Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cutting Energetic Cords

Cutting Energetic Cords is important because they can keep us connected to people who drain us. Etheric cords are streams of energy that connect us to others. Energy is exchanged through these cords and if a negative cord is connected to someone negative or needy, your vitality and joy will be siphoned off. These people, whom we may love very much, don't mean to drain us but do so unconsciously because they are very lonely, sick, needy, taxing or demanding. Interacting with certain people, especially ones that always seem to have dramas or constant complaints can leave us feeling tired and drained afterwards.

Cutting cords is easy! I recommend doing this everyday. First be aware that you do have the ability to cut your energetic cords. The art of visualization must be learned in order to be a powerful co-creator with God. We must witness the process in order to bring the healing into this reality. Imagination is the power you have to to access your subconscious mind to produce the results you want. Imagination ignites creation! You are powerful!

We also need to use the power of commanding our energy into action.

Cord Cutting Exercise:
1. Move your consciousness above your head and connect with the Creator.

2. Make the command: "Creator of All That Is, It is commanded for all cords that are negative and draining my energy to be cut from my being and taken to your light to be transmuted into love. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done." SHOW ME.

3. Observe yourself above your head looking down at your entire being. Look for the gray cords. They may be located anywhere on your body...concentrate on all chakra areas~ especially the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra. 

4. Visualize Gods hand coming into your energy field with a pair of scissors to cut the cords or you could ask the Creator to send to you Archangel Michael and his sword of light to cut the cords.

5. Visualize the cords being cut. Whatever you visualize is perfect for you. Some people even see God pushing a lawn mower over their doesn't matter. Whatever you see is perfect for you and is bringing your intention and co-creative powers forward to create what you want in this reality.

6. Once all the cords are cut watch them rise up out of your energy field or be taken by the Creators hand up above your head through the column of light that connects you to Creator of All That Is in a higher dimension. Watch them fall into the Creators dimension of pure platinum, white sparkly light.

7. Command for the Creators Love and Light to fill your entire being especially where the cords were cut. Observe yourself as the Creators light fills your being.

8. Give thanks and know that is done.

Many Blessings ~ Sabrina ♥


  1. I needed this reminder!! I like to visualize things and love to feel the immense love of the white light afterward! Thank you for sharing this, I will use it.

    I like to visualize a gentle cutting with a lot of tender stitches on both sides from our loving God/Archangels/Source... That way the transmutation into love is a visual for me as well!

    Thank you again! God Bless you for your blog!

  2. Great post. Quick question: Do we need to visualize the people these cords are connected to or can it be just a general visualization of cords without clarity of whom they are connected? I ask this because, as you said above, these may be (in my case "are") people we love very much and do not mean to be harming us. It would feel odd to me to be "cutting" a connection from them when in ways I 'm trying to heal the connection, yet learn to disengage from the negativity. I agree visualization is powerful and I do not want to sabotage my own intentions. Turns out I'm quite good at that!!

  3. Hi Kim,

    Oftentimes, when I cut cords an image of the person will pop in my head and I know who the cord is attached to. Sometimes I will cut the cord from both of us and send them to the light to be transmuted and sometimes I will just let Archangel Michael or God do what they feel is for the highest good of all involved. God knows what is best for us, so once we make the command and visualize it ~ God does what is appropriate for all involved. That's why it is so important for us to not get involved in everyone having the exact same doesn't matter, God will show each one of us the perfect visualization that is needed to be done and will heal whatever we want healed in the highest and based way for all. If you are guided to cut the cord from the other person do so ~ God is working through you and guiding you to "see" what needs to be done. If you are guided to cut it only from yourself, perfect. Send it to the light and their cord will most likely be dissolved because it no longer receives energy from you. Both of you will create new ones with each other that are life affirming, not life draining.

    As far as being concerned about cutting a can never cut a connection from anyone on this planet because we are all one. Perhaps cut is a little harsh you may want to use terms like dissolve or detach the negative cord. A negative cord serves NO ONE. When a negative cord is cut you have more energy to create positive loving cords even with the same person you just cut a cord with. Our goal is to have healthy, bright, loving cords with our soul mates. Any negative cords need to go ~ it will sap your energy and theirs. We create new cords everyday.....if you have a negative interaction with a loved one, cut the cord. You don't need it. You will create a new vibrant one if the relationship is meant to be. Hope that helps. Know you have the power to do this with God/Goddesses help.

  4. Thank you for your response. Your knowledge and subtle reminders are very helpful to me. I follow your posts daily. Before on Facebook, but decided to unplug from that for awhile starting today and will now follow the blog. I have been on my journey for quite some time, but now everything has been turned upside down since my very young daughter's diagnosis of autism. Everything I felt I knew before, my spiritual journey & process, my meditation/chanting practice, my daily awareness and prayer have been turned upside down and I feel lost again. It is very unsettling since now is when I need all i had. Instead there's a sort of emptiness I'm trying so hard to fill up again. On days I can't find direction within me to focus on my spiritual practice,
    your posts help guide me and stayed in-tuned to the right intention. Thank you. Your work is important. Much love and light from my heart to yours.

