Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Do We Reincarnate? Is It Real?

QUESTION: Can you tell me why we reincarnate? In Indian mythology, it is said that u reincarnate every time until you have become pure with no sins to ur account. is it true?

ANSWER: This is an excellent question. Please take everything I say into your heart and see if it resonates with you. First of all, I have an aversion to the word "sin" ~ because of the belief systems that surround "sin". For many, sin implies judgment and I know for sure, because I have experienced the Creators unconditional love in meditation, that the Creator does NOT judge us. The Creator loves us unconditionally ~ no matter what we do.

So for me, I am going to use the term misqualified energy or karmic miasims, instead of sin ~ which is basically energy distortions within our energy field (off pitched vibrations) that we carry with us incarnation after incarnation until we transmute them through the balancing of our energy. All energy seeks balance, so if we have done something against Gods laws....we will need to do something positive to balance out the negative energetic imprints we have created. And for the most part, a lot of us at this time on Earth are getting our karma served to us on a silver plate because we can not take our energy distortions with us into the new earth. We are processing through an enormous amount of karma ~ in this specific lifetime.

As far as reincarnation, past lives etc.....I use these terms and I know they exist but our understanding of it is somewhat limited because we are using "words" to describe this type of phenomena in a time and space  atmosphere when really the soul is in a continuous cycle of experience in the multi dimensions all the time....we are eternal and vast and to be honest we can access our future and our past all at once because we really are NOT bound by the time and space constraints we believe ourselves to be in. Time as we perceive it really does not exist. Our past, present and future lives all exist in the energy of is all happening NOW....and honestly it is far to complicated for me to explain.

Having said that, reincarnation and past lives is the best way many of us have found to describe the soul experience of life and death....which actually life and death are one and the same energy. I feel when we "supposedly die" ~ we actually step into our truth and are more ALIVE than when we are in a physical body due to our perceived human belief system that we are separated from Source, each other and the entire Universe.

So yes, in a way, the Indian belief system is somewhat accurate ~ in that we do reach a point where our energy is pure enough and our karma or energetic distortions are balanced enough to where we no longer need to take on a physical body anymore to clear our karma and learn our lessons. We will become an ascended master and work from the euphoric ascended realms guiding and assisting other souls move into their enlightenment as well. Even beings that have moved beyond the need to take on a physical body still evolve and still learn lessons through their "service" work....not charity work, but service work. Everyone, no matter how evolved they are, continue to create and assist within the multidimensional and very vast realms of creation....creation never stops ~ it is an ongoing, exciting, fun process. How boring it would be to hang out in "heaven" all the time.... floating on a cloud.

However, I think it would be wise for each of us to understand that there is more to the concept of reincarnation and past lives. As we evolve in consciousness and expand our being we will be able to understand greater and greater truths. The higher our vibration, the more truth we are able to tap into. However, we must always keep in mind, that we are limited by the vibration of the planet ~ meaning we can only access a certain level of vibration here on Earth. The real TRUTH is so high vibrational our earthly physical bodies would not be able to sustain that amount of light/truth; we would literally blow up.

So yes, for now our consciousness is able to understand reincarnation and past lives......the Indian concept is the closest to truth that we are currently able to understand, but lets stay open to new and more powerful truths as we evolve. I think the important thing for each of us to do is stay focused in the NOW....whatever issues and problems we are having now are what we are here to transform and transmute within our being. Stay focused on being the best you can be in the NOW. May we all be blessed as we go through this process.

Love, Sabrina

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  1. Forgive me, but I had to giggle at "misqualified energy or karmic miasims". I agree with your association with the word "sin," but the overly wordy was amusing. that I have criticized I should suggest an alternative...mistake? poor decision? "misqualified energy or karmic miasims" sound like a worse offense than sin.

    That said, I do enjoy your blog, and thank you for all the love and energy you put into it.

  2. Blessings, This is a great article. Makes sense to me.

  3. Thank you for explaining this Sabrina, I have often pondered this matter. My father passed away in August, he came to me in a dream and I asked him why he looked so happy. He said to me "I did it!", I said, "did what", he simply smiled again and repeated "I did it". I think he was telling me that the good works and deeds he did on earth had sent him to a higher level. I hope this makes some sense. Love and blessings Sabrina.


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