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Spiritual Protection for Healers and Massage Therapist

QUESTION: As a massage therapist, as my client releases "stuff" from their cellular memory, am I then taking it up in my energetic field? Can I protect and ground myself just by setting that intention before I massage??
ANSWER: Each one of us carries cellular memory that is stored within the tissues of our body. Massage Therapist provide a wonderful service to humanity to help with this release. As with any other healing modality, it is important for the practitioner to clear the space before and after sessions and to shield themselves. Each morning before you start your day state a prayer of intention and do a grounding exercise placing yourself in a golden column of light. 

Here is the grounding exercise:
This is a grounding exercise many healers use before and after they do energy/spiritual work. It is the one I recommend because it grounds us not only to the Earth but also grounds us into our spiritual dimensions.
1. Stand with your hands by your side. State your intention: (example)
"I command to access a grounding energy from below the Earth and from above to the Creator of All That Is to surround, ground and protect me in the present moment and for the rest of the day. Thank you, It is done. Its is done. It is done." 
2. Bring your attention to the Earth. Take a large breath in and as you breathe visualize a golden energy traveling up from the Earth into your feet and through your body up to your heart. 
3. As you exhale visualize the light from the Earth all the way up to your heart expanding outward all around the bottom portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.
4. Bring your attention to your Crown Chakra. Take a large breath in and visualize golden energy from the Creator entering into your crown moving down through your body and to your heart mingling with the Earth energies you pulled in earlier. 
5. As you exhale, visualize the light from above expanding outward all around the top portion of your body about arms length distance or beyond.
6. Breathe in one more time and visualize energies from below (Earth) and above (Creator) coming in to your body at the same time and meeting at the heart. 
7. As you exhale, visualize the energies expanding outward all around your entire body about arms length distance or beyond. Observe your self surrounded by a column of golden light from the Earth and from the Creator Of All That Is. You are completely surrounded, aligned, and balanced with the universal energies of Mother/Father God/Goddess.

8. With your arms held by your side visualize roots growing out of your fingers and into the Earth. Bring your attention to your feet. Visualize roots growing out of your feet and into the Earth. 
9. Bring your attention into the present moment. Now state: “Only those energies of the highest Christ Light may enter my field.” You are now grounded and surrounded by a forcefield of loving light. Give thanks. 
Use this visualization before and after your healing sessions. It is also wonderful to use for protection, when you feel fearful, when you feel out of balance, upset or anxiety stricken. Do this exercise everyday to replenish your shield of light and to help you feel grounded.
Also before and after you do every session you will need to clear the space of any energies that may have accumulated. I would start each morning and end each day by sageing the space. Use a sage stick and go around the room ~ especially in the corners where energy accumulates. State: “All negativity must leave this space with divine love and grace put in its place,” as you sage the room. In between sessions, if the sage is too smelly for your clients you could state your intention and use bells, incense or an essential oil spray to clear the space. You can also place a bowl of salt at the foot of the massage table to absorb negative energies. 
In addition, use your guides! Every healer is designated a team of spiritual healers that works with them. Invite your team of the highest Light guides and angels to work with you in the healing sessions, as well as, to help you with your own spirtual protection and while you clear the space.
At the end of each session I also suggest you do an ENERGY BREAK:
Energy Break:
An energy break is used by healers to break free from the energetic influence such as negative feelings, emotions or other vibrations they may have picked up from their clients or someone else.
Starting with both hands in prayer at the heart, twist them ~palms together, so the right hand is closet to the heart with the fingers pointing to the left. The left hand is flat against the right hand with the fingers pointing to the right. Both palms are together with the left hand in front and the right hand closet to the heart, sideways with fingers horizontal.
Leave your right hand where it is and push your left hand out (still in horizontal position) about arms length and you are going to break all energy streamers by using a chopping motion moving your hand up and down slicing through the energy over every chakra. All the way up to the crown and down to the root. Do this "cutting" motion three times.
This will push the other persons energy away from you and cut any energetic cords that may have been created. Now you will want to do the next technique to align your polarity and "zip up" your auric field
Zip Up Exercise:
Starting at the root chakra imagine you are zipping up your auric field all the way up to the Crown about 5 inches from your body. Repeat this three times.

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  1. folks may want to try RYSE techniques by Nancy Risley who developed this work initially for body workers to protect themselves also. I've used them for 13 years now for myself as well as when I worked as a Massage Therapist and found them to be an invaluable tool.


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