Friday, August 19, 2011

Transmutation of the Soul

We have entered a pretty intense period for emotional clearing. None of us like to feel the negativity arise within us. Not only are we dealing with stored pain from our past ~ in this life ~ but, also from all our previous lives....and we don't even consciously know what that is. The negative energetic imprints (our karma) we stored in our energy fields, way back when, travel with us until we finally release them. 

This uncomfortable process has been going on for so many years within me ~ I now know what is happening to me, and I can literally feel the transmutation happening within my energy field. It feels terrible and if you are not aware of what is going on within will create resistance, confusion, doubt, overwhelm, and additional negative energies within yourself because you start to question what is wrong with me? Why do I feel so terrible? This is not a high vibrational way to be. I don't like feeling this way etc......can't I just think it away? And the answer is NO ~ you can not just think it away ~ you must fully feel it away. 

The best way to bring yourself to the present, NOW, moment is to feel what is here ~ NOW. Just feel it, so you can release it. What is happening to you is every day through your continued spiritual practice, your spiritual self is coming closer and closer and closer. The more you raise your energetic frequency ~ the closer your spiritual self can get to the physical body. As the spiritual self moves receive more of it's higher vibrational energies and love. This "LOVE" will stir up everything within you that is not love and you will feel it.....ick! 

I like to think of us as a cup...a chalice, the holy grail. The spiritual self will come in and its energetic connection (through a tube above our head) begins to act like a straw that will stir up all the old residual debris from the bottom of our Cup (Holy Grail). This straw like action creates a little spinning tornado of dark, disrupted energies within our system, bringing them to the surface so they can be sucked up through the straw ~ the tube above our head that connects us to our spiritual self. The spiritual self will absorb all the dirty water and filter through it ~ transmuting the density into a higher vibration and then it will refill our chalice (body) with fresh clean pure water. 

While this is occurring it feels very icky, because everything has been stirred up, and it can create a lot of confusion within our being because last week we most likely were feeling great. The best thing we can do is surrender to the process. Just let it happen and be kind to your self. When this is occurring within me, I go into hibernation. I do what needs to be done for my family, but I also take extra time for me. I cancel all social arrangements, I take little naps, curl up in a blanket and read books, I take slow walks in nature, lots of hot salt baths, I avoid crowded areas, go to the ocean and float around on a float and look at the clouds and the beauty that surrounds me.....I even like to stay home and organize drawers. Whatever works for you ~ do it. Be a little selfish during these times ~ say NO to all the additional things that require a lot of your energy and time.....perhaps order food to go etc. Be loving and compassionate to your self and also be aware that others are going through this too. Take nothing personally. 

Be grateful for the opportunity to release all the density you have been carrying around for 26,000 years.....let it go with sheer joy to experience and learn so much. It is graduation time.

In Full Surrender ~ Sabrina

ART By: Cyndarion

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  1. Thank you for this, I am having one of those times right now and it is so nice to have your open-hearted understanding and support!♥

  2. I have been feeling exactly what you have described and wondering what kind of awful person am I? I get so tired when I am around negativity and yet when I pay attention to my own attitudes and reactions, all I see is negativity! It's interesting though because there is a part of me that stands apart and observes and is completely detached. Often I find that I don't actually feel what my reaction would imply I am's quite a weird experience I must say!

  3. Amazing article! Thank you so much. Exactly what I need to hear! <3

  4. Good article! I see that happening to so many people right now.

  5. thank you. this was perfect for me today.
    im am calm. i am kind.


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