Friday, July 15, 2011

Dreams & Cleansing Bed Sheet Procedure

Are you waking up in the morning feeling exhausted? 

So much is going on in our sleep. We are being activated by our ascension team and we are processing through the muck in our subconscious releasing what no longer serves us at an accelerated rate. Some of us are working in the astral realms or are attending schools in the higher dimensions receiving information to bring back to humanity. 

Many people have been talking about stressful dreams. I have one friend who has been going through a long divorce and she had a dream she was taking a shower in a parking lot while everyone watched her. It is so symbolic of the time of transparency, coming out into the open and deciding to finally come clean. 

She had been unhappy in her marriage for quite sometime and had hidden her painful marriage to her family and friends. It has taken her two years, but she is finally in the finalization stages of her divorce and she is stepping into her power and her true enlightened authentic self. This dream is symbolic of her finally washing off the energetic residue of all the pain, secrets, shame, negative emotions and feelings she had stored in her subconscious mind throughout her marriage. 

She woke up and said it was a very stressful dream.....what happens is while we sleep and our subconscious clears we re-experience the fears, emotions and feelings as they are being released. Because of the rapid acceleration that is going on we are clearing a lot of negative energy. Once a week it might be a good idea for you to wash your sheets and linens in baking soda and sea salt to clear off any of the negative energies that may have accumulated in your sheets during your sleep state.

Laundry Detergent (normal amount)
1/2 Cup sea salt
1/2 Cup baking soda
Wash as normal in the laundry machine.

You will sleep so much better! Blessings ♥ Sabrina​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710

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