Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marriage as a Soul Contract

Marriage is part of human conditioning, it's not something God created; humanity created it as part of the program and it is an OPTION ~ not something we have to do to evolve, as there are many ways to advance our soul. Having said that, humanity has created marriage as a legal agreement and a "vow" we make to each other... in front of God, and our family and friends. It's a major "Soul Contract" based on love and fear (control). It's one of those dualistic programs we have created that more times than not....doesn't work ~ but certainly teaches us a lot of soul lessons. Once the contract is made it is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about love, fear, control, sharing, honesty, sexual energy, respect, boundaries, relationships, staying true to ourselves, the balance of giving and receiving, commitment, the creation of offspring and death. However, soul contracts do change and evolve....once we learn specific lessons with another soul, we raise our energetic frequency, we expand our consciousness and move on to more advanced lessons. Other souls in our contracted groups may not want to move forward with us and evolve.....we then have a choice whether we want to stay in the contracted relationship or not. If we choose to move on, and dissolve the contract, then we need to do so with integrity and consideration for all involved so we don't misqualify any energy. Sex with another partner ~ when we are married ~ will create all kinds of misqualified energy, karma and's not for anyones highest good. The marriage should be in the process of being dissolved before we embark on a sacred, physical and energetic exchange with another soul. You also don't have to be "married" to enjoy sex. Sex is not about procreation, sex is about union and experiencing the oneness between two people (regardless of 3D gender) and the divine energy of Spirit that is downloaded during the event of an orgasm.....♥ Spiritual energy is orgasmic. Be Blesssed ♥ Sabrina​How-to-Raise-Your-Vibration/20​4840666199710


  1. I agree. Beautiful post!


  2. What about evolving into multiple partnerships at once? What is your take on that?


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