Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Soul Ascension Is Personal ~ It Is About Merging With The Higher Aspect Of The SELF.

We simply can not give to others what we have not created for ourselves. People will spend their whole lives trying to make "others" happy and what this actually is ~ is a "DISTRACTION". People distract themselves from their "own inner healing" and project happiness outside of themselves thinking if they make "others" happy then they will be happy. What creates happiness is spiritual healing, the healing of the soul, and that requires inner excavation of our OWN subconscious terrain. The inner path leads to salvation, the outer path leads to projection, denial and illusion.

Ascension is not an outer path (projection) ~ it is an inner path.....soul ascension is PERSONAL, it is about merging with the higher aspect of the SELF. Once this occurs ~ only then can we truly understand our ONENESS and UNITY with others.

Each person is responsible for "saving" the SELF ~ we can help, love and inspire others.....even hold safe space for them when they are in the depths of their soul lessons ~ but not at the expense of our own happiness and vibrational frequency. And we certainly can not guide them if we have not mastered these lessons within ourselves. Remember, we simply can not give to others what we have not already created for ourselves.

We are Gods in amnesia....everyone has the exact same amount of power and responsibility within themselves to generate and create happiness ~ ascension is about accepting personal responsibility for our inner workings. Each one of us are responsible for stepping into our own co-creative powers to create the life of our dreams. ~ Sabrina



  1. Hi Sabrina, I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your posts...the wisdom resonates so clearly with me.

  2. Each day I read your posts on Facebook and then your wonderful blog -- you're an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for sharing your gifts and I hope for continued blessings in your life.


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