborn weeds right now myself.

  3. Such a beautiful story and also very true! For me Raw Foods hands me tools to see and acknowledge those parts that are ready to go "weeds" and to live more in my fullest potential. What tools do you use?

    Bliss And Love

  4. The Garden of our personal Truth must be tended before the larger Garden of Humanity can be tilled and tended. Weed our own beds before sticking ones nose into those of others. We are now putting the Light on to many structures we have created in ignorance or allowed to grow weedy while we hibernate, then scream at what is created, without response-Ability for them. An effort-full process then ensues, which we will see soon enough. Blessings on your work.

  5. Sometimes the weeds that grow are so much more productive for real life than sterile manicured lawns. Birds eat weed seeds caterpillars eat the weeds and put up cocoons for their metamorphosis. None of which could occur in a well tended grass lawn. Moths overwinter in leaf litter...illustrating true death and rebirth. So much of what we praise as good is simply a manifestation of our ideals. Live and let live. Bear real fruit...get weedy!

  6. Yes, I agree....weeds are productive as they are there for us to acknowledge what is within our consciousness that needs to be tended too and released. I want a clear maintained consciousness so I can connect on a deeper level to Spirt....weeds create blocks and barriers to our connection to the God Self. We don't want to hang onto them or be attached. We need to let go of what no longer serves us so we don't attract parasitic energies that distort clear guidance from our higher consciousness. Unless you like an overgrown weedy energy field full of distortions and energies that like to feed off of your distortions and limitations. It is a free will choice.

  7. Hi Elenore ~

    Everything on this blog is from my own personal experience and exploration. I use all the techniques listed here. Many Blessings.

  8. what a wonderful article! thank you!


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