Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Importance of Deep Breathing During Meditation

I can not stress enough the importance of deep breathing during meditation. I spend the first 5 minutes of every meditation breathing in light from my god self (above the crown chakra) to the heart chakra and I will hold my breath for a few seconds before I exhale the light and air out of my heart chakra. This exercise always puts me into an altered state and gives my mind something to do the first 5 minutes of meditation helping me to clear thoughts and raise my energetic frequency so I can reach a slower brainwave that will stimulate a deeper level of healing within my being. 

Breathing deeply will greatly enhance and deepen your meditations. Here is a great exercise from my book "Raise Your Vibration".

Holy Breath Meditation:

 ~ Make sure you are hydrated, water is a conductor for spiritual energies.

~ Lie down or sit in a chair with your spine straight.

~ Close your eyes and set your intention to connect with your divine self. 
State: "I give myself permission to receive Gods Love, Light and Healing energies." Insert whatever you want....God, Goddess, Allah, Christ, Buddha.

~ Focus your attention several feet above your head.
Take a slow deep breath through your nose visualizing white light entering through the top of your head and moving into the center of your heart. Hold your breath at the heart for a few seconds.

~ When you exhale, push this light out through your heart releasing all sadness, stuck energy, pain, anxiety, insecurity, grief, cords or fear. This light may turn gray as you blow it out from your heart center.

~ Repeat 20 times or as many times as you feel comfortable.

This meditation will help you focus on bringing in large amounts of the “breath of life”. Deep breathing is essential because it connects us to our still point helping us to access the greater part of our being that is fully connected to All-That-Is. Our breath is like the wind cleaning and clearing away old structures, patterns, erroneous beliefs and stagnant energy. The wind and our breath are transformative. Breathing deeply lifts our spirit and moves us into a peaceful state of consciousness. When we do the holy breath meditation we breathe in prana or life force energy assisting us to clear out our cells and revitalize our blood. Deep breathing also raises our vibration, clears our emotional and mental states, reduces blood pressure, helps us reach deeper states of awareness and helps us to relax and connect to our divine self. We are God in form! The idea that we are separate from God is the root of all of our suffering. When you forget this and feel overwhelmed, breathe and remember who you truly are. Deep breathing can help you realign your life with your highest intention.

This is an excerpt from my book, "Raise Your Vibration" which can be purchased on my facebook page. Look for the green shopping cart button under the profile picture. The book is also posted for free in sections on my blog.​ages/How-to-Raise-Your-Vib​ration/204840666199710

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  1. LOL..i have much time today and i read again,many of your post and its interesting:)
    and my forhead is vibrate, cold..well what ever it is...i feel good to what ever you write, though i never read it this clear:D i use to just read it in glance, now i feel more vibrate, n i am stay meditate...though no good healer yet..
    i ever consultate with a healer (well she call herself healer) then i explain what happen to me and my pressure, and she just said, it sudnt be hurt or discomfort, and i explain more about it might kundalini syndrom, and there is no anwer never contact her again..
    i think meditate and vizualisation is enough for now, i feel better, much better than before, i feel more conected to god :)


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