Friday, June 24, 2011

Feeling Like You Don't Want To Be Here~ Did Someone Make Me Incarnate?

QUESTION: I was wondering if free will works for all of our souls in all dimensions? While receiving a Reiki 1 Attunement I had a terrible feeling whilst being born in this world that I was being punished by having to be reborn again. I have always had problems with roots and not wanting to ground here, I would bite myself so hard to prove to myself that I was not in body. Also, when one sees the true "Good Self" in all others and is understanding, compassionate and forgiving (not to the acts but to the soul) sometimes it gets so difficult to set up boundaries. I really didn't want to come ~ when you have felt that "Love" (God's Love) how is it possible that you would willingly want to come back here?

HTRYV ANSWER: Yes, free will is given to ALL of our soul aspects that are incarnated on planet Earth. We come here from our own free will one makes us incarnate. We can stay in the spiritual realms as long as we like. Eventually, we are ready to incarnate...the desire to grow and get closer to Creator God/Goddess is very strong and from the spiritual realms Earth is a very, very exciting place. It is the planet everyone wants to incarnate on because the density of the Earth is very beautiful. We also gain our greatest soul growth here.

Only the "chosen" ones are allowed to enter the dimension of Earth due to it's duality. Those of us who are here, have proven to be strong enough to handle such perceived separation from the Creator. It is truly an honor to be chosen to incarnate here and our greatest mastery is when we learn to LOVE being here. This occurs when we remove enough of the the veils that block us from the loving connection with the Creator of All That Is while on Earth. When we do this we aren't so dense....we are filled with joy, love and beauty...our consciousness resonates more with Heaven on Earth ~ we are here on Earth but not absorbed by the chaos and drama going on everywhere. We are able to see from a higher perspective and not be consumed with the earthly fears because we know we are deeply loved, always taken care of and we are eternal.

As far as you feeling like you were punished when you received your Reiki attunement, I just think the trauma from being born was raised to the surface to be healed. You chose to incarnate but as your spiritual being moved into the density of the physical body you changed your mind. However, your contracts were already set in motion and you have agreements with many people including the Earth and the Creator that could not be broken ~ you have work to do here. I believe that the infant souls who incarnate but die shortly after birth are souls who have never incarnated on Earth before and they come in for a very short period of time to get use to the density of the physical body and then quickly depart. This is agreed upon with the parents...the parents learn through this experience as well.

One goal of every human being is to ground more of our Spirt into our body ~ we must learn to ground ourselves here and enjoy our lives. Once we incarnate, all of us on some level of our being, don't want to really be here. We have a vague remembrance of the the love and connection from the spiritual realms and Earth is so dense and full of illusion, it is difficult for us to want to ground our Spirt into our physical body. When we set up soul contracts and choose to come to Earth we are in the loving embrace of the Creators energy...we forget what it feels like to be on Earth but our desire to come here is very strong so we can CREATE and allow the Creator to experience itself through us. Our contracts are lovingly created for our specific souls growth, but also because it gives the Creator multiple experiences to create from. It is fun when viewed from a higher aspect of ourselves. Our job is to merge with that higher aspect of ourselves and to create from a place of joy, excitement, love and exhilaration for the opportunity to be alive in a physical body. We are really amazing creatures...these bodies and our planet are spectacular!

You can not see the "good self" (God self) in others until you have seen it and have come to know it in yourself. Once you know it in yourself, you will naturally see it in everyone else but you must also be aware of each persons ego and shadow consciousness ~ including your own. We need to look at the totality of our beings. Mastery is about self love and learning how to master your is also about using your free will in ways that are DISCERNING for your highest and best good. When we have self love we naturally choose relationships and circumstances that enhance our light. The more light we gain, the closer we get to our higher self and the Creator of All That Is. God is first! We need to make choices that are energetically supportive to our being and life affirming. We can love yet have compassionate detachment to hurtful people who are absorbed in their ego. Only you can decide for yourself which relationships are for your highest and best good. Being loving and compassionate does not mean sacrificing our energy or well being for the benefit of another. We are suppose to help others but you can only help those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. They have free will to behave however they want and you have free will to choose what is for your highest and best good. Whatever is for your souls highest and best good is for the highest and best good of the entire planet. Make choices that are joy filled for you. Love yourself and everyone else ~ have compassion and forgive but don't compromise the integrity of your soul. DNA Theta will really help you remove the trauma and thought forms of not wanting to be here ~ it will also strengthen you and help you to do the work you came here to do. Love, Sabrina


  1. Really interesting read.

    Have you considered that as a Reiki attunement is an initiation you also took on board a connection to the group consciousness & energies of everyone else who has been attuned; plus also the personal beliefs and energies of the teacher who attuned/initiated you?

    That's not a criticism of reiki, I learned it originally from 1997 & during my master attunement in 2001 felt a presence telling me "now you've begun to master yourself it's time to start learning". That put me on a path to learn as many different traditions & paths as I could.

    The one thing I've learned is that good teachers of any path can can guide and help you to connect within; to acknowledge, honour & release old patterns that we've outgrown. Then we can raise our awareness of ourself and our personal connection to ki, love, oneness, universal consciousness or whichever word resonates with you.

    Other teachers and paths lead us to accept their beliefs and dogma. While they often help their students connect to higher consciousness it's always within their doctrines, so the more we gain from being part of their group consciousness the more we can become disconnected from our own centre by the issues & egos of everybody else.

    This makes it difficult to know where we end and everything else begins - and easy to experience life's events through other people's fears, not our own natural compassion.

  2. Yes, from the moment we are born we take on the energies of the mass consciousness. Thought forms are everywhere.....serpentine lies. That's why mediation is so important so we can use our own discernment to make choices that are for our highest good not the highest good of anyone else. Discernment, self empowerment and staying on the inner path of what "feels" LIGHT for us is very important. Reiki is a wonderful, beautiful energy that increases our ability to channel life force that heals us on very profound levels. I teach the inner path ~ not the outer path of projection, control or fear. Namaste ~ Sabrina

  3. Thank you Sabrina. This is very wonderfully written and resonates with me. I have shed some tears afterwards.

    A while ago I remember when I nearly woke up from my sleep, I experienced a very joyful feeling and was disappointed when I realised I was 'me'! Would it be connecting with source, and I didn't wanna leave?
    It is the most loving feeling I've ever felt and it lingered for the whole day! No fear, just comfort, love, trust and being - even a human love relationship cannot be compared from what I've felt. Namaste, Kerry

  4. Hi Kerry,

    Yes, it sounds like you were tapping into the divine energy of your Higher Self that is connected to Source. Continued meditation will help you tap into this feeling more frequently. It is blissfully beautiful.


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