Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking Dominion Over Our Monkey Mind

Twice a week I order large boxes of kale, apples, oranges and lemons from our vendors at our restaurant so I can make fresh squeezed juice. It never fails, 15 minutes after I return home from dropping my daughter off at the restaurant ~ so she can work the lunch shift, I will receive a text from my husband saying the produce has arrived. Sometimes this is very irritating because I will be in the middle of a project at home ( I am an artist) and I have to drop what I am doing, get back into the car, wrestle with traffic and go back to the restaurant to pick up the produce.

Yesterday I found myself wrestling with my egoic thoughts~ it was like I had a monkey on my head. "Ugh, what a pain in the butt. I'm going to have to get out of my art clothes and put on a different outfit and wash out my brushes so they don't dry up. Why can't the produce show up a little earlier, now I have to get in a hot car and drive all the way back up there to pick up the produce then I have to come home wash it all and store it appropriately....blah blah blah". Negative, negative, negative.
(Ego Consciousness / Monkey Mind).

Then another voice came through ~ "Well, at least the drive is only 5 minutes away. How fortunate you are to be able to order such large boxes of produce at wholesale price, this produce makes enzyme rich juice that nourishes your body ~ remember your psychic energy affects everything on Earth...including the produce you are about to pick up. Focus on gratitude and the good things about this situation instead of the negative. This IS part of your mastery, you must learn to focus your energy appropriately. Be careful with your thoughts, they are creative. Your negative ego will create a cloudy energy field and lower your vibration and you won't feel good. Is this really something to be so negative about?"  (Soul Consciousness)

We all have many aspects within our being speaking all the time. Half the battle is being aware and conscious of our inner workings so we can take dominion over the negativity within us and choose to channel our energy in more life affirming ways that is not only for our highest good but also for the highest good of the planet. Our emotional, mental, psychic energy is toxic not only to our energy field but also the Earths atmosphere (aura). Wherever we focus our attention whenever we find ourselves in negative mind chatter it is a good idea to take note, give thanks for the opportunity to see yourself and then redirect your energy towards gratitude and appreciation.

As I drove to the restaurant, I began to give thanks to the restaurant, the vendors the produce, the opportunity to make fresh juice and for the opportunity for me to "see" myself so I could re-direct my energy. When I showed up to the restaurant the most amazing, beautiful box of kale and fresh fruit was awaiting me. If I had stayed on the negative path of "inconvenience" it is very likely the box of produce would have been limp, mildewy and old. We are creating our reality all the time ~ good things come to us when we take dominion over our lower selves and focus our energy in ways that will serve our highest and best good. <3 Sabrina


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