Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can we meditate our problems away or get an angel to solve them?

QUESTION: Can I meditate in a closet and not have to come out to change anything, can I just meditate it away? Perhaps wait the problem out while praying? In this situation I feel like I can not act, so can I ask the angels to go where I can not go? At a certain level do all problems cease?

HTRYV ANSWER: No you can not just meditate or pray your problems away. Prayer and meditation are wonderful tools to use. However, we have free will and the Creator will not solve our problems for us, but the Creator will be a source of guidance for us, IF we are willing to listen. Through the silence of meditation you will be able to tap into the guidance from your soul, guides, higher self and the Creator so you can gain right understanding and go out into the world confident in your ability to solve any problems that may arise with a grounded, loving and compassionate energy.

In addition, meditation will help you clean out your energy fields so your negative subconscious programs (distorted beliefs held over an extended period of time) and energetic blocks in your chakras won't continue to draw negative circumstances into your life. Our consciousness (energy) is what creates our reality. Meditation will also raise your vibration which will change your current level of consciousness into a higher more expanded one so you will make better choices for yourself and the planet. Meditation will also clear away the muck and debris you have been carrying around for lifetimes (karma) that keeps you in a pattern of negative recreation.

Yes, you can ask for help from the Creator to send additional angels to help you with your dilemma. You have free will so you must ask for their assistance. I think it is very important to ask the Creator first to send you the appropriate angels for your specific situation. Tell the Creator what you would like to experience and ask for the Creator and the angels to help you. Sometimes the Creator, the angels or a higher being will dissolve the karma for you but usually they want you to learn from the lesson and they want you to use your power of free will to create what you want. None the less, they will assist you, but they won't take the whole problem away from you because problems are opportunities for us to learn from and grow.

As we rise in vibration or energetic frequency we gain more and more spiritual energy and our energy  attracts more balanced and loving learning opportunities. We can learn and evolve in a negative or a positive way. ~ it is up to us to choose. However, there really is no end or beginning ~ as we are all evolving becoming more and more like God/Goddess which is pure unconditional love. Even the ascended masters, angels and very highly evolved beings of light are still learning and evolving but not at the density level we learn here on Earth. Yes, things get easier but there will always be challenges for us to learn from as we climb the mountain of higher creation. So no, all problems never really cease, they are actually the tension in creation that keeps us creating and coming up with new ideas and opportunities to explore in new ways. This is part of mastery ~ learning how to solve a problem in the highest and best way for ALL involved. We must face our problems and learn from them.

Namaste, Sabrina


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  2. So glad you like it and resonate with the information.

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