Saturday, August 13, 2011

Additional Ways To Open The Heart

Additional Ways To Open The Heart:

1. Meditation brings in divine energy from God/Goddess and will dissolve the shields of protection we have created over our hearts.

2. Forgiveness of past. Forgive yourself for your perceived wrong doings and the wrong doings of others. Know that everything that has ever occurred has been a learning lesson for EACH soul to grow from. We don't have to learn from negative experiences but our higher self will allow us to experience a negative lesson in hopes that we will transcend the need to learn in negative ways.

3. Practicing loving kindness and compassion for others, and especially the SELF. If you are not loving to your SELF you will not be loving to others.

4. Choose to move out of duality consciousness. Release the need to be right (if you know you are right, then be in your need to be in duality with anyone or anything ~ unless you are a teacher and you are teaching something.) Choose to release the need to be aggressive or confrontational with anyone. Learn to stand in your power and speak your truth with words of LOVE and walk away from a situation that is imbalanced.

5. Use your discernment and set boundaries with relationships and activities that do not enhance your light. Choose things that are life affirming and loving. Anything based on the lower self or fear will close your heart. Gossip, angry circumstances, hurtful repetitive behavioral patterns, judgment, condemnation, elitism, negative thoughts, negative words, negative music, fear filled movies, fear filled video games etc....will all interfere with the opening of your heart.

6. FEEL your feelings as they arise and they will flow through you. If you contract your energy field because you don't want to feel the pain you will create a block. Once again....choose relationships and activities that make you FEEL good. If it doesn't make you feel good, why are you still doing it? It is your choice to stay or walk away from something that is harmful to your well being.

7. Do what brings you joy. Dance, paint, sing, read, take a bath, laugh, play with your whatever brings your soul (not ego) joy.

8. Spend time in nature. Observe the beauty. Connect with the Earth and all the living beings on Earth.

9. Practice Gratitude in everything you do. Give thanks to God/Goddess for the opportunity to be here on Earth at this time. Give thanks to everything ~ your body, food, finances, friends, pets, home, family, job etc....Live in a constant state of gratitude.

10. Yoga and energy work will also help you open your heart.

11. Living in authenticity and Integrity. "Being" who you say you are.

12. Releasing fear and worry. If you are in debt, worry and fear will NOT bring more money to you. Trust that everything will work out just fine as long as you are putting energy towards what you want and not what you don't want.

13. Releasing the need to allow other peoples beliefs and opinions about you affect you. Know who you are! A divine being of light with free will to choose for YOUR SELF how you want to create in this world. Do not let other people's distortions become yours. Stay in alignment with who you are ~ not what other people want you to be.

14. Ask for help from the spiritual realms. Ask the Creator of All That Is to help you open your heart with ease and grace and for your highest good. Ask the Creator to send to you Mother Mary and Quan Yin (Bodhistva of Love and Compassion) to work with you to help you open your heart and for them to fill your heart with Love and Compassion.

Know that you are LOVED and have never been seperated from Source.
Blessings, Sabrina​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710

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