Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Universal Mirror and Critical People

QUESTION: I have an issue with critical people, Not so much personally, but in how to deal with them. I understand that criticism is generally a reflection of it's "owner", any thoughts on how to help these people? Understanding of course that we all deal with our own things at our own rates, but I do not wish to "block" anyone who is over critical.

HTRYV ANSWER: If you are in a place where you have done a lot of self work, you are very grounded, have a strong energy field and are able to tolerate critical people and not let it bother you, lower your vibration or close your heart then you can become a "Light House" for them and counteract their negativity with something positive to say about the person they are criticizing. You can be a LIGHT of awareness letting them know that words and thoughts travel to the person they are speaking negatively about (especially if it is done with strong emotion) and these negative "thought forms" actually accumulate around the persons energy field. If the person has a weak energy field these negative thought forms can turn into a "psychic attack" and invade the persons energy field making them feel very unbalanced, sickly, confused and overwhelmed. We can also create our own "pyschic attack" towards our self....our own negative, critical thoughts and emotions create havoc within our being and we are the ones doing it to ourselves.  I strongly feel if people "really" knew how powerful they were and had the awareness of how their energy works we would not do a lot of things many of us take part in everyday. Sometimes, we do far more harm than good ~ this is evident with many of our countries leaders. So much hate and negativity is projected to our leaders from the mass consciousness our leaders aren't energetically able to BE the difference we want them to be because WE aren't using our energy/power of intention/love/positivity to help our leaders fulfill what WE want. We spend to much of our energy focusing on what we don't want, spewing pyschic debris everywhere, instead of harnessing our power to create what we do want.  

Aside form being a Light house of awareness ~ you can also BLESS negative, critical people with what they need. Silently in your head, you can say ~ I bless you with positive energy. I bless you with love. I bless you with higher awareness. I bless you with joy. I bless you with beauty. I bless you with patience. I bless you with truth. I bless you with health. I bless you with happiness. Whatever they need, bless them with it. YOU can make a huge difference and everything you bless them with, you also receive. Likewise, if we are blessing people with negativity....well guess what, we create negative energy in our energy fields too.

I highly suggest for each of us to be wise and discerning with our relationships. Choose relationships that are in vibrational resonance, loving and uplifting. At this time on our planet half of us are choosing ascension and the other half are choosing to remain in duality. At any moment those choosing duality can change their mind to do what it is going to take to raise their vibrations and ascend..... you could be the catalyst that gets others to awaken and transcend their negative behavioral patterns. However, do not be attached to the outcome and understand it is not your responsibility ~ it doesn't matter what their choice is as they will have another opportunity for ascension in another 26,000 years. Everyone has the exact same opportunity right now to choose from their own free will how they want to evolve their souls. We can learn through the chaos and fear of duality or we can learn to transcend duality advancing our souls through love, balance and harmony. It's a choice each person must make ~ Father/Mother God will not make the choice for us. 

Also I want to address MIRRORS. It is true that the universe is our mirror but I feel it is very important for people to understand that nothing is an EXACT mirror. There are many reasons for a mirror and I am discovering that many people are willing to accept external reflections as mirrors of internal stuff,  but we often times take the mirror and immediately become our worst critic. Instead of spending the time for self introspection we immediately step into judgment of ourselves and others, viewing the mirror from only one perspective, which is the "exact" behavior the other person demonstrated and then we "own it" as if it is ours.  We need to use discernment with mirrors because mirrors always reflect variations of light and shadow back to us ~ mirrors are multifaceted and need to be addressed as such not just from the immediate superficial value we receive immediately. Oftentimes, it is the "FEELING" these mirrors create in us that needs to be addressed.....did the mirror reflection make you feel inadequate, fearful, disempowered....did it bring up an old childhood wound you have suppressed that needs to be healed? Also, many times the mirror will show us how we are treating ourselves. If we surround ourselves with a lot of critical people ~ perhaps there is a lesson in it for us. Are we being to critical to our self? Do we lack self love? Are we able to set appropriate boundaries and use discernment? We personally may not be critical of others but we may be incredibly critical and harsh to ourselves. ~ Sabrina

Here is a link to a blog about mirrors that will help you ask the right questions when a mirror reflection shows up in your life:

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