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The Value Of Guilt

The Value Of Guilt
By : Sabrina Reber

Guilt is part of our rise in vibration. As our consciousness expands, we begin to see things differently....we are no longer blinded by the illusions of our ego and shadow consciousness. 

In a way, if you are feeling guilty over your past and the mistakes you have made ~ this is a positive sign telling you, you are stepping out of denial and moving into truth. In all honesty...there are no mistakes only opportunities for greater soul growth.

Stepping into oneness and merging with our Higher Self/Spiritual Being requires us to examine our lives and the lessons we have encountered. We will be shown the areas where we stepped out of alignment with our truth/love/light and stepped into fear/ego/darkness. This can be a very painful process because we will literally feel the pain we have created for others. It is sort of like a "mini life review" where old memories will be returned to us...because the truth is ~ during this auspicious time on Earth, we are literally reincarnating ourselves while we are in physical body.

The best way to handle this is to LOOK at what is being revealed to you, accept it as part of your miscreation, apologize to the soul (telepathically or verbally) and choose to NEVER do it again. Guilt is a powerful teacher. Through this process~ we begin to understand that whatever we do to another, we also do to ourselves. We also understand that we do things out of lack of awareness and consciousness. Processing through our "guilt" also helps us to step into a deeper level of forgiveness for others because we realize that they too "are asleep in consciousness" and know not what they do.

"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. " Jesus

This is the period of "SOFTENING". The guilt actually begins to remove the rigidity and static from our ego and shadow consciousness. Our guilt is the catalyst for shows us our imperfections and helps us to accept the imperfections of others with loving compassion.

Compassion is the non dualistic "feeling" we want to resonate with. Compassion is neutral and comes from the high heart (ascending heart). Compassion does not generate any feelings of right/wrong, strength/weakness, self-righteousness/worthlessness, punishment/reward. Compassion simply sees things the way they are ~ as learning opportunities through both negative and positive experiences.

So look at your guilt. See yourself and all involved. Forgive yourself and others and most importantly LEARN from it. What did it teach you? Next time you are in that position how will you respond? And trust will get another opportunity to respond differently to show the universe you have transcended your negative behaviors or old way of being. You will get tested over and over again until you finally choose for yourself to change.

The only constant in the Universe is change ~ Heraclitus

You must be open to change, and the first part of any kind of change is witnessing and looking at the problem. If you are unwilling to "SEE" ~ you will stay blinded.....therefore, unable to change. So embrace your guilt, look at it, feel it but don't hold onto it.......when you fully feel the pain you have created and choose to transcend it ~ you will change and the guilt will no longer serve you. Let it go. ♥ Sabrina

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein.

ART BY: Ken Marshall

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