  5. When you say ask Michael the angel, you should be aware he is a warrior angel and that would not be within his realm of expertise. The study of angels is fascinating, but their job is to point to Jesus and should not be revered above God. They are His workers.

  6. I don't know where you read I said Michael should be revered above God. In fact, the command to cut cords is to the Creator and if people have a connection with Archangel Michael then they can ask the CREATOR to send Michael to them for assistance. Everything I posted goes to the Creator FIRST. Also, I would not put human limitations on Archangel Michael.....he is in service and can provide assistance for many things.

  7. I love this and the fact that it can be done your self is fantastic. I am a Theta Healing practitioner and the command to remove negative cords and the process is exactly the same, so I know it will definitely work for me! Thank you soo much for the reminder! love and light! <3 <3 <3

  8. I disagree with your call to cut the chords of energy towards negative people! Our call is to transmit authentic compassion towards them, not in ANYWAY to disengage just because we selfishly want to feel good. If someone who happens to be in a negative space is upsetting you, that is YOUR problem, not THIERS.

  9. Chris ~ take what resonates and leave the rest behind. No need to dual with each others beliefs. I share with others what works for me....if doesn't work for you, move on in peace. Blessings.

  10. Thank you Sabrina. I have just pulled up this post as I feel I need to do this.

    I am getting a sense that I am being psychically attacked by a family member, who thinks that I am "losing my way" as he is very attached to a dualistic form of Christianity. I am accepting of all beings and religions, but he is still very entrenched in the belief that Jesus is the only saviour. I have felt very uneasy the last few days and my intuition is telling me that this is coming from him. I have given him my blessing and have told him that I am very happy that he has found his joy in Jesus as his saviour. I have not played into his wish to have a debate so that he can convince me to take Jesus as his saviour. I have told him that Jesus and I are just fine and that I love him and all the other sentient beings and that I have no fear of any kind of hell. I think that this has made him uneasy as I have not responded in the expected way by trying to convince him of my beliefs. It has been quite strained ever since and I am getting more and more of a sense that he thinks I am doing "devils work" because of my expansion. (I practice yoga, perform rituals connecting me to the seasons and the earth etc) I think this is his fear and unfortunately it has made me fearful to express myself to others since I am quite attuned to energies. I have spent my life pleasing others and now that I am living an authentic life, I am getting a bit of backlash. I suspect it could also be my own fear at expressing myself :).

    I would love if you could give me your thoughts on this matter. Initially I just pulled up the post, but now it seems I am writing to you!

    Blessings to you.

  11. Hi Ola,

    Yes, it is very possible you are receiving a psychic attack from a family member. They will hook into us and try to control us through their concentrated and oftentimes intense thoughts which can create a "thought form" and it will be sent over to us. This has happened to me many times as I began to step out from the mass consciousness and follow my own souls heart. Friends, family....even people from facebook have the potential to send over negative thought forms and psychic attack in addition to negative cords. There are a few things you can do:
    1. Do the cord cutting exercise above.
    2. Continue to send a blessing their way....any negative energy or thoughts you send their way will keep you energetically entangled. Understand that this person does not understand the harm they are causing. Forgive.
    3. Send your consciousness up above your head....where your God Self is and make a command: "Creator of all that is, it is commanded for all negative cords, psychic attacks, negative thought forms and all energy that is not mine to be removed from my energy field and sent to your light to be purified, NOW. Thank you, it is is is done." Observe your self from above and witness things being removed and sent up to God's Light....whatever you witness is perfect for you.
    4. Use your discernment....give these family members some space and do your best to not even think about them because this will continue to maintain an energetic connection. Eventually, the psychic attack will settle down and the energies will be processed ~ you will need to be careful with them in the future so this does not occur again. People have no idea the power of their thoughts and words and it can be very painful to someone like you who is sensitive to energies. Just keep in mind they truly do not know of the harm they create.
    5. Take an epsom salt bath and sage the energy field.
    6. You can also do the violet flame decrees....."I am a being of the violet fire, I am the purity God desires". Visualize the violet flame consuming all negativity.
    6. Contact a healer if you feel you have not been able to release the attack. I suggest a Reiki or DNA Theta Healer. You can google one in your area.

    Give yourself a big hug.....this is common for people who refuse to remain absorbed in the distorted beliefs of religion. This has happened to us all and it will eventually be processed through especially when you apply additional spiritual practices to transmute the negative energy that has been created. ~ Sabrina

  12. Thank you for your beautiful response, Sabrina. I already feel better just reading it! I have done the cord cutting exercise and I found it to be a really emotional experience. I will keep practicing that and try your other suggestions too. I am busy looking for an energy healer in my area right now. Thank you for your selfless work, it is so needed at this time. xxx.

  13. I prefer to integrate the lessons and recapture my lost power I have given away instead of cutting cords. I feel cutting cords further splits us off from our lessons and then we will repeat the patterns. I have increased my own energetic field through the process of emotional and spiritual integration, and then those cords just dissolve and our point of attractions dissolve with them. xoxo


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