Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Do You Tap Into SELF LOVE?


QUESTION: I really appreciate that. It is very hard for me to picture people so far along on their Path being in a state like I have been in. It is really helpful to see how far you have traveled. It gives me hope. If you could name one thing that helped the most in learning to Love yourself what would it be? Or is that just impossible to answer? 

HTRYV ANSWER: Meditation. When I started to meditate, I began to tap into the truth of who I was. It was difficult at first as the spiritual vibrations I began to tap into were very subtle and I had to deal with my ego mind chatter (This is a waste of time, I can't sit still for 15 minutes, I'm doing it wrong, This is weird, what a waste of time....I should be cleaning the house, This is never going to work, am I going crazy?, Oooh what if I discover something scary within me, Why would God waste time on me? I wonder what people would think if they knew i was doing this?) I eventually moved past the ego chatter ~ after about a month of shear will power and absolute commitment to myself and God, I started to tap into some very lovely energies and vibrations running through my system. Meditation became my comfort zone ~ where I could go to feel the love of my soul ~ I began to look forward to it everyday, in fact I would get very cranky if I didn't do it. During my deep, deep healing process, I meditated 30 minutes everyday and even did little 5 minute quick-fixes where I brought gold light into my body through my crown chakra whenever I felt bad. I would do it in the school pick up line in my car while I was waiting for my kids to get out of school, at stop lights, in doctors offices while I was waiting.... I was determined to heal myself....NOTHING could get in my way and I also asked for help from my highest guides and angels and God everyday to help me. Then one day, I tapped into the love of my God Self and the love of Mother Earth. I experienced my connection and oneness to everything and my life flashed before my eyes. I realized that the things I had done in my past AND the things others had done to me were done out of our lack of awareness and consciousness ~ and they were allowed by God because every experience helps us to grow as souls ~ I also understood that I had balanced a tremendous amount of karma in this lifetime and it was my higher self's choice to go through these experiences.....the people I was angry with, were the ones who actually helped me balance this karma. They actually gifted me with an opportunity to advance very rapidly even though it was a very, very painful experience. I was able to forgive myself and everyone because I realized none of us knew who we were and because of this, we all experienced tremendous pain, therefore we inflicted pain onto ourselves and each other. I also discovered we had contracts with each other to help us evolve ~ how we responded to these circumstances was up to each soul and determined whether we would advance or not.....some of us were going to have to repeat certain circumstances again because we had not learned loving ways to respond. With this awareness I knew that I wanted to evolve and that it was time for me to STOP doing the same things over and over again....I was tired and wanted to behave differently ~ I was ready to be pro-active on my souls journey. I walked away from that experience knowing God's unconditional love and knowing who I was ~ I was part of this amazing God energy and only I could choose to step into my empowerment and BE the change I wanted to see in my reality. I also knew if I didn't love myself, then I didn't love God. After this experience it took effort for me to change the negative subconscious programs that were running through my system. Some of these programs were projected into my energy field by the mass consciousness, by my parents, society etc....a lot of them weren't even mine but they had become mine because they were in my energy and I was the only one who could transform them into a higher vibration. Everyday, I would look in the mirror and tell myself, "I love you Sabrina" The first 2 months were hard....I barely could look in my eyes. When I got in the shower I told my body how much I loved it and gave thanks to it for housing my spirit and soul. Every cell in my body had to be re-programmed to love because I had hated myself for so long. Now, I am able to look myself in the mirror everyday with shear joy to be alive and gratitude for the love I feel towards myself, others, God and the Earth. Whenever I have an off day, I have compassion for myself and know that whatever I am feeling will pass and I will simply love myself through it because I know I am a divine aspect of God ~ fully supported and deeply loved. AND SO ARE YOU! ♥

Making the choice to love and heal yourself, MEDITATION, Sheer determination and willpower to stick with the spiritual path ~ which is the inner path ~ Conscious awareness of your negative dialogue, Telling yourself how much you love yourself, Focused attention on God and asking for help from your highest white light guides and angels will transform you into the being you know you can be. It does take a lot of effort in the beginning, but eventually it becomes your lifestyle....it becomes internalized....it becomes a part of you. Your whole being returns to love and you awaken the spiritual being you have always been but have forgotten about.

If you want to heal yourself and return to your truth which is ~ You are God/Goddess....you will need to thirst for Truth like a parched man dying of thirst, thirsting for water.....then the flood gates of heaven will open and the cleansing waters of God/Goddess will be brought forth into your being cleansing everything within you that is filled with distortion and illusion. You are God/Goddess ♥ Sabrina

I also had the help of energy healers. I became attuned to Reiki. I loved it so much I became a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. I received healings from Reiki practitioners and DNA Theta Practitioners. Energy work greatly helped me clear out the subconscious programs and blocks within my chakras and energy fields. The help of a energy worker is priceless....some of the blocks we have ~ we are attached to, and we are unable to release them on our own. The subconscious mind is powerful~ seek out help from someone qualified to help you. ♥



  1. Wow, what a synchronicity! I so resonate with this.. Thank you Sabrina, you're wonderful :)

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!!! Beautifully said and definitely something I needed to be 'reminded' of. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul!!!

