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What is a Reiki Class By Sabrina Reber

Reiki Classes

The Reiki Usui System is easy to learn and can be learned by anyone regardless of their age or religious preference. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion; it is universal and available to everyone. The Reiki System of Natural Healing is taught through a Reiki Master Teacher who initiates the student into higher levels of the Universal Life Force Energy. Once a person is initiated into Reiki their energetic system is balanced and cleared, their vibration is raised and their channel is expanded to increase a more concentrated flow of Reiki energy that will flow through them for the rest of their life. The attunement process is a blissful, beautiful interaction between you and your God self. Divine grace opens your heart assisting you to connect to deeper levels of unconditional love, forgiveness, unity and compassion for yourself and the planet.

Each of us are natural born healers. We all have the Universal Life Force Energy running through our system. Without this energy we would not be alive. When someone is in pain, we instinctively connect with the person by giving them a hug, rubbing them on the back or placing our hands over the affected area. The ability to do healing work is inherent in all of us. It is a normal and natural procedure.

A Reiki class will not give you anything you do not already possess. However, a Reiki class will greatly enhance and strengthen your already innate ability to heal. A Reiki attunement clears and expands your central light column, clears energetic blocks and activates you to transmit higher levels of healing energy. The Reiki attunement opens and aligns what was already a part of you.

Think of your body as a house. The house comes equipped with electrical wiring. God gave each of us the freewill choice to live in a house with or without electricity. All we have to do is make the choice to turn the switch on for the electrical currents to be connected. The Reiki attunement is the light switch that turns your power on.

Three Degrees

Reiki is transmitted to the student in three degrees. Each degree includes an attunement. An attunement is a sacred spiritual initiation that connects the student to higher levels of consciousness and to an unlimited source of healing energy. The attunement enhances the students connection with their higher self, clears karma and negative energy from the energy body and raises the students vibration opening them up to hold more light, Ki, or Universal Life Force energy.

A physical and emotional cleansing and reorganization of the student’s energy will occur. The attunement elicits a healing response on all levels of the students being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It usually takes between 30-90 days for the student’s energetic and physical bodies to integrate these new higher vibrational energies. Daily self-healing for at least the first month is highly recommended.


FIRST DEGREE (“I Am in the Light”) is called Shoden. It is the basic course where the student learns self-treatment and how to treat others. This degree will help you learn how to be a clear channel, how to develop a clear mind and develop a compassionate detachment from outcome by releasing control and simply allowing Reiki to happen.

Once attuned, the student will go through a 3-4 week cleansing period where their body adjusts to higher levels of energy. During this period the chakras are cleared, balanced and enlarged. The hara line or central light column is cleared and expanded and the student is able to channel higher levels of  ki. The student goes from a 50-watt light bulb to a 100-watt light bulb.

Includes the history of Reiki, hand placements for self and others, Initiation with 4 attunements and practice time to integrate the energy and gain confidence.

$150.00 Workbook and Certificate included.

SECOND DEGREE (“The Light is in Me”) is called Okuden. The second level attunement opens the student up even further to channel higher levels of “Spiritually Guided Universal Life Force Energy”. The student is given three sacred symbols as tools to transmit Reiki long distance to a person not physically present and will learn the technique for mental emotional healing.

This attunement focuses on emotional, mental and karmic healing. Old emotions, unhealed former situations, past lives and negative mental patterns resurface to be healed and released. The student will go through a 3-4 week cleansing period.

Classes will run approximately $150.00 depending on your location and teacher. Workbook and Certificate included

THIRD DEGREE  (“I Am the Light”) is called Shinpiden and is taught in two segments. The Reiki 3 attunement is a spiritual level healing. It strengthens your connection to God source, joy, compassion and oneness with all life.

Level 1 Master broadens the students channel even further through another attunement and assists in self-mastery and spiritual growth. The Master symbol is given to the student and they are considered a Reiki Master Therapist or Practitioner.

Classes will run approximately $250.00 depending on your location and teacher. Workbook and Certificate

Level 2 Master Teacher is recommended only for the serious healer. This final attunement strengthens your connection to the Master symbol and teaches the method in passing attunements, as well as, advanced techniques and knowledge about the entire Reiki system.

Classes will run approximately $300.00 depending on your location and the teacher. Workbook and Certificate are included



  1. thank you so much sabrina. i can sense learning reiki is the next major step in my development. this came at the most perfect time :)

  2. Hello Sabrina mam
    I did Reiki 1st degree course 4 years before.I also completed 3-4 week cleansing period.After this since last 3 year I am not practicing it.So plz tell me that,is the Reiki power exist in me.Because in these 3 year I was unable to practice of it.
    So can I attend directly the second degree course?or I need to attend again 1 st degree course? plz clear my confusion.

  3. Reiki stays with you forever, the more you use it the larger your central light column will be to channel an increased flow. I suggest you do self healing and ask REIKI to reactivate.....go ahead and do a Reiki 2 will do great! Reiki 2 is when you will really experience a big opening because it heals on deeper levels. Hugs.

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  5. Thank you mam.Very very thanks for your valuable suggestion.Becoz Since last two year i had this confusion.Finally you have cleared it.

    Now kindly tell me,how to ask Reiki to reactivate.I mean plz give the detailed procedure about it.Second thing is,from today's morning,I started the the both meditation as white light and golden light meditation.

    As you said,do the self healing,what should i have to do under this.Is there need to give the Reiki to all the 27 centers or anything else.
    And for how many days rquires to do both of these that is Reactivation of reiki and self healing?I mean fixed days like 10 days or 21 many days?

  6. Please Sabrina mam. Reply.I was confusing with reactvation of reiki,but u hav clared.Now I only want the proecedure to reactivate the reiki.Fixed timing of self healing,how to done self healing.Plz reply once for this. I am eagerly waiting for it.once this confusion clear then I will go for next.So please please reply once.

  7. Hi Manna,

    I have been out of town. You are over thinking it. You already are activated into Reiki, it never goes away. Just put your hands on your self or someone else....even a pet and intend for the Reiki energy to flow. You can even say "Reiki ON". Once you are initiated into Reiki it stays with you forever. Reiki 2 will help you expand your central light column so you channel higher levels and so will daily meditation and daily self reiki healings. The more you use it the stronger it will get. As far self healing just put your hands wherever you need can do all the chakras or wherever you are guided. I suggest you take a Reiki 2 class so you will gain more information and have support from your teacher.

  8. Hello Sabrina,
    Sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for the guidance.I started the reacivation procedure of Reiki as you mentioned. I can feel the flow of reiki within me.Thanks again.


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