Saturday, June 4, 2011

Relationship Reflections

The relationships we have with others is oftentimes the relationship we have with ourselves. When we truly love ourselves we will not attract unloving relationships, and more importantly, we certainly will not choose to remain stuck in a toxic situation. We will either heal the imbalance or remove ourselves from the situation all together because we honor our right to be happy, healthy and joyful.

Relationships are not just reflected through people. Relationship could be the one you have with your house, your neighborhood, your town, your pets, your job, your body, your mind, the food you eat, the Earth, the Universe etc....

What relationships need to be addressed in your life that are keeping you from attaining your soul's highest potential? Can they be brought back into balance or do they need to be released?

Each one of us will know in our hearts which relationships have had their time. We can give thanks for the lessons reflected and LOVE OURSELVES enough to choose differently so we can bring ourselves back into alignment with our highest good. 

♥ In Joy ~ Sabrina

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