Saturday, August 6, 2011

There Is Never Just One Reason For A Problem

It is important for us to move from thinking there is only one reason for an issue or dilemma to knowing there are "many" reasons. We are multidimensional, vast, ancient beings.....there is never just one answer or one reason for any problem we may be experiencing in our life. Break everything down into sections:

What is the physical reason I have this problem?
What is the emotional reason I have this problem?
What is the mental reason I have this problem?
What is the soul reason I have this problem?
What is the spiritual reason I have this problem?

If you have an illness for example say a did not contract it only by being around a person that has a cold. Let's break it down.

~ Physically, you may have been around someone who had a cold, you may have not been eating a balanced diet, you may not have properly been washing your hands, your immune system is in your digestive track so you also may not have had a balanced digestive track which made you more susceptible to hosting the virus.

~ Emotionally, you may have been stressed because you had to much going on and did not set appropriate boundaries ~ you were abusing yourself, upset or fearful which lowered your auric frequency and allowed a virus (alien invader) into your energy field and every cell in your body.

~ Mentally, viruses are attracted to worthiness issues. A virus is an energy form that is attracted to "like" frequencies based on our parallel belief systems. The energy form will be attracted to us through our negative mental projections and attach to us. A virus is a great example of us needing to learn a lesson in how we allow not only a virus to attach to us but also the equivalent of human parasitic energies through our family, friends, co-workers etc....

~ Soulfully, you may not be listening to the guidance from your soul, betraying yourself. What are you in denial about ~ why are you not wanting to see the truth? What is your resistance. Are you not honoring yourself? Are you allowing others to siphon off your soul energy?

~ Spiritually, you may not recognize your connection to the Creator of All That Is. You may still feel like you are separated. This distorted belief will block you from receiving a higher level of spiritual energies from your higher self. Lack of spiritual energies/life force energies will deplete your entire being and lower your vibration to the frequency level of viruses. A daily spiritual practice of meditation will help you maintain a higher vibrational level that will repel anything of a lower vibration from entering and attaching to your energy field.

This technique can be applied to any issue you are having. Everything is energy...everything has an energy form. If you are experiencing grief, depression, sadness, anger, illness, irritation....these are all energy forms that you have attracted into your being as a learning opportunity. Ask them questions, feel them, find out why they are here so you can release the negative charge and release them and not attract them in the future.

The highest vibration we can emit that keeps anything of a lower vibration from entering our field is LOVE. Do your best to make the highest and best choices for yourself that help you stay in a state of LOVE......and when you do find yourself in a negative situation, LOVE yourself through it.

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