Friday, July 1, 2011

Energy Break and Zip Up Exercise for Physical Cleansing.

Energy Break:

An energy break is used by healers to break free from the energetic influence such as negative feelings, emotions or other vibrations they may have picked up from their clients or someone else.

Starting with both hands in prayer at the heart, twist them ~ palms together, so the right hand is closet to the heart with the fingers pointing to the left. The left hand is flat against the right hand with the fingers pointing to the right. Both palms are together with the left hand in front and the right hand closet to the heart, sideways with fingers horizontal.

Leave your right hand where it is and push your left hand out (still in horizontal position) about arms length and you are going to break all energy streamers by using a chopping motion moving your hand up and down slicing through the energy over every chakra. All the way up to the crown and down to the root. Do this "cutting" motion three times and say "cut, cut, cut!"

This will push the other persons energy away from you and cut any energetic cords that may have been created. Now you will want to do the next technique to align your polarity and "zip up" your auric field

Zip Up Exercise:
Starting at the root chakra imagine you are zipping up your auric field all the way up to the Crown about 5 inches from your body. Repeat this three times.

Namaste, Sabrina

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  1. this was and is extremely helpful! came at a time when i need it the most. Much gratitude <3


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