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Sometimes if I have had an emotional interaction with someone (encountered a soul lesson) and I feel I have contracted my energy or stored feelings in my chakras I will need to do a Chakra Flossing Visualization to remove the blocked energy out of my energy fields. 

This is a very powerful meditation to clear your chakras. Whatever you visualize is perfect for you. When we visualize healing and ask for assistance from the spirtual realms we bring healing down into our reality. Our power to co-create is our imagination. Here are the general details of the visualization:

1. Say a prayer of intention. Any prayer will do:
"I command for the Creator of All That Is to please send to me angels to help me clear, balance and align my chakras. Thank you. It is done, It is done, It is done." Visualize them surrounding you. 

2. Begin your normal meditation with slow, deep, rhythmic breathing.

3. Focus your energy on the crown chakra. Visualize a white light above your head. Turn this white light into a piece of floss....whatever size ~ it doesn't matter. Sometimes it will be thin sometimes it will be a large, fat rope. Thread this floss through your crown, all the way down your spine and out your root chakra. Now visualize two angels on either side of the floss tugging and pulling the floss as it cleans out your central light column. You may witness chucks of dark matter flying an angel swoop down to escort it to the light.

4. Move to your spiritual eye center. Focus on the color indigo. Visualize the chakra opening in the front of your body and out the back.Thread an indigo colored floss or rope through this chakra. Watch the angels pull and tug the floss through the chakra clearing out any blocks and escorting the debris to the light of God/Goddess.

5. Continue this same procedure through the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras with the appropriate chakra color setting your intention for the floss to clean out each chakra.

6. When you get to the root chakra visualize a red energy at the base of the spine. Turn this red energy into a piece of floss or a rope. Thread it all the way up the spine and out the crown chakra. Watch the angels on both ends tug and pull the floss back and forth as they clean out the central light column. Watch the floss turn into every color of the is now rainbow floss.....cleanse as above. Give thanks for the healing. ♥ Sabrina​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710

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