Saturday, August 27, 2011

How do you tell what is and what is not a soul lesson?

QUESTION: Is there a way to tell the difference between what is and is not a soul lesson?

HTRYV ANSWER: Honestly....everything is a soul lesson, regardless if it was contracted or not. How we respond to the negatives and positives in our lives is what will determine our evolution or devolution. Some of the most hurtful things that others have done to me, and some of the most hurtful things I have done to others were experiences I learned a lot of lessons from. The key is to look at what is going on (to become the witness) and address the deep feelings these events stir up within our being. When we allow our feelings and emotions to be powerful teachers, and we fully feel them so we can release them, we are then able to make a conscious decision about whether we want to continue on learning from that particular energy stream ~ revolving through it over and over ~ OR we can choose to change and transcend the need to learn from those kind of events again. Every negative and loving experience that occurs in our life is put there to help us understand greater levels of LOVE. For the lack of LOVE is a powerful, powerful teacher. It shows us what does not feel good, and through that experience we learn how to treat others and we also learn how to say NO ~ and how to love ourselves. Everything that ever happens to us serves is a lesson to learn from ~ and leads to our awakening ~ if we allow it to. ♥

One of the most powerful techniques we can apply when we fall into a negative learning situation, is to keep our attention focused on the SELF and NOT what the other person did or is suppose to be learning. Keep your attention on the inner path of salvation, not the outer path of illusion, discord, projection and blame. The power point is within YOU ~ what is going on within do you feel.....what are you this something you want to invest your energy in again or are you ready to move beyond it? Ask yourself questions. It is easy to see what others need to do or how hurtful THEY are, but it is difficult to keep our energy focused on ourself and what is occurring within our being. However, it is the inner path of soul alignment and spiritual alchemy where we take our darkness which is our negative feelings, beliefs, traumas, stored pain and karma (lead) and transmute it in to the light of our awareness which is soul knowledge, truth, personal experience and self love (gold).

The ego will take you on the outer path to darkness....the soul will take you on the inner path of illumination. You get to choose. ♥ Sabrina

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  1. Thank you for this... After just reading the soul contract post ... This is a good follow up on that for me on the situation I'm dealing with right now... Thank you:)


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