  3. You are so welcome! I'm so glad it resonates so strongly with you.

  4. Definitely needed this today! Thank you for these words of encouragement! <3

  5. This is wonderful. Really well said. I went through something similar a couple of years ago. The beauty is that we reach out for Love and then we are showered with Love.

  6. While reading this, I almost had to stop myself from holding my breath. I was having a physical reaction to reading this and I can't quite explain it but it is exactly what I needed to read at this time of where I am at. It holds so many answers for me. I have been working on meditation. It is going slow. I have attempted it only 3 times and have felt many of the things you have described. But I am also on the same path that you described at the beginning. I FEEL all of those things. I felt so much excitement while reading this. Thank you. My heart wanted to burst out of me. I am so glad that you reposted this on your fb site so that I was able to see it. You are such a gift Sabrina.

  7. Robin ~ I am a reflection of you. You can see yourself where I was, and you can also see the potentials within me that are waiting for you. Keep walking through the doors.....be patient with yourself. You are moving in the right direction. It will only get better and better from here, but know that you will need to face challenges along the way. These challenges are purposeful. Love and Blessings.

  8. Thank you Sabrina, as you wrote yes you are a reflection of Robin, myself and the ALL.

    This entire message struck me but what really got me choked up was this, "With this awareness I knew that I wanted to evolve and that it was time for me to STOP doing the same things over and over again....I was tired and wanted to behave differently ~ I was ready to be pro-active on my souls journey. " I AM SO TIRED, I have been tired for years and just didn't know what to do.

    The other day I made the decision to remove myself from FB a place that brings me so much joy, sharing my writing assisting others and myself in healing but that joy was from the outside, alone I was sad and hurt.

    I realized that I was living from the child within's perspective all of this time. The pain bodies, the memories have all been stuck in my lower chakras and energy field for all of my life. I too felt that a lot of the energy wasn't mine. But it had attached to me for whatever reasons to learn and evolve.

    This out of all of your message and I absolutely resonate with you so much, really spoke to my Spirit. I am so grateful for finding you and your writings. Thank you

  9. Love Always-
    Funny you wrote this, because of late, I have become aware too, of the fact that I am still relying on others, such as Sabrina, to help me as I am on my journey. Not just help me, but depend on even. Instead of getting rid of facebook, I have completely changed the way I use it. I rarely see many personal post now- as most of my post are from pages that I learn from, get inspired by or inspirations from, that help resonate etc. Quite often just the thing I am struggling with, will show up in some form from one of these pages or groups that I now have liked or participate in. I feel it allows the Universe to show me the way as I learn to walk in my new spiritual legs. I feel I am a new baby on this path and am just now learning to walk. Below I have included part of a journal type entry that I sent privately to my two 'sisters' on this planet who agreed to take the A Course In Miracles journey with me. We share our thoughts about each lesson and then meet each week to discuss where we are at. These thoughts are from after doing Lesson 58
    I wish I could ride the wave of exhilaration from the emotional freedom and tasting the relief that I am in God's hands always. I know I can. I just have to allow myself to trust that. To know it with such certainty that my ego has no chance to place a foot hold in my mind, emotions or life. But as it is, I am a baby learning to walk. I falter and fall down often on my unsure legs and footing. But then I have these lessons, and they remind me exactly, once again, of what I need to hear and know. "I can do this with every speck of fear that enters into my mind, choose holiness and relinquish judgement. As this lesson states- My Father supports me, protects me and directs me in all things. His care for me is infinite and is with me forever. I am eternally blesses as his son. This is the truth. There IS nothing else." One of the things I am most grateful in Sabrina's writing and explanations is the allowance of emotions. That it is OK to feel them and not only feel them encouraged to feel them to allow the levels and layers to come up so that they can be healed and cleared. This isn't quite like other things I read that so often make me feel I shouldn't be feeling my 'negative' feelings at all, that I should ALWAYS be in a state of CONSTANT positive feelings (such as The Secret seems to imply). This caused so much strain on me, as I felt that if I felt ONE negative feeling, then I had failed. I couldn't allow any negative feelings what so ever. And while I DO believe in Energy, That we are all one, that how we think does build our reality and that like attracts like, Sabrina offers a place in which to work within all of that. Something I can manage and feel human in my imperfection while I strive to do and be all that I am meant to be in my greatness as a spiritual being. For this, I am grateful.

    1. Beautiful Robin, that is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing, I am going to add this to my memory bank.

      And yes, like you I too felt if I felt something then I wasn't doing something "right". And I have always had a sense of Spirit and Spiritual Team (so funny to see Sabrina use the same term I've been using :))and so when I feel that way, "they" will check in on me and literally ask me questions I need to know.

      Just as I opened this up (had no intention on coming to this post but I saved the link and emailed myself and voila here you are hehe) I was being told how powerful I am and to remember that and to surrender it ALL. ALL OF IT.

      Also, with my reference to FB, it was really something I had to do, I was too addicted. LOL

      Thank you again Robin for sharing and I send you love and light on your journey.



  10. Beautiful Evolving Souls....thank you for your very profound messages. They help others along there journey as well. We all need each other on our journey of Self Empowerment.....it is a beautiful climb that can be filled with reach emotions and set backs. Believe in your self and feel those feelings....they need to be transmuted into greater awareness. Lots of Love!